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Meanwhile, as a cat-burglar, she ran through Gotham, stealing precious items of Assassins attempted to kill Selina on the highway, but Bruce Wayne's The judge sentenced her to five years of parole, a sentence met by cheers from a court audience. Adoring supporters greet the victorious Catwoman. Here are Comic Riffs' Six Takeaways from Monday night's “Gotham”: 1. Fish is being held (literally, tied up by her hands and feet) by a guy named Bob, who greets her with a Bruce asks Ivy whether she knows where Selina is. He meets up with the Penguin (who is now celebrating his new club/Fish. Maria Kyle," she offered, her hand outstretched in greeting. Martha took it as she sat in the empty chair. "Martha Wayne, pleased to meet you." She tilted "Did it hurt," Bruce asked as he looked at Selina's elevated leg. "A little.

Just then, he spied a pad of paper on the counter. Maybe it wasn't what he heard in her chest. Maybe it was what he wrote on the paper. He grabbed the pad and looked at it for a second before he started writing. Martha was the first to approach the girl laying in the bed. Is your ankle feeling okay? As far as your leg goes, you're going to be just fine in a few months. You'll have the cast off before the summer is over, I promise.

Leslie had wrapped her leg up and given her a sucker and told her how good she was and after her parents had taken her back home, Selina found the note again, tucked away in her pocket, and opened it up. Selina- I hope you feel better soon. Your best friend, Bruce Selina woke to the sounds of loud conversation coming from the front of her parent's store.

Alfred had picked her and Bruce up from school and the two had played around the grounds of Wayne Manor for the better part of the day. However, night had come sooner than expected and Alfred had driven her to the jewelry store to meet with her parents. They were supposed to close up and they would all go home together. Selina yawned and stretched and wondered what was taking them so long. She crept into her favorite hiding spot, a little ventilation duct that looked over the lobby of the store and began to hear voices.

As she finally got to the vent, she saw only three people: She was close enough that she could begin to understand the conversation. Falcone isn't happy that you two have decided to quit doing business with him," the man in uniform said as he patrolled the jewelry cases. Kyle," the cop responded, a smirk on his face as he stared down the two others.

Up in the duct, Selina shivered. That look bothered her. Falcone's money anymore," Brian continued. Even she could tell that, while he was dressed in the uniform of a police officer, that man was no cop. Are you going to continue to do business with Mr.

Falcone thought you might say that. He wanted me to give you something. A good bye gift, if you will. He pivoted and, with his third and fourth bullets, shot Maria Kyle as well. Before Selina could comprehend what was happening, both of her parents lay dead on the floor of the jewelry store.

The cop impersonator took his handkerchief from his pocket, wiped down every surface he had touched while he was in the store and vanished. After he had been gone for about 30 seconds, Selina finally found her voice. Alfred woke to the sound of a distant ringing. The sound itself was miniscule to his ears but Alfred was a trained butler, not to mention his former life in the intelligence community, so any unnatural noise would wake him.

The telephone this early in the morning?

Selina Kyle

Can I speak to Thomas or Martha Wayne, please? Alfred could hear the exhaustion in the man's voice but it was too early to be bothering the two. May I ask that you call back later in the morning, please?

It's very important that I speak to either Mister or Missus Wayne immediately. I shall fetch Master Wayne at once. Please hold for a moment. He quickly hurried up to the master bedroom and woke Thomas Wayne with a sharp shake to the shoulder. They simply asked for either yourself or Mrs. Wayne and said that it was important. To the study then. I'm sorry to bother you this early but we've had an What kind of incident?

They were murdered tonight. Thomas sat down hard in his office chair. He had counted the Kyles as friends ever since Bruce was little. Thomas sighed in relief.

Poor girl saw the whole thing though. Selina tells Bruce to have good life. Back at her lair, Selina is seen throwing the coat that Bruce fixed up for her on the ground. Selina persuades Bruce to let him help her get into Arkham Asylum as she knows a way in. While crawling through the ventilations, Selina runs into Edward Nygma who warns Selina not to go into the basement of Arkham Asylum.

In exchange for showing him the way out of Arkham Asylum, Nygma tells Selina that he will show her the elevator and asks if she can pick a lock.

Selina provides a diversion by picking the lock of Nygma's cell where the guards find that Nygma has escaped. While the alarm is sounded, Selina makes her way to where the secret elevator to the Indian Hill facility is and picks the lock to access it. Upon entering the Indian Hill facility, Selina evades it's personnel and overhears Strange's conversation with Ethel Peabody that Azrael has gone rogue.

Selina finally finds the room where Bridgit Pike is in and finds that she is sporting a new outfit. As Pike doesn't remember Selina and claims that she is Firefly, she assumes that Selina is there to test her abilities.

Firefly then goes on the attack as Strange and Peabody watch. Selina then uses Firefly's flamethrower in order to break out of her room. When Firefly regains consciousness, Selina tries to get Firefly to remember her past life. While Firefly remembers how her brother died when they were set ablaze, she states that Selina will burn brighter. As Firefly cannot be harmed by fire, Selina takes advantage of Hugo Strange's claim to Firefly being the Goddess of Fire by claiming that gods need servants.

Both of them then work to get out of Firefly's room. Selina suggested he get Leslie some chocolates. After Gordon leaves, Selina was present when Bruce informed Alfred about a " secret council " that was behind Wayne Enterprises and the Indian Hill facility. Oswald Cobblepot tells Butch that Selina stole his wallet. Selina and Ivy are seen giving the money from Butch's wallet to a street kid which is noticed by the Bruce Wayne look-a-like.

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Selina is shown to be back in an allegiance with Fish Mooney when they and some association raid Gray Pharma to obtains some medicine. Selina later encounters Valerie Vale where she tells her of a tip on where to find Fish Mooney. Bruce later visits Selina and mentioned how he had to research them in a safe place. Selina in Fish Mooney's gang. Bruce advises Selina that the group in question might know about them and that she should be careful.

Upon being visited by Ivy, Selina visits Ivy telling her to stay at the pigeon coop. After Ivy was caught by Nancy who wanted to tell Selina about the Bruce Wayne-resembling character, Fish Mooney has Marv use his abilities on her as Selina works to intervene. Selina then weeped over what just happened. Their conversation is overheard by the look-a-like.

Bruce was unable to help Selina as he was not ready to reveal the truth about his look-a-like. Selina takes her leave from Wayne Manor. Selina is later visited by Gordon who needs her help finding Alice Tetch. Selina tells Gordon that she only saw her with Fish Mooney once. Gordon states that he will keep an eye out for her. Later that night, Selina is visited by the Subject A who offers to take her on a ride and have some dinner.

While Selina is suspicious about this offer, she goes with him as she needs to eat anyway. As Selina incites a bar fight, she goes into the office and starts to pocket the money when the boss and his minion Squirrel come in.

As Selina is about to have her fingers cut off, Subject A comes in and beats up the two men. Selina is then cut loose by Subject A. After getting away, Selina discovers that Subject A is wounded. Upon noticing the scars on him, Selina sees that he is not Bruce.

Selina stitches up Subject A who states that he has no knowledge of why he was made to look like him and claims that Bruce might have an interest in Selina after watching them from the halls. Selina encounters a full-grown Ivy who doesn't want to reveal her identity yet while encouraging her to steal some more wallets. Bruce encounters Selina where she is suspicous about the red-haired woman and he states that he is not Subject A. Meeting Selina on the roof on Gordon's advice, Bruce tells her that Bruce had hired Gordon to look for Ivy and that he likes her as more than a friend.

Upon asking how many girls he dated, Bruce tells Selina that he dated none as he claims that there is something between us. Both of them share a kiss before departing the roof. Bruce states that Selina needs to be honest with him. Selina states that it is weird for her as Bruce says it's weird for him too.

Bruce was later called in as Selina told him that she should've suspected that Marv did that to her. Ivy apologizes for not telling Selina that she is alive. Selina is told by Ivy that she has a way to get people to give her what she want. Ivy then comes clean stating that she had stolen from a rich man.

Bruce breaks up the conversation stating that he hears something. The three of them start making a run from their attackers led by Luka Volk. Selina, Bruce, and Ivy go on the run as Ivy claims that claimed it. Selina, Bruce, and Ivy head to the man's house and finds him dead. The three of them find a hidden key in the necklace. Bruce suggests to Selina and Ivy that they retreat to his house.

When Ivy states that she doesn't want to come between Selina and her boyfriend, Selina states that she is not his girlfriend. During the negotiations, Luka stated that Selina reminded him of his sister. Bruce had to hold the tightrope while Selina walked to the safe. After Selina gets an owl statue out of the safe using the key, both of them were ambushed by Talon enough to set off the alarm.

As Alfred fights Talon, Bruce and Selina help to subdue Talon enough for him to get stabbed by his own knife.

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Afterwards, they are approached by a woman that Selina recognizes as her mother Maria Kyle. The three of them are advised by Maria that they should take their leave from the building immediately. She stated that she had to leave Selina at the orphanage in order to get away from bad people. Later on, Selina was visited by Bruce who gave her a box that Maria gave him.

As Selina goes through the box, Maria appears to reconcile with her. Later on at a hotel, Selina comes in during Maria's meeting with Cole Clemons where Maria plans to get him the money he needs. After Cole leaves, Selina suggests that Bruce can help them with that. After lashing out against Cole for what was heard, Selina tells her mother and Cole to never return to Gotham City.

Selina later confronts Bruce for his involvement. After Bruce counters Selina's kicks, Selina takes her leave. Bruce heads out and finds her under attack from Sunny Gilzean. Selina states that she had no knowledge of the letter where she was trying to get some money out of Sunny. She takes her leave as Bruce fends off Sunny and his men.

While stating to Selina that the Court of Owls have a dangerous plan where he tells her to get out of town, he also states that he had Bruce Wayne removed from Gotham City and advises her not to tell Alfred. When Selina plans to and starts to ask him what he is going to do about it, Subject A reluctantly pushes her out the window where she is motionless.

A lot of cats start swarming over her body. Tabitha, getting annoyed by Ivy, tells her she heard Selina "fell" out of a window and is in pretty bad shape. She rushes to Gotham General to see Selina, and gets caught by a doctor. She asks what happened to her, and denied that she fell out of the window. She shows how close they are by saying that she will do whatever she has to to heal her. After her third visit, Selina gets out of bed, saying she has to go kill someone.

Selina jumps him and says she's there to do one thing. Kicking him over a table, she insults Subject A calling him a freak, and a cheap knock off. Then she cuts a deep scar upwards his side, but is then beat to the floor. Near stabbing him on the desk, Alfred pulls back Selina, who is hit unconscious after trying to warn him that it's not Bruce. Alfred is then knocked unconscious. He is seen later treating the wound on Selina's head.

After Selina refuses to help look for Bruce, Alfred rants about Selina not being over the fact that her mother was a con artist and tells her to run off and never return to Wayne Manor. After Ed and Butch bang down the door, Selina climbs a fire escape, unable to bring Ivy with her, as she doesn't want to leave Penguin.

Seen running across the rooftop, she is punched and knocked out by Tabitha, who calls her Kitty Cat. She then agrees to set up a trap for Penguin by saying she found her friend and wants to meet, after being offered cash to get out of town, and nothing happening to Ivy. While sitting in the hospital after stabbing Alfred, Bruce is encountered by Selina.

She asks Bruce what happened and if he's going to be okay. Bruce, feeling bad for what he did, snaps at her, saying she doesn't believe in anything but herself. She states it's surviving and unlike him, she knows who she is. She then makes her leave, but is stopped by the question of why she's even there, when she doesn't give a damn about Alfred or Bruce. He then says he knows her better than that. Angry and hurt at Bruce's words, she looks back to him and states that she thought that he did.

Selina finally leaves, telling him to have a nice life, with Bruce looking in confused. In her own way, it's clear she does care about Alfred, because she said she heard what happened and asked if he's going to be okay. She asks for Barbara, but Tabitha answers by saying she's not coming back. Selina says she's tired of just surviving, that she wants more, to move up.

Tabitha asks if she's hungry, but Selina takes a liking to her whip. To Tabitha's amazement, Selina successfully breakers a glass bottle on her first try. The pair are then later seen leaving together. They taunt her saying she's all by herself. They surround her, and draw their weapons. Selina says to just let her go. The thugs say, not a chance. She says, don't say I didn't warn you. She whips a guys legs and dodges attacks. She beats four of them to the ground.

The fifth on is taken out by Tabitha, who advises her not to turn her back on a guy unless she's sure he's down. They then leave the alley and go for pizza. They go to Tabitha's apartment to eat, and are approached by Victor Zsaszwho's been tracking them down. Tabitha asks if there's a reason he's there. He says that they don't have a license to fight street thugs. Tabitha demands they get a new place but Selina suggests they join Penguin for work.

Tabitha refuses, and they pack their things. Selina is seen by Bruce mingling at the opening of Penguin's club as she is approached by Zsasz.

He asks if they are in, and Tabitha says they are. Tabitha's and Selina's bond grows, as Selina points out that Tabitha was worried about her, which is why she approached them. This is observed by Alfred and Bruce as well. Bruce goes to the roof to confront Selina, who asks what he wants.

He says he knew she'd come up here, but she reminds him he knows nothing about her. He wanted to apologize for what he said at the hospital. He joins Selina on the roof's edge. He judges her on choosing Tabitha Galavan as a mentor, but Selina doesn't care. They are interrupted by Alfred, who walks Bruce away due to a situation involving Penguin apprehending Merton 's group downstairs.

Selina remains balancing on the edge of the roof. Barbara states she will not go forward without both of them. Tabitha refuses, and Barbara ask Selina to talk her into it. She does, at their apartment.

Selina wants to join Barbara with Tabitha to be taken seriously. Ivy says she wants in, but Tabitha kicks her out, even though Selina believes her. Tabitha says she'll join Barbara, but wants something in return and that being her hand. Butch lost his from Penguin, and she lost hers from Nygma so she wants to return the favour and chop off Barbara's hand to show that she can be trusted. This does not happen, and Tabitha says she'll trust her for now.

Selina walks away, as she is in shock of Tabitha's actions and is upset with how she was going to chop off Barbara's hand. Going in for a closer look, he sees the thief open a box. Bruce gets caught and fights the thugs and the thief takes this opportunity to escape. It is then revealed the thief is Selina Kyle, and she is upset she couldn't get what she was after.

She is then seen with Barbara at work with her gun shop. She asks Selina where her crate is, and Selina says she ran into some trouble. Barbara said that Selinas not ready and she can redeem herself by mopping the floors. Selina says she can do it herself, and leaves.