East is west and never the twain shall meet eric burdon

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east is west and never the twain shall meet eric burdon

While on the Continent he will meet with Petula Clark to discuss new album projects. ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS— The Twain Shall Meet ViGM (No Mono); SE He was formerly Mercury's Western publishing division director. Larry Sikora, director of special sales, was previously East Coast sales director. This might lead you to think it's psych smaltz but no, no, no it's garage rock and deranged stuff ERIC BURDON: The Twain Shall Meet (MGM G) Ex/Ex . *ORANGE AND RED BEAMS (Eric Burdon & the Animals) on Rudyard Kipling's line O East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet ( from.

We would switch gigs with them — go down south to play their gigs — and they would come up north to play ours. These were issued as a limited pressing, one-sided inch EP, sold in the Newcastle area to further promote the band. The wild, raw performances captured were far closer to how they sounded on stage than their subsequent hit singles. During that month they signed up with Don Arden for live gigs and independent producer Mickie Most to get them a record deal.

The former put them on a tour supporting their hero Chuck Berry around the UK.

‘Sky Pilot’ by Eric Burdon – top psychedelic song No. 26

We happened to be on the Chuck Berry tour and were looking for something that would make us stand out from the other support bands, who were in essence just trying to out-rock Chuck. I think the recording costs were just the price of tape. We did invite him and his percussionist Jerome Green turned up. I just started thinking, well, what if Bo had turned up, and that was the beginning of the song. We shipped equipment out from New York and recorded in a hotel room.

The Holiday Inn, room in the Bahamas. I remember there was an old record player in the room where we were recording and it had this strange, thin electrostatic speaker. We had lost our identity in adding new players. We got together after an Animals session and I recorded a couple of songs with him… My voice sounds ridiculously teenage, but it was fun. I got pretty close to Frank and later lived a few doors away from him in Laurel Canyon. I used to spend nights watching his 16mm experimental films which never came to light.

I expected him to become one of the new world directors. They found it interesting enough to do a magazine article. It was all over the place. Then on a visit back to London I ran into musicians who were like-minded and realised that there was this thing going on in San Francisco and we jetted over there and joined the revolution, which was a lot of fun.

All four of their albums failed to chart. Most of their singles also sold disappointingly, causing Burdon to feel that England was no longer on his wavelength and from onwards he started to spend more time in America. But it failed to make the UK Top To me it was the truth at the time. Burdon appeared on the first night, unveiling San Franciscan Nights to a US audience for the first time.

Pennebaker film of the event. Burdon was so inspired that he wrote the song Monterey commemorating the festival. I can remember it like it was yesterday and I never went to another rock festival ever except the ones that I was performing at because I knew that Monterey was it, nothing would ever come up to Monterey. These guys never boasted a release during their short "career" they played maybe 15 gigs tops and were totally unknown even amongst top Australian collectors until recently.

The twelve sides include wild originals like Lies, Lies and the demented Cold Fish "she ain't no gold fish! The big crunch is capped by a '66 stab at the title song by the Sweeps' earlier incarnation, the Cobwebs. Features a full band bio, whacked out group photo the only one! Really special one in the disco department. Quit unexplainable but very enjoyable. Clear orange vinyl with etched scarabs on the B-side!

Very rare original pressing of legendary Swedish garage masterpiece. Led by Ras Michael over four extended excursions, the music is organic, sublime and expansive, drum and bass heavy with no rhythm guitar, rather Willie Lindo brilliantly improvising a kind of dazed blues. Lloyd Charmers and Federal engineer George Raymond stayed up all night after the session, to mix the recording, opening out the enraptured mood into echoing space, adding sparse, startling effects to the keyboards.

At no cost to its deep spirituality, this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia. Previously squandered in an incongruous two for one reissue, now lovingly returned to its original, singular glory, restored at Abbey Road, with superfly vinyl in old school, hand assembled sleeves.

Formed from the ashes of beat band the Hellions inthe short-lived Deep Feeling were one of the most adventurous acts of their time. Tragically, however, Capaldi departed to form Traffic during the sessions for their debut produced by former Yardbirds and Rolling Stones manager Giorgio Gomelskyand the tapes were shelved. The remarkable tracks make their first-ever LP appearance here, pressed on g virgin vinyl, together with demos made by Palmer and Jackson in and a song featuring the duo backed by the Blossom Toes, and come housed in a gatefold sleeve incorporating detailed notes and rare photographs.

Phil Pearlman of Beat Of The Earth was involved with the crew behind this, but does not appear on the actual LP, which was released on the same label as his first Was able to grab a copy from someone. Was able to grab this from someones collection. Offers is the only way to go as it almost never pops up. Sweden's Dungen sweetly return with a collection of gorgeous, dreamlike melodies, psychedelic stonkers and graceful, jazz-filled polyrhythms.

How will it be? What shall we do? We often worry so much unnecessarily. Dungen's fourth studio album extends the acclaimed Swedish outfit's sound past psychedelia into something far more rare. Moving beyond mere stylistic concerns, 4 finds Gustav Ejstes' focus on the extremes of Dungen's sound separating into two entities. Blazing, raw guitar workouts have their own time and place, but now, so do stirringly orchestrated, jazz-cooled compositions with cinematic undertones.

Bandleader Gustav Ejstes has made many allusions to his creative process as it likens to that of a hip-hop producer. On 4, that process is more evident than ever, both in the feel of each piece, and in the sense of intuition and control within the members of the group. New drummer Johan Holmegard joins guitarist Reine Fiske and bassist Mattias Gustavsson, while Ejstes steps away from guitar for the entire album, focusing on the piano as his lead instrument.

Together, they have honed a classic and seamless sound, constructed with lavish studio flourishes and moving, narrative arrangements, and yet able to toughen up to tear veins of fierce blues-psych instrumentals up from the surface.

  • The Twain Shall Meet
  • Eric Burdon and the Animals The Twain Shall Meet * MGM SE-4537 PSYCH VG+ VINYL
  • Never the Twain Shall Meet

The ten tracks on 4 comprise Dungen's most concentrated effort to date, beats surging forth and atmosphere changing as their sound continues to evolve. Every song here runs under five minutes, pushing the group to introduce confident melodies and arresting ambiance in tighter frameworks.

Gauging from the results, this challenge has done them well. Included in this set are live favorite "Mina Damer och Fasaner," excerpts from a wild psychedelic jam session entitled "Samtidigt", and a storming, Northern Soul-influenced instrumental entitled "Fredag". These stand tall with some of the most fully-realized moments of Dungen's career; percolating prog-pop groover "Det Tar Tid" and eloquent opener "Satt At Se. With a penchant for lush pop portraits, and laced with orange sunshine guitar flash, 4 turns a page in Dungen's sound and story.

This is a really psychedelic party where almost all of Xotic Minds members contribute. The Entheogens LP is a cleansing dip in a oriental acid distortion.

A kind of record you seldom see nowadays. Personal fave of LP on the label; as appealing as any US private press monster. All of the label's talent gathered for extended tribal acid oriental jams, partly recorded live.

Strange cult inspiration adds an eerie vibe. Never reprinted and hard to find. Cool xian underground album out of Sweden 71 by the guitarist from the legendary and amazing power trio Vatten. Released by the obscure Cymbal albel. Rare LP that has that special sound. Eubank was a bit later on the Kansas City scene than Michael Angelo and the great lates power pop bands that gave the city its reputation as a 70s pop haven.

Rare record dealers will probably try to compare him to Michael Angelo anyway, because that's what they do every time they have a scarce singer-songwriter album that they don't know how to sell. The album cover and some of the lyrics evoke outer space, and a couple of songs are very spacy in feel with echoed flutes, sound effects, martian voices, drony soundscapes and otherworldly falsetto vocals. For the most part, side two is better than side one, so stick with it despite the dull spots.

The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from towhen the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of these tracks. Comes with an insert featuring photo from Merrells personal archive, and liner notes by him as well. Although Schultze oversaw the production of the album rather than playing on it which he definitely didnt! This is space rock at its finest and the bands extended compositions attracted favourable comparisons with both Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, and even at times the vocal style of the Moody Blues.

Unfortunately this was the bands last album but they went out on a high, achieving the rare feat of appealing to devotees of both Kraut Rock and electronic psychedelia alike. First release on Qbico's new label Sagittarius A-Star! It just sounded perfect! Later on I was checking out Father Yod's wonderful book to find out the right pic for the cover Could I have ever envisioned something better for the front cover of the A-Star rocket 01 then the Father in the star man pose??!

Can't imagine how pleased I was when one day Djin, after checking out Qbico site, said that Father Yod'd have been happy to be part of this family!

Listen to Father's teachings and doors'll open: The Father and his spirits at their funkiest and soulful! Limited to copies on gram black and silver vinyl. At the time I was lead guitarist of the band " The Gentlemen " a garage northwest that included Ze Ramalho who released a wonderfull DLP together with Lula Cortez in one of his line-ups and recorded a rare Lp and one For this unique project we invited Ze Ramalho the musician and composer Elsio Alexandrino Golinhato control the 4 channels tape recorders the musician Enilton Araujo, the 12 strings viola arrangements where done by Irapuan Pupudrummer Edmilson Craunapercussion by special guest Ze Crisologo and Hugo Filho nylon guitar,bass, keyboards and art direction".

This LP is really special, Brazil charm and poetic words. Even in Brazil an incredible rare album, only pressed given to friends and sold in shops, the first private pressing in this country. Lots of folk elements which devolves in twisted endings. Something you want to play to your new girl on a crazy summer night.

And for your guys in NY with Brazilian roots Arto Lindsay this is something you should play on your next party. Intensely emotional and dramatic; these guys had a vision and multiple listens begin to reveal its depth.

String-laden ballads hold hands with fleeting blasts of power chords. Bits and pieces that seem to have no purpose blend together to create a surprisingly coherent whole.

This album exists in a time warp. Its from the midst of the first punk era, but sounds genuinely 60s garage the way no neo-garage band ever did. The fuzz guitars are everpresent, and the songs are pure garage pop and garage rock, rocking hard without ever sounding remotely "hard rock.

Despite some awkward singing, there are a lot of catchy melodies here, and I can imagine that Baltimorians who discovered "Nuggets" in the late 70s went nuts over this band. A few songs flirt with rural rock, but basically its teen-sounding angst, just as cool as their punk peers.

First ever official reissue, fully licenced by Danny Amburn and the band. Exact reproduction for the cover and labels. It includes extra 4-pages laminated insert with bio, lyrics and photos. Unfortunately this copy has a crack in the middle over the label but luckily this does not effect the palying. Rest of LP mixes some rural rock moves with some southern vibed white funk soul psych break blends, some tracks use horns in a good way.

Earthy and turned on vibes here together. Only ever seen a couple of other copies over the years. Finding progressive albums from there in decent shape is extremely hard or practically impossible. This is the first and ultra rare album by this fantastic Indonesian psych prog pop band from Sonme tracks are sung in English.

Varying from heavy to pastoral it's a highly unusual and powerful record. Originals are pressed badly so this reissue should be rapturously welcomed by all lovers of acid folk.

Including the both sides of their non-album single. On gram vinyl. Featuring backing from the team responsible for the landmark Millennium and Sagittarius LPs, its a truly deranged mixture of cover versions and originals that makes its long-awaited reappearance on LP here. The sleeve is worth framing as it is so ridiculous. It is so phony you wont believe it. Exotic trippy dreamy textures with tabla, zither, indian flutes, acoustic guitar, cello, etc.

Originally released infilled with 3 long tracks. A real acid-psychedelic jewel out of the Scandinavian psych scene.

Very limited micro press reissue now long gone. As good as the first one. Very haunting and totally out there!

east is west and never the twain shall meet eric burdon

Great stuff in the lounge psych department and still very obscure. Really great and largely unknown Swedish prog pop psych album with loads of ripping lead guitars and strong rhythm section. The Sweidsh version is rare but few knows about this even rarer Frenvh version. Kinda awesome that they actually tried to make it there.

Ltd vinyl edition in a mile thick gatefold sleeve. Recorded in the early 70s in Belgium its a tasty batch of Latin funk grooves, with a deep Afro-soul sound thrown into the mix, and some slight Chicano rock touches, like fuzzy guitar and heavy organ. The groove is DEEP!!! Really good and solid find reminding me a little of the 2nd Laghonia LP.

The record starts out a little uninspired but kicks in to gear on the 4th track which is an awesome instrumental and from there on everything is groovy.

All the music has been carefully transferred from the master tapes and is a facsimile of the original album previous CD only reissues contained altered mixings. Limited edition of copies only. A special album on vinyl! Yet with Stones Throw's release of Farad The Electric Voicethe electronic music pioneer will be lifted out of the sooty fields of obscurity and rightfully placed into the spotlight of the Electronic music continuum.

Farad The Electric Voice specifically focuses on tracks using the "Farad", the name Bruce gave to his vocoder, one of the first musical vocoders at the time, which he invented. It includes out of print and unreleased tracks accessed via negotiations with Haack's estate. This is some of the most amazing electronic music we ever heard.

No. 26: ‘Sky Pilot’

An electronic musical-poetic treat for children and high school-people revealing more wonders of our earth-ship. Most of Bruce Haack's music was programmed on a polyphonic music computer built by him from surplus parts furnished by Ver-Tech Radio Philadelphia. The machine was made in 18 month without diagrams or plans Bruce Haack has never studied electronics and will produce up to twelve simultaneous voices in changing sequence via a memory holding over four-thousand bits of information.

It will also compose at random. All copies have a small amount of surface noise due to cheap pressing. Includes the rare double sided insert. Original Scandinavian press on Polydor Records.

Eric Burdon and the Animals: Before rock ’n’ roll was big business

Mostly beautiful Swedish traditional folk music songs taken to another dimension by piercing fuzz guitars. Long whispered about by the most inner circle of obsessive psych collectors, but up till now heard only by a lucky few. A true legend for sure, and rightfully so, as the bizarre story surrounding the LP is nearly as twisted as the music itself. Ex-Road Runners drummer Stephen David Heitkotter recorded and pressed the LP in California sometime before as a demo only edition of no more then two dozen copies in blank white covers, then distributed it only to a handful of local San Joaquin radio stations before the pressing plant destroyed the masters due to non-payment.

Within months of his failed attempt at radio stardom Stephen was committed to the state mental ward, and that was that The sound of a last gasp at the teetering edge of the darkest void. A murky disjointed trip wobbling between acid-scorched un-reality and pure all-encompassing blankness Full electric band setting.

Les Maledictus Sound were an inventive, high-brow concoction of lounge-style instrumental mod big band music, with heavy brass, plucky bass and fuzz guitar. Horrific Child is certainly the logical stylistic next step from that record, evidence of the composer's having survived several years beyond the psychedelic era. II Philips US 6?

Stunning wah-wah guitar, haunting sexy jungle rhythms on congas and rock steady drums, black night heat trumpet and severe echo effects and reverb to make the entire sound swirl around you till your totally inside out in a dizzy haze! It took me over ten years to come up with a spare copy but wow here it is now! Practically no one has this one or have ever heard about it. Disc is clean m.

Disc is strong Ex- except for a scratch on track 1 side 1 that clicks for awhile hence the downgrading. Very little is now known about the Thai rock n roll scene of the s, an era that now seems hopelessly lost in the past.

The original records are so scarce that they practically never turn up, even in their native Thailand This was the kings of the string bands in Thailand. Amazing wild rocking instro sounds. These records are totally extinct so you wont stumble on any more copies anytime soon. Supannahong is a traditional tune reserved for a boat procession on the mighty Chao Praya river. In Johnny's Guitar's hands the song turns into a haunting masterpiece that even pre-dates the coming of the psychedelic era.

Void has added a bonus non LP 45 to the package.

east is west and never the twain shall meet eric burdon

Original cover, pressed on black vinyl. From the KCJ's master tapes. Here is a good sounding, compelling piece of cool old vinyl. Electric guitar and bass, bunch of Indian percussion, flutes, scream, organ and maybe Moog! An explosion of Indian youth music from the mysterious- private production. First time ever reissue. Idioten Subliminal Sounds LP The LP is a limited edition copies.

Idioten The Fool - Kebnekajse unleash a new album in February Kebnekajse takes folk rock to new heights. Forty years after their debut, the Swedish 70's folk rock pioneers have gathered no moss. On the new album Kebnekajse widens views and lets the folk music tone find new forms, free from any tightly held reins. From the vast cannon of ancient Swedish folk songs we wanted to highlight songs that stand out, rare songs that leave room for improvisation and debauchery in the spirit of the psychedelic '70s.

With these resolutions the band got into the studio the same one used for the recording of the latest Dungen album btw for three sessions of four days each, from May to September.

The result was ten new tracks. While unified in a dynamic drive. Kebnekajse has deepened the interplay in the last years of touring. In the initial track Barfota Barefoot the electric guitar and violin spins melodic sound weaves over pulsating drums, percussion and double basses.

Heavy and soft at the same time. Stockholm Polka get a snorting country feel and the collective Senegal Beat becomes dreamlike Afro-funk psych with a Alpine feel. And new psychedelic overtones. A short biography for new listeners: During the s Kebnekajse was known as Sweden's highest band. They electrified the folk music and shrugged off the knee-tassel. Instead the hippie-hair flew high on numerous music festivals. They made six albums from their inception from toafter which they split up. Pre-order now to receive it on the release date February 25, It is time for the troll-dance again Kebnekajse releases a new album in February They may be the highest mountain in Sweden but they are known as the highest band in the land.

They were pioneers with their instrumental, electrified Swedish folk fiddler music. When they unleash their heavy version of Horgalaten at a festival the ring dancing spins around so that the hippie-hair flutter and the knee-tassle starts smoking. Six men loaded with eight new songs recorded in the woods in the legendary Silence Studio with Anders Lind and Reine Fiske behind the controls and mixed in the city; electric folk-rock with psychedelic overtones.

A great compilation from Most of the tracks here were not included on Erkin's original LP's and also other compilations issued so far. Limited edition of copies on gram vinyl.

At last reissued on vinyl, this is the rarest of all Erkin albums but also the rarest Turkish psych album ever. This album, originally released inis actually a compilation of singles from the previous years since You can notice the difference in time when listening to the album, with some tracks kinda pre- psychedelic and some others heavily into it, but all of them with that unique Eastern feel that the guitar master gives to their recordings.

This is the original field find copy!!! Me, I'm trying to figure out just how many people have recorded and released records over the last 60 years. I've concluded the answer is way beyond a million and even that may be a low estimate. Every year my brother and I take a road trip to "dig" for records, this year we did 3, miles, 5 states and looked at what we estimate to be over 2 million records. Our goal is to find those undiscovered gems of music that have been lost in the black hole of vinyl releases.

Music that truly deserves attention but for various reasons never received any when they were released. Music that has remained unheard, sitting in the bin of a used record store until folks like us give them a spin and discover the magic within. We arrived at this vinyl Mecca at The second the needle from my portable turntable hit the grooves we knew this was special There are many amazing things about this record.

A folky duo that use saxophone, accordion and viola all to their advantage. Still living in the same area, Jerry is a Music Director at a local school and had fond memories of the record he recorded in It was a way for me to communicate". Very humble about his record I think Jerry was surprised that someone had unearthed his past.