10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

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10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

A page for describing Characters: Doctor Who – War Doctor. Index: Incarnations of the Doctor | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | War | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13War . As the Doctor is a time traveller he does indeed meet himself every so recently aired with Doctors 10 and 11 as well as the "War Doctor". Dec 13, POST WWII (s) · FANTASY & OTHER COSTUME One of the most telling scenes is when Clara, Ten and Eleven show . The Moment shushes the War Doctor after 10 tried to figure out why We can all just assume The Moment is being facetious but perhaps there is more than meets the eye?.

Museum Peace Cardinal Ollistra threatened to shoot the Doctor on a Gallifreyan Military Moon Basebelieving she would have better luck convincing his next incarnation to fight in the Time War. The Stranger he discovered a woman named Cass trapped aboard an out of control starship, inbound for the planet Karn. He attempted to rescue her from the vessel, but Cass rejected his offer due to him being a Time Lord.

He refused to leave her, letting himself die with her as the ship smashed into Karn's surface. However, he was revived by the Sisterhood of Karnwho offered him the ability to control his regeneration and become the person he needed to be in order to end the Time War.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

Initially, he refused, but after seeing Cass' corpse, on top of the many other tragedies of the Time War, the Doctor's spirit finally broke. Accepting their help, he drank a specially-made formula of the Elixir of Life and regenerated into the warrior the Time War needed. The new Doctor promptly rejected his name, declaring, as he picked up and donned Cass' bandoleer, "Doctor no more", TV: The Night of the Doctor renaming himself "the Warrior" for a time.

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The Day of the Doctor and referred to him as "the Predator". Oh, for God's sake! Centuries of fighting in the Time War have turned him into this. When he's preparing to activate the Moment he tells its Interface with a Familiar Face that he has no intention of surviving afterwards.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors later realise they were wrong to erase all evidence of him and deny his existence, since he genuinely didn't have any other choice but to end the Time War by the means he did, "on the day it wasn't possible to get it right ".

The Eighth Doctor's reason for becoming the War Doctor. The Universe was on the verge of ripping itself apart from the Time War, the Time Lords had become as bad as the Daleks, and his newest prospective companion elected to die instead of being saved when she found out he was one of them.

The Eighth Doctor could no longer save anyone, so when presented with a choice of regenerations, elected not to come back as a "Doctor" at all.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

Likewise his disdain for his future incarnations using their sonic screwdrivers as weapons implies this, but his Badass Bandolier only carries his own sonic screwdriver.

Given that the Doctor's most dangerous weapon has always been his mind, it's likely he doesn't feel the need. In "Hell Bent"a Gallifreyan soldier states that the first thing many people noticed about "The Doctor of War" was that he wasn't armed. But to many, it was also the last thing they ever noticed.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

He eventually chooses to save Gallifrey rather than burn it. He, Nine and Ten don't get to remember they changed the past, though, and continue to live with their former guilt. Only Eleven and on know the truth.

His existence lets us know just how well the story of the Eighth Doctor ended.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor costume

When the Doctor sees him, he keeps imploring Clara they leave immediately. The 50th Anniversary reveals he's basically this on steroids compared to the other Doctors. Lampshaded when Ten and Eleven respond to him questioning their maturity by looking at him. The only word he can come up with to describe those looks? Most Doctors when faced with a group of Daleks would run or try to reason with them. This comes shortly after landing in the middle of the fall of Arcadia, where his first act is to nonchalantly ask a soldier for his gun, before proceeding to shoot the words " NO MORE " into the wall.

Our first sight of the War Doctor is in the Doctor's memories, standing with his back to the Doctor and Clara. His later incarnations feel that he is not a "doctor" anymore but a traitor to the promise implied by such a title. To every other Doctor, but particularly Ten and Eleven.

Where they are both "young" excitable Sad ClownsWar is "older", weary, and doesn't bother to compensate his angst with glib. Whereas they are prone to bursts of anger amongst a generally pacifist attitude, War is quicker to use violence, but isn't nearly as angry.

In "The Beast Below"the Eleventh Doctor states that if he lobotomized the Space Whale, he'd no longer be able to call himself the Doctor, hinting at this "non-Doctor" incarnation. Future Me Scares Me: The War Doctor went back and forth on this verdict, from immediately changing his mind about using the Moment because he's sick of Ten and Eleven and wants nothing to do with them, to eventual pride for these fine lads and worry over erasing them from history if he doesn't stay on track.

Either let the Time Lords destroy reality so they could ascend, let the Daleks win and destroy everything not them or save the universe and destroy both sides. Was prepared to kill billions to prevent Rassilon from destroying all of reality.

Then locked the rest of the Time War away, to prevent all of reality from becoming a living hell. In the final days of the war. You never saw what was born. But if the time lock's broken then everything is coming through. Not just the Daleks, but the Skaro Degradations. The Horde of Travesties. The war turned into hell! The Time War is shown in The Night of the Doctor as the reason why the Eighth Doctor elected to regenerate into an incarnation capable of such actions in the first place.

Make me a warrior now. The Eighth Doctor, when presented with his pick of regenerations, specifically asked to come back as a warrior instead of a lovable coward for once.

The Doctor turns out to be an exceptional warrior, murdering billions before the Time War's end. Good Is Not Nice: He's every bit as nice and caring as the other incarnations of the Doctor, but his lonely, weary and all-around depressing experiences during the Time War have made him very introverted and shut-in, at least at first glance.

On the last day of the Time War, he decides that the most pragmatic solution to the war would be to activate the Moment and end it all. Despite his apparent determination to do so, his heart and ethics tell him otherwise and he's seen constantly hesitating whether to go ahead with the plan.

Go Out with a Smile: He's absolutely delighted when he realizes the exertion of The Day 's events killed him, because it means he can finally leave the War behind him. Or so he believes. One of the most 'gravelly'-sounding incarnations. Still, loving the posh, gravelly thing, it's very convincing. Brave words, Dick Van Dyke. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.

He says "If I grow to be half the man you are He wears a dark leather jacket on top of a worn down set of Victorian clothes similar to Eight's. He has a unique Sonic Screwdriver that glows an eerie red.

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His bandolier was the first item he picked up during his first moments of life, and is also similar to the satchel from Eight's new costume in "Dark Eyes". Claims he killed everyone in the Time War and then locked them away "without choice", for "peace and sanity.

I Hate Past Me: The other incarnations of the Doctor refuse to speak about him, as he's the one who soaked his hands in the blood of a billion galaxies. When they physically meet, however, both 10 and 11 treat him with a mixture of dread and pity, knowing what he was forced to do, and clearly have respect for him, by the end declaring him more the Doctor than anyone else due to the impossible situation he faced. You were the Doctor on the day it wasn't possible to get it right.

Forges one with Clara after she talks with him about the Eleventh Doctor's confessions to her about the haunting memories of the Time War. He also has a bit of an intergenerational friendship with his Tenth and Eleventh incarnations, once they forgive him and he warms up to them.

In " The Day of the Doctor " towards the 10th and 11th Doctors. I'm looking for the Doctor Well, you've certainly come to the right place. The sole warrior incarnation of the Doctor is one of the only ones to actually die of old age. It Has Been an Honor: He says this once he leaves the company of Doctors Ten and Eleven.

Well, gentlemen, it has been an honor It's a Wonderful Plot: Before he can activate the Moment, the "conscience" of the device interrupts to show the War Doctor who he'll become: But because he is destined to forget these events, this turns into a Foregone Conclusion that he will first and foremost become a man who resents Nine.

Zig-Zagged by the conclusion: Despite or perhaps because of all that he's seen, the War Doctor still opts to carry through with his mission, his reasoning being that countless species owe their lives to the Doctor's atonement. Ten and Eleven deliberate over this, and the three Doctors conclude it's better to fail doing the right thing, than it is to succeed doing the wrong thing.

She didn't show me just any future! She showed me exactly the future I needed to see! I Was Quite a Looker: When the War Doctor peers at his reflection for the first time, the face which greets him is a young and clean-shaven John Hurt's. Given it took a thousand years for Eleven to grow old, this implies the War Doctor lasted a very long time. I Was Quite a Fashion Victim: He's a inverted example as he thinks the fashion choices of his future selves "sandshoes" and "dicky bow" are nonsense, and reflective of a mid-life crisis.

Seen doing this pose on the promotional cover for the 50th in SFX Magazine issue The only Doctor not to take a long-term companion onscreen anyway. Of course, he was fighting a war at the time, and could no longer afford the luxury of a companion, or for that matter, risk someone's life travelling with him, but it does contribute to his overall image in the eyes of Ten and Eleven. Steven Moffat created the War Doctor to deal with the issue of which Doctor fought in the Time War and the regeneration between Doctors Eight and Nine, without disrupting the numbering by saying he is an incarnation who does not call himself the Doctor full-time.

Other writers had trouble trying to frame Eight or Nine in the Time War because the Eighth Doctor started off far away from a warlike personality, and the Ninth Doctor was introduced as though he had just regenerated, making him feel too new to have been in the Time War. Because of this, Big Finish slowly pushed Eight into darker depths of misery and anger to lead him toward the Time War, but he was never made into a fully-fledged warrior. Moffat decided to have the Eighth Doctor logically perish in despair and become the War Doctor to strike back at the villains who broke him.

Moffat upheld the Ninth Doctor's characterization by giving him a feasible reason to hate his past through the War Doctor, remembering an apparent double genocide was his fault. The idea Gallifrey was lost carried over to Ten and Eleven until Eleven learned he had saved Gallifrey and could finally put an end to his guilt. In "Hell Bent"one of the soldiers says that, frighteningly, the War Doctor still usually worked without weapons.

The first thing you notice about the Doctor of War is that he's unarmed. For many it's also the last. Unlike other Doctors, he has apparently shunned the use of a companion so he can remain The Unfettered. Likely with this trope in mind, the Moment assumes the form of a companion for its Interface with a Familiar Face unfortunately getting it wrong and picking a future companion the Doctor hasn't encountered yet.

War Doctor

He had the options to: The War Doctor chose to do the latter My Future Self and Me: He's technically the Doctor's ninth persona so he's this with Ten and Eleven. The War Doctor appears in archive footage in the episode " Listen ". The episode reveals that the barn to which the War Doctor travelled, in order to activate the Moment, was the Doctor's childhood home.

Through similar footage he also appeared in " The Zygon Invasion ", during which it is learned that the peace talks orchestrated by himself and his future incarnations resulted in 20 million Zygons taking up residence on Earth disguised as humans as part of an uneasy truce. The novel details the events leading to the Doctor's decision to detonate the Moment, as seen in "The Day of the Doctor", including his decision to act against the resurrected Rassilon and the death of a temporary companion as he acts to stop a Dalek plot to develop a weapon that could erase Gallifrey from history.

The War Doctor appears alongside the other incarnations of the Doctor in the collection The Shakespeare Notebooks. A further prose story titled "The Stranger" was released in as part of the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

The War Doctor appears in the first issue, in a flashback. The War Doctor - along with his companion, the Squire - also appears in a number of flashbacks in the second year of Titan's Eleventh Doctor comic series, which involves the Doctor being put on trial for a crime he is believed to have committed in his earlier incarnation.

The War Doctor essentially takes over as the lead incarnation in the stories The Organ Grinder and Kill God, with the Eleventh Doctor being largely absent from both stories, while his current companion Alice travels back to the Time War to help set up the events that the Eleventh Doctor is experiencing in the 'present', the crisis ending with Alice returning to her era and the War Doctor's memory of his time with her scrambled to preserve history.

A younger War Doctor appears in a flashback sequence in a Twelfth Doctor storyline, which sees the Twelfth Doctor reflect on the events that led to the apparent death of his old acquaintance Fey Truscott-Sade and his own darker view on the Time War.