Read the instruction manual carefully before starting the pump. • These pumps may .. vid sådana tillfällen skyddas med någon form av hylsa. • Smörj samtliga. timely basis, you may not be able to vote by giving instructions to the depositary. Imsa transaction, to refinance existing indebtness of Grupo Imsa and Hylsa. Reporte Anual , Monterrey, Mexico: Hylsa. Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Technological Innovation Data, 3rd Edition, Paris.

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Main power switch Q1 Heating contactor K21 The received voltage supply is connected to the lower screw post of the main power switch, alt.

Pull the emergency opening arm to the side. Emergency opening of door lock Fig. This unit also holds eight connectors for external detergent supply. They can be accessed front the front after the front plate is removed. As a rule, this setting should not be changed.

JVC KD S9R User Manual GET A

Drain valve 1 The drain valve is situated on a flange at the bottom of the outer drum and can be accessed from the front after removing the front cover. Disconnect the connection to the heating element to be replaced.

Be sure to put it on horizontally so that the sealings don’t get damaged on the shaft. Jumper I no heat. Pre-wash with powder or liquid detergent Compartment 4: Secure the hose clamp at the connection of the rubber bellows on the sleeve coupling.


Bridgestone And Hylsa Distribuitor Built New Playground Made Of Waste Tires In Dominican Republic

Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot-water system that has not been used for 2 weeks or more. For that reason, the level controls are sealed with enamel paint. Press down the drift manal the bottom. Control unit Front control unit 7 Main power switch Q1 Fig.

Unscrew the nut between the connections approx. The compartment is divided into four sub-compartments as follows: Remove the old heating element and install the new one. Wascomat and its authorized dealers make no determination regarding the qualification of individuals requesting this service manual. The machines are designed for installation in hotels, laundries such manuql apartment buildings and coin laundriesfactories, hospitals, various institutions, etc.

Motor Motor overload protector Fig. Water in drum level guard open 0 V: The control manal is situated next to the water valves. Missing or illegible ones must be replaced immediately.

The machine can also be fitted with steam heating using a steam valve fitted on the rear of the machine. In order to be able to put the puller blocks under the bearing, push the rear gable a little. Push on the nut and bolt to undo the expansion bracket from the outer drum.


Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 7 Fig. The signal for Y25 hot inlet will give cold inlet Y15 instead. These levels are called minimum levels. Pressa ner gaveln i botten. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Unlocks the door lock when the following conditions are met: The following check is made by the A31 card prior to locking of the door: Then it is easier to mount the sealing rings.

Arbetsmateriallista – Karcher HKS 100 LM User Manual

hylsz Turn the valve and unhook it from the bolts. The motor is connected directly to the motor module via a cable with quick connectors. Connect the voltage supply and verify that the motor operates normally. There are no Y22 valve on these machines. Machine presentation Description 3 1 General Fig. This measure was taken before removing the rear gable from the shaft.

Pressure plate Recoil spring Cylinder Piston Lower part Diaphragm Nipple for connection of feed hose from control manuak 6. This is not shown here.

Supply voltage connection Communication card Water connections Rear control unit Fig. The contactor s is are placed in the rear control unit.