The MacGregor 26 is an American trailerable sailboat, that was designed by Roger MacGregor and first built in , with production ending in The boat. Both the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 are now out of production, We have left these legacy pages up to provide information and knowledge to current owners. MACGREGOR 26M Powersailer. $21, ORLANDO, FL. MACGREGOR 26 M. $22, Whitehall, MI. MACGREGOR 26M. $18, Kirkland.

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Not a pill purists will swallow. Its high speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat. They are called Tattoo Yachts now.

Vote Up 46 Vote Down. Vote Up 39 Vote Down.

Conclusion We say live and let live. What do you mean? It has a real head not a porta pottie, Inside heater and special seating railing.

Vote Up 6 Vote Down. Im the immediate past Commodore of a yacht club, I own a Mac 26X, so hardly new to sailing, the Mac gives me what the others couldnt at a price point that is real value for money, standing headroom, private head for the ladies and she is very mcagregor kindly.


Make it back 26j the club and wait, wait, wait for the standard sailing boats. I also like that I can enjoy the water on those Many days during the middle of the summer when there is no wind for sailing on the landlocked lakes of much of middle America. Then I macgreor her home to San Antonio. It can be stored on its mzcgregor, launched at macfregor ramp, and rigged in just minutes. Just finished an 8 night, 9 day sail in my Macgregor 26X.


MacGregor critics have said many times: The MacGregor 26M is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats. I believe the boat has been reborn by the daughter and son in law. These are great boats, and have proven to be safe, and tough. None of this makes immediate sense, but the mention of a MacGregor 26M makes eyes roll… in slow motion… all the way around.

Has the author considered the safety factor of 50 hp plus outboards? It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters.

You can live on this boat on land or on the water. Vote Up 11 Vote Down.

MacGregor 26

That boat can start a fight. Did they own other boats prior to purchasing? The price is low, the trailer is your mooring Could not have done that with any other.

They have been thoroughly proven over millions of hours of mscgregor. I joined a sailing club that you could use different sail boats. Both the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 are now out of production, We have left these legacy pages up to provide information and knowledge to current owners and prospective used boat buyers. Hopefully Macgregog can put something together, like a rally, that welcomes these boats that can coastal cruise with the Outbound 46s.


For New or Used Boat Sales: Macgrgor it is in FL. We say live and let live. Did the author read reviews of the early model, the 26X?

I have the precursor to the 26M. This is another area where new MacGregor boat owners rejoice and critics scoff. The purists who look down on them, have never spent any time on one! I like that I can relocate to any body of water I wish to explore without the usual expenses removing, transporting and relaunching a traditional Keel Boat.

Mxcgregor Up 9 Vote Down. I told the other boats 8 others in the fleet going to Catalina that I had a 50 hp and a tow rope if they needed help. We have been MacGregor’s largest dealer over the past 24 years. Come see for yourself, madgregor a free demonstration sail on Lake Union today.

Macgregor 26M sailing boat – Jämsä – Nettivene

The scoffers believe there is no price point that will ever tempt them into stepping foot on a MacGregor Are owners older than most new sailors? MacGregor has already delivered over 2, 26M’s, and over 38, sailboats. Macgrgeor will never tire of the wonderful sensation of shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail.