English] The morning of the magicians: secret societies, conspiracies, and vanished civilizations / Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier ; translated from the. Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians (Stein and .. enthusiastic study by Louis Powels and Jacques Bergier, which created an. Review of The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. October 19, Kit Leave a comment. I had mostly just thought to give The.

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So far as this work is concerned. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I existed in a rarefied air, sitting — lotus fashion — on a cloud borne from the Orient. We are conscious of this all the time, and have reached the point of rupture.

Einstein founded a “committee of despair” of atomic scientists; the menace of total war bore pauwdls on a humanity divided into two blocs. The question is meaningless.

It was enough for him to be dishonored, ruined, and expelled oluis the Smithsonian. Perhaps it is that I am not destined to become an ‘Awakened man’. Bizarre theories are considered: I’ve read it some three times I guess and I’m sure I’ll read it again in the future. Watching him thinking out a problem never failed to produce in me an excitation of my own faculties without which I would have found the conceiving and preparing of this book impossible.

Nov 14, Bill Wallace rated it liked it. X-rays, ectoplasms, atoms, spirits of the dead, the fourth phase of matter, and the idea of there being inhabitants on Mars.

If it has gone through one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Grist for our horrible mill — The last prayer of Dietrich Eckardt — The legend ofThule — A nursery for mediums — Haushofer the magician — Hess’s macques — The swastika — The seven men who wanted to change life — A Tibetan colony — Exterminations and ritual — It is darker than you thought IX.

And so begins a conflict between fantasy and reality — a conflict often seemingly absurd, blind and confused, but one that will soon have repercussions on all forms of thought in every sphere: All the same, it’s kind of an interesting, “creative” read even if you you have to take it with a heaping pile of salt.


In spite of erudite research carried out, notably by Professor Louis de Broglie, the mystery of the spin has only been partially explained.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. There was, in fact, nothing left to do but to resign, and Mr. Serge Hutin reminds us today: If you’re going to read the book, this is the section to read it for; the stuff you will find here is fascinating, in a batshit-crazy sort of way, and it’s sobering indeed in today’s culture to remember that it is, in fact, possible for a country of people who have no idea what their leaders are actually thinking to be controlled by a handful of wingnuts who have much more of a place in the asylum than in Parliament.

An entity can be at once continuous and discontinuous.

Jacques Bergier – Wikipedia

As if to confirm my worst fears, the Welcome page includes […]. Napoleon Ill’s experts proved that Gramme’s dynamo could never function. Yet it is possible that there is an overall, final hergier to the ques- tions we are posing — and that we have not yet heard it. The Rosicrucian tradition is therefore the same as that of modern science. If magnetic waves can traverse the earth, why should thought transmission not be possible? This shows that the Rosicrucian doctrine was concerned with the domination of the Universe through science and technique, lousi not at all through initiation or mysticism.

Pauwels and Bergier

Finally, we are impressed by the repeated affirmations of the Rosicrucians and alchemists that the object of the science of transmuta- tions is the transmutation of the human mind pwuwels.

Poetry was then my favorite reading, Rimbaud my favorite poet. As it is with rare minerals so with the fantastic; it has to be torn out from the very bowels of the Earth, from the heart of real- ity. And, second, because it is sure to inspire, at least some readers, to go further and learn more about the anomalies in our world and how they affect the world in which we live.


It has a definite weight and produces a ray oflight when it strikes a television screen and a shock when it hits a microphone. Jcaques viewpoint refreshed by the long visit I had made outside the frontiers of my period, I saw this world to be as rich in a real fantasy as I had supposed the traditional world to be.

If you want to read beriger juicy parts, go straight to the sections with the Nazis, and then stop. It was not until the nineteenth century that this mystery was referred to again in the works of the French writer Jacolliot. Recommended for anyone who wants an understanding of the mid-century “flight from reason” that we’re still stumbling over today.

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Full text of “Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier Morning Of The Magicians”

But I know very well the reality of these jacwues Plus, when not talking about Nazi mysticism, Pauwels repeats himself ad nauseum. Even the distant past may be con- ceived of as an undertow tending toward the future. The words of Fulcanelli might well have been ours: And so all the doors were closing with a bang. He preached vegetarianism, abolished alcohol and the slaughter of animals. It is therefore not surprising that the more sensitive sections of society take refuge in a philosophy of despair.

Review of The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier

However, it soon became clear that the explanation could not possibly be as simple as that. There can be no connection between man and such immensities. They had also stopped me from simply accepting the world just because it was there, the place where I happened to live, in that semi- conscious way most people accept it.

What does the future promise for our civilization? What are these changes? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.