LIFEPAK Service Manual CD-Rom-Service Manual. Physio-Control LifePak AED Service Manual. Physio-Control – LifePak AED by Physio-Control. Physio-Control – LifePak AED. Download PDF. The Physio Control Lifepak AED has been designed to be used by first responders for cardiac arrest Physio-Control LifePak AED Service Manual.

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Voltage compensation is limited to the voltage that would result in delivery of joules into 50 ohms.

Includes discharger and instructions on safe disposal of Battery Pak Alternate Part,Price: During the self-test, the Lifepai displays the following messages: Can anyone help with this. The results are summarized in Table A If the AED requires service, the service indicator appears. Do not disassemble the defibrillator. Press to begin ECG analysis. Mnual authorized service personnel to perform service. If the AED is manuual connected to a patient and no buttons are pressed for 15 minutes, the AED will automatically turn off.

Defibrillation protected, type BF patient connection Attention, consult accompanying documents Warning, high voltage Indicator, steady display indicates battery is low, replace battery; Refer to Changing Setup Options on page for more information about customized setup options. Page 79 J biphasic shocks will in some cases enable earlier termination of VF.



Optional Accessories Optional soft and hard carrying cases help to protect the AED and provide a pouch to store electrodes. The factory default dial string is T9W Physio-Control lifepak Cabinets.

This affordable, rugged device is extremely portable at only seven pounds 3. Page see Figure 2B. The characters T9W are required if 9 must be dialed first to access an outside line from the telephone being used.

Data transfer software 5. You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings.

Physio-Control LifePak 500 AED Service Manual

Page Contact your local Medtronic Physio-Control representative for assistance. A patient record is created when the AED is connected to a patient and begins to store data.

Robotics and Sportster are registered trademarks of U. Battery Maintenance The nonrechargeable lithium battery pak requires less maintenance than the rechargeable SLA battery pak since it never requires recharging. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

The Test Log lists the test results and any fault codes detected. This feature tests the most important circuitry in the device to give the user a high degree of confidence that the AED is ready for use. Confirm that connectors engage Replace damaged or broken parts. Battery options include a rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery and high capacity extended shelf-life lithium batteries that require no recharging and no maintenance.


Forums Documents and Manuals News. Table summarizes the resources required to print AED data. Large Size 10″ x 10″ with white lettering on black background. Save the shipping container and foam inserts for use in reshipping the AED. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove.

OK displays if the automatic self-test is completed successfully.


Therefore, we conclude that biphasic shocks for VF delivered at conventional energy levels have the potential to improve outcome in resuscitation of patients with cardiac arrest. Page 23 Steady display indicates the AED requires service by authorized indicator service personnel; flashing indicates service is required immediately.

Blue Ribbon Customer Service. Do not clean any part of the AED or accessories life;ak bleach, bleach dilution, or phenolic compounds.

Page 69 The SLA battery pak should be recharged monthly or after each use. If the AED detects a problem during the test, the service indicator and message appear.

An internal computer analyzes the heart rhythm and guides the user step-by-step with clear, calm voice prompts.