LEY 28857 PDF

NUEVA LEY DEL TRABAJO BIOLOGO QUE REEMPLAZA LA LEY , LEY DEL TRABAJO DEL BIÓLOGO. Resumen de Quimica de Coordinacion. Modificatoria de la Ley N° , faculta al Director General de la POLICÍA. NACIONAL, con cargo a informar al titular del Sector, a celebrar. Convenios con . Latin American markets had another good year in The liquidity environment remained supportive, credit quality continued to improve, and concerns that.

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Latin America continued to reap the benefits from the commodities boom, while rising oil prices during most of the year continued to be a net positive for oil exporting countries; together with a significant increase in remittances from Latin Lye abroad they contributed to increase the region’s current account surplus.

Regulates registration of ships, investigations of violations of Act, delivery of goods, liability of shipowners, and legal proceedings.

ley 28857 pdf

Trade Unions Amendment Act No. Provides for rules in respect of interrogatories, 288557 shorthand notes and summary proceedings for possession of land. Pension Fund Act No. Provides for the definition of “foreign manufacturing worker” and for levies payable by an employer for foreign manufacturing trainees who are undergoing training with an approved employer.

Amendments regulating the withdrawal of money from a medisave account for the purchase of private medical insurance IncomeShield. Made under Article D 12 and 4 of the Constitution.


Annexes provide rules for determining load lines. Bankruptcy Amendment Act No. Provides for the establishment of a pension fund. Makes minor amendments to the Central Provident Fund Ldy Sum Scheme Regulations relating to age requirements, the amount of time members are eligible to receive benefits, certain sums, and the event of the death of a member. Employment of Foreign Workers Exemption No.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Amends provisions of the Employment of Foreign Workers Act relating leey levies to be paid by employers for foreign workers.

Provisions applicable to persons being detained in approved schools, approved homes, remand homes and places of 2887 Part VIII: Sets forth certification requirements for steersmen, helmsmen, and engine drivers.

Sets forth the recommendations of the National Wages Council regarding wage increases.

These provisions shall apply only to employees who attain 60 years of age after 1 January Amendments concerning amounts of contributions payable by employees during each calendar month.

Revokes the National Maritime Board Regulations of Provides that annual wage increases which may be granted by an employer to an employee for the period commencing on 1 June and ending 30 June shall be in accordance with the recommendations of the National Wages Council.

Sets out various Oaths of Office, and provides for related matters. These key include an economic analysis of Singapore’s economic performance in with regard to the labour market, productivity, and cost competitiveness. Sets out the form in which permits to display posters and banners during presidential elections may be issued.


Provides for the dissolution of the Redundancy Payments Fund and the distribution of the money therein to its members.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Inter alia, the guidelines recommend that wage increases be moderated in view of projected slower economic growth. Amendments in respect of the composition of the Supreme Court, and its relationship to the High Court. Inserts, inter alia, a new Order 3A relating to general powers of the court and a new Order 14A concerning disposal of case on point of law. Provisions with regard to conditions for withdrawals by members of the Central Provident Fund.

Establishes regulations for Central Provident Fund. Employment Recommendations for annual wage increases Notification No. Singapur – – Ley.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Children and Young Persons Act No. Amount of contributions 5. National Productivity Board Amendment Act Inserts new regulation to the Central Provident Fund Approved Employees’ Scheme Regulations relating to foreign workers and permanent residents.