relevance to modern jazz musicians. Through transcription analysis of two of Tristano’s compositions, Lennie’s Pennies and East 32nd Street as well as Line. In the buildup to the transcriptions class I’m teaching at The Nash Allan Chase taught a course on Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of I’ll try to keep C, Bb, and Eb versions available for future transcriptions.

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I love each version, but have been really digging the early solo version lately. Thanks for following along on The Seven Days of Lennie.

For more details go here. The harmony in the 28th bar 5th to last always eluded me. Even though they drop a beat early on, I love the intensity of this live recording with Warne and Gary Foster in at the Ice House.


My transcription is mostly based on the performance from the Half Note in lnenie Lee and Warne. The crazy rhythmic stuff at 36 seconds took me days to figure out, and was pretty confusing to write out.

Lennie Tristano Plays “All the Things You Are” | Adam Roberts Music

Other great recordings of April include two versions from the Confucius Restaurant date with Lennie and Lee, and the Quintet performance in Toronto with some very noticeable differences. I love the restraint and purity of sound achieved on the original recording from the Capitol sextet recordings with Lennie, Lee, Warne, and Billy Bauer. My favorite version is from the Half Note with Lee and Warne in This is a somewhat insane challenge for horn players as there is very little opportunity to breath.

I love the tasteful places where Lee and Warne stop to breath. Each post will include a recording or several as well as a transcription.


Jazz Transcriptions

Check out the phrase at 36 seconds!! Some of them compile different elements from different versions as these tunes were often played very differently each time. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Twitter feed RT rranscription I need to smile.

And I need to stain or finish my end pin. Did you have fun?

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