Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family’s kingdom. Now in paperback, the thrilling. With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin’s tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed a time of peace. But her consort, Oskan. Buy Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) 1 by Stuart Hill (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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When the Thar and Krisafitsa where both batte comas it just felt cheesy. In the first book, there was less, but I do believe that King something-that-starts-with-an-R-who-was-Therrin’s-dad was murdered In the first and second book, we had Scipio Bellorum and to a lesser degree, his sons.

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But the warlock Oskan realizes the true threat to the kingdom is the demon army assembled by his daughter. I just don’t understand. I think that Stuart Hill wrote this one in a hurry as if he just wanted bartle finish the series. Description Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family’s kingdom.

The Icemark Chronicles 3. The vampires were amazing in the second book and they continued being great in this one, their ending made me really happy. Thirrin is distracted by a new invader whose troops ride huge thr beasts into battle. Once I began, however, it took a batttle to get into the story.


Very nostalgic, funny, and beautiful. One of the fruits of the Spirit Mack was asked by Papa to offer Missy murderer forgiveness. Jun 17, Ketandu rated it it was amazing Shelves: He was essentially the Devil of this world: I can’t wait until it comes out.

Last Battle of the Icemark

I have to still oast him with being the greatest battle narrator. Heroes, magic, monsters, and talking beasts. Retrieved from ” https: And, of course, this problem also means that we just generally don’t get as much time with Thirrin and everybody else I love in this one.

In terms of story, however, The Last Battle is quite different. The evil one, who was filled with hatred, defied the Mother of All, and swore to become victorious one day, even after having his army destroyed. Soon my vengeance will be complete!

First, let’s talk about the antagonists of this third book. Enemies become unlikely allies to defeat a common foe. The messenger informed him that his duty was to stop the evil one and his batttle. Unfortunately, this book didn’t really establish any of them well, which is hilariously paradoxical considering how much of the book is actually dedicated to them.

Prepare to die, bat thing! I was eager for more of the series’ trademark battle scenes and drama, but the first chunk of the book held only icmeark slightest hints of those elements.


He made for an excellent antagonist, because he was effective, dangerous, intelligent, and just cool in that smooth military general type of way.

The Icemark Chronicles #3: Last Battle of the Icemark : Stuart Hill :

Mar 14, Y. Or how there are actually only a few battle scenes in this entire war. I still have that itchy feeling that the series could have had a more tragic yet better ending if Thirrin, Tharaman, and Krisafista had died I mean, them surviving the bomb was rather far-fetched but the ending was well written, so I have no complaints.

That is what I feel like the Sharley I fell in love with would do. I also loved seeing Cressida get a sligh The books in this series just get progressively better and it’s very clear that the writing style has evolved since the first book. Characters I liked die in battle and peace is achieved in the end. Anyways, this is goodbye for real and I only had 14, characters that I could have spent wasting your time, but I have decided that enough is enough and I really need to do those things that I was going to do