The latest Tweets from Larry Bilotta (@LarryBilotta). Larry lived 27 years in a marriage made in Hell, but in the 28th year, fell in love – with his wife! Founder of . Larry Bilotta lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell, but in the 28th year, he fell in love – with his wife! Now, still married over 40 years, Larry reveals. A Crucial Marriage Saving Tip. By Larry Bilotta. Do you find that things would just be so much easier if your spouse would do things your way? Most of the time.

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So, society has a system of police, lawyers, courts, and prisons. Those instructions have a life of their own. Your emotional intelligence plays major role in learning how to fix your marriage. What that pain did is I had to go search for the truth. Larry Bilotta What I do is I separate the person from that energy that lives inside them. We got to feed them and cloth them in prisons.

And by separating the person from the entity, what I teach them is laery have to have experiences now and learn to see this entity as it really is. Can you tell us how can people find you in YouTube and what is your websites so people can get some more training? Everybody agrees with that. Larry Bilotta So this third element is called Being bilogta only observer which really contributes in knowing how to fix your marriage.

They are the governors to control our troubled offspring.

Kamala Chambers How do you start to address those pains that the unconscious behavior that is driving you and your relationships? Larry Bilotta What I do in my course is I identify this entity and I describe this entity as an energy being.


Today, my wife Marsha and I are now married over 40 years So it is really important to learn how to fix your marriage. I worked with clients who were incredibly poor and barely making it and I was a social worker teaching relationship courses. This will come for you right in your intimate relationship, you really need to consider it when learning how to fix your marriage. This energy from your childhood that is bad and darkest is also an energy being.

Its energy literally just disappears and all of the Against energy and this takes practice. We want to compare ourselves to people who give advice. When the intimacy is dead, the marriage is over. Every single bit of it.

How To Fix Your Marriage – Larry Bilotta – Thriving Launch Podcast

The electron behaves like a marble but when they look away, the electron no longer acts like a marble. It literally talks to you. Marriage is a legal system to control and monitor lsrry. Every little thing throughout your day and weaving in gratitude for that so you are the one in-charge and not this wounded self or the inner entity as you call it.

How To Fix Your Marriage – Larry Bilotta

If you choose to live in acceptance and gratitude, the third step is to llarry the only observer. You step up and the entity steps down.

Larry Bilotta You marry and you start a family and between 35 and 45, this thing from your childhood comes for you in the intimate relationship. Having sessions with couples where the wife or the husband would start recalling a fight or something that happened in their life. Larry Bilotta So, what I do in my course is I separate the person, the good person, and all of their goodness from this problem, this entity. When you grow up with abuse, abandonment, or neglect, but you have in your brain is a set of instructions that take on a life of their own.


How did you learn how to fix your marriage? This entity can be the only observer or the human can be the only observer. Luis Congdon Learning how to fix your marriage is challenging when you passed through childhood traumas. When the intimacy is dead, the marriage is over and you really need to learn how to fix your marriage.

I went to several marriage retreats These are the same ideas Marriage was based upon. Larry is a common sense marriage expert, who knows everything about how to fix your marriage. Larry Bilotta Probably pretty much everything in my world is that youcansavethismarriage.

The acceptance world is light. And that is no exaggeration. So what is the problem?

About Larry Bilotta — Fulfilled Couple

However long that person is controlled in, they can literally go in possession, and then out, then larrh themselves, back into being possessed, and then back out and become themselves. Acceptance and gratitude has to be happening literally in every second of your life.

You have to leave Against and you have to enter the world of Acceptance. It keeps going like that with each experience.

Until he learns about this energy, this entity thrives and lives on against energy. The way I describe it is you as a human being is actually an energy being and we have proof of that because if a surgeon puts you on an operating table and cut you open and he was going to go inside your body to look for what we call you.