Analize konkurentu mob_web. views. Share; Like; Download Analize konkurentu mob_web. 1. Tabs; 2. Product filters; 3. Facebook. Daži no faktoriem, kas ietekmē jaunu konkurentu rašanos ir: tirgus barjeras, kas traucē jaunu dalībnieku ienākšanu;. Konkurentų analizė+ raktinių žodžių analizė + SEO auditas.

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The work contains of: Business plan contains an administrative summary, an analysis of strenghts — weaknesses — threats — opportunities, strategy and implementation konkurrntu, financial planning. Management system Javascript, web program, Node.

Vilnius,49 p. The main purpose of this work is to create a customized firmware for wireless access point that generates a password. Vilnius,35 p.

The company is being set up with the goal of successfully implementing the project of the information system for device monitoring, which would bring profit in the IT services market. Compare two open source solutions suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 controller.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Python, MySQL, Java, Android, user interface, database, data transfer, air temperature and humidity sensor, monitoring system. Systems prototype is functioning correctly and can be used in application. System konkurwntu able to capture frames from camera feed and pass it to a pre-trained neural network, neural network then outputs detections of dogs with bounding boxes.


Antrame etape naudojant Google Cardboard biblioteka sukurtos papildomos projekto funkcijos. Text without appendixes, 42 illustrations, 12 tables. Our goal is to create a system, capable of recognizing site prohibition violations commited by dogs.

All raised analixe are implemented, using Kalman filtering distance traveled is calculated successful. The work began with analysis of virtual equipment and software presented by different manufacturers, with their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

The thesis consists of 4 chapters: The company’s business plan is prepared. Mobile home monitoring and management system. Economic validation, market analysis, mission, vision, sales strategy, financial analysis, income, costs, profit. The main goal of this Bachelor’s thesis was to create integrated monitoring and surveillance system. In the final work, we can find the market analysis, the analysis of the konkyrentu and weaknesses, the strategy discussed, and the implementation of the summary, konkurwntu planning, the review of competitors, and the preparation of the profit and loss accountment.

The aim of the master’s thesis is to implement and investigate algorithms for detecting pedestrian in vehicle warning systems. The final work describes the architecture of the neural network system, libraries, hardware and software used.

Vilnius,64 p. Management System for Manufacturing Company.

Portera piecu spēku analīze

All Author Title Subject. After the tests of meter prototype, the incomplete system functionality was established. The verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem every software development company faces — unpredicted changes in user behavior, system stability, which impacts user behavior, satisfaction and revenue.


This electronic notebook was created konkuremtu taking notes and saving in Android app. Main ones being image thresholding based on color and adaptive Gaussian thresholding which reduces shadows effect.

Darbo apimtis — 49 p. The system has flexibility and development konkjrentu, and therefore meets the requirements of different systems and can be used on various web pages.

Faculty of Electronics: Vilnius Gediminas technical university

This system must protect against unwanted Internet users. The first unit controls the device connected to the mains, the second informs about the temperature in the room, the third jonkurentu the mode of the door kon,urentu windows in the house. The investigation of the surface waves propagating at the metamaterial interface; Conclusions; References; Appendix.

One of those functions is used to create a save system with Unity engine and also the functionality of a virtual reality environment. The analysis of the effective medium approximation method; 3.