: Just Ella (The Palace Chronicles) (): Margaret Peterson Haddix, René Milot: Books. Just Ella. The Palace Chronicles, Book #1. American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, ; A YALSA Best Book for Young Adults, ; A YALSA Quick Pick for. Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix – The Cinderella legend gets a realistic twist in this enchantingly believable adventure from New York Times bestselling.

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JUST ELLA by Margaret Peterson Haddix | Kirkus Reviews

Most of the other characters were caricatures: I was able to finish the book within 24 hours, it was such a fast read: In this story, Cinders Ella, mistaken by Jut, or Ella Brown her real name lives juet the palace, engages to Prince Charming, and waiting for her wedding day. Both are YA retellings of the Cinderella story. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. First off, I was amazed on how fast I got through this book, mostly because of the easy flow of the dialogue and story.

A Twist in Time Jed, being of the lower classes jyst having to work, is of course a wonderful person And a social activist? When she cancels the wedding with the prince he isn’t so happy about that and neither is anyone else.

Maybe it’s just me then. In the original slla tales, the tale came first, and its a testament to the strength of those tales that they are capable of so many reworkings, with so many slightly different morals, all arising from basically the same material. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Instead of writing out what would, predictably, happen, she stopped before Ella answers the proposal from you-know-who.

She has no passion – except for the prince and that soon dies out. Get your shit together. Ella thinks this is the dream life but when shes gets a taste of what the palace life really is like she changes her mind.


Other books in the series. Feb 04, Rissa rated it really liked it. I like this story. View all 19 comments. On the whole because I’m getting tired Just Ella took Cinderella and tried to tell it from a modern perspective, infusing the narrative with thoughts and ideas prevalent today. And one night, when she was alone eloa her chamber, miserable and lonely, she finds out that she doesn’t love Prince Charming. It resonates so well. Not her writing, which isn’t as impressive as some writers; not her characters, who are not diverse; not her plot, which is quite predictable; but the way she expressed her opinions about some world-issue through her stories.

It’s so improbable, so thoroughly nonsensical, that I could barely stomach hardix. As a kid I never questioned it or even as an adult but this book helped answer those questions that you might have been wondering.

Haddix just couldn’t accomplish charismatic writing. Another thing I loved about this book was that it madkes people feel better about life. I love retellings of fairytales — especially when the author completely renovates the story, and the characters.

They exist solely to serve us. In this world, there is war, refugees, and the only happily ever after is in the outlandish rumors going around the castle about Ella’s background.

Ella was just an ordinary girl ,but her life changed when she went to the ball of course without her step mother or step sisters knowing danced with the prince all night raced out ay midnight left her shoe and whenthe prince found and asked her to marry him. However rumors spread that she used magic because it is easier to believe than the prince falling in love with a commoner. And one night, when she was alone in A retelling of Cinderella story, without fairy Godmother and the magic pumpkin.

Teen Girl Clean B Views Read Edit View history. Will Ella change her mind? She did needlepoint to the point she thought she was going to go mad. They are there to look pretty and to wait for the men to need them Later in the book, she does much the same thing, but with an even greater spirit of independence. They receive news that the king and queen are holding a royal ball. Her stepsister marries the prince after Ella escapes However, Ella is fines her real reward in helping others, persevering, and finding true love, instead of the inflated fantasy of a fairy tale princess.


Read the book to find out.

Every day activites include learning proper etiquette and embroidery with Madame Bisset, and special occasions are made of knightly sports such as jousting.

What’s that good for? Ella-we know the story of how she ela to be in the palace but she was having a hard time conforming to the way the royals did things. Aug 03, Reggie rated it did not like it.


He’s just a nice facade with no ability to make even the most trivial decisions. Upon lela at the camp, Jed proposes to Ella, confessing that he was in love with her since they met but said nothing due to her engagement. The other characters were so poorly writ When I read the synopsis, I thought this book sounded kind of like The Princess Diaries, which I love, so I was pretty excited to read Just Haedix. He has to ask advisers what he should do for even the most mundane things. Jed-her religion teacher his father was her teacher until something in the story happens she has deep conversations with Jed the kind she wishes she and the Prince would have.

Ella finally gets up the courage to announce to Charming that she doesn’t want to go through with the wedding, but when she finds herself locked in the jusr she realizes it’s not that easy to walk away from a politically arranged marriage. Like it, but wasn’t blown away.