METABOLIC ASIDOSIS METABOLIC ASIDOSIS IN DEABETIC CASE 3 You are the critical care nurse about to receive , a year-old DKA (Diabetic. Thrice-monthly scientific publication presented by the Indonesian Society of Respirology (ISR). Items – of Jurnal Ners provides a forum for original research and Oksigenasi dengan Bag and Mask 10 LPM Memperbaiki Asidosis Respiratorik.

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It is not unusual that clients come to the hospital in critical condition.

ALO occurs due to fluid accumulation in the alveol ythereby impairing gas exchange and the client will experience respiratory acidosis and hypoxemia. The objective of this study wa s to explain the effect of oxygenation by using 10 lpm liters per minute bag and mask on respiratory acidosis improvement in ALO client. A pre-experimental one group pre pos t test design was used in this study.



There were 1 2 respondent s which taken by using total sampling. The result showed that 12 respondents experienced respiratory acidosis and hypoxemia b efore intervention with 10 lpm b ag and m ask oxygenation was gave to them.

It can be concluded th at 10 lpm b ag and m ask oxygenation had significance effect on the improvement of respiratory acidosis in ALO clients.

Further stud ies should involve more respondents and more reliable measurement tools to obtain better accuracy. Buku Ajar Keperawatan Medikal Bedah.

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Oksigenasi dengan Bag and Mask 10 LPM Memperbaiki Asidosis Respiratorik | Setyawan | Jurnal Ners

Keywords anxiety attitude behavior blood glucose caregiver cervical cancer depression diabetes mellitus elderly family health belief model knowledge knowledge management motivation nurses nutritional status peer group support quality of life schizophrenia self-efficacy stress. Keywords bag and mask oxygenation; acute lung oedema; respiratory acidosis; hypoxemia.


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