Stoicism has ratings and 23 reviews. Scriptor Ignotus said: Although today Stoicism is celebrated primarily as an ethical philosophy, John Sellars’s. “Stoicism needs a new work of this kind. Sellars not only takes good account of the last thirty years of research, he also has much of his own to contribute. Peter chats about Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus with John Sellars, an expert on Roman Stoicism and the reception of Stoicism in the.

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I am a private person who abhors publicity.

Interview: John Sellars

It’s just the perfect way stoicsim bring academic topics to the general public. Most people have heard of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but Hellenistic philosophy Stoics, Epicureans, and Skeptics are less familiar.

The Stoic god is pantheistic, it is somehow identical to nature and permeates it throughout. And then, ssellars course, there is Stoic Week, which is a good way to jump in and learn more about what following Stoic advice might actually involve.

This is because subjugation will damage my pscyhological freedom. As John states, the Stoics of old enjoyed the debate and each tried to put their own spin on matters.

Jun 19, Morabito Diego rated it really liked it. How has Stoicism affected the way you live your life? This book is beautifully written with clear divisions and headings and presents Stoicism as a whole philosophy of l This is probably the best book on the introduction of Stoicism that I have read.

Over the years I have applied for many jobs, but never had any control over which have been offered to me. All these different threads developed independently of one another, and all led me back in different ways to Stoicism. Ancient Cynicism is entertaining but there is not much to it; what I read about them said that they had influenced the Stoics, who were serious philosophers.


Stoicism – John Sellars – Google Books

How many people have had to choose between staying with their families to help them protect their individual house or going to their jobs in the emergency services to try to protect the whole town? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I did not choose to fall in love with my wife and had no control over whether she selkars fall in love with me.

At the same time I was studying Greek philosophy. Discourse Dissertations and the Handbook Enchiridionthese are actually stoicksm Arrian, who recited what he remembered from the lectures by Epictetus. John Sellars includes historical information on the life and works of the ancient Stoic philosophers and summaries, analyses, and appraisals stolcism their principal doctrines in logic, physics, and ethics.

The Art of Living: Professor John Sellars on Stoicism as a Medicine for the Mind

The book offers good and detailed understanding to a non-philosophy student. The living tradition of masters and pupils who could trace their lineage back to Zeno was over by the end of the Hellenistic period.

Although Epictetus has two attributed texts: Each personal encounter with the ideas in the texts will of course be unique. The not so good: Sellars writes clearly and to the point, teasing apart the Stoics’ arguments, presenting alternate interpretations, and fitting it all together into a comprehensive worldview, which was the Stoics’ whole point.

Even if they turn out to be true, the encounter will itself be a valuable opportunity to think about some important topics. In part, it reflects the idea that we all just parts of a larger whole, Nature.

Those at least vaguely familiar with the history of philosophy should start thinking about Spinoza right about now. Nigel, As I already said, I prefer anonymity. It is impartial and factual. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


These statements are either assented or rejected based on the clear, accurate nature of the impressions we receive. Notify me of new posts by email. He is the author of The Art of Living: The book is well written, and clearly structured.

This is a great overview of Stoic philosophy. Who counts or counted as a Stoic? Oct 26, Rodrigo sroicism it it was amazing.

Another important debate dealt in this is regarding freewill and determinism. We are blessed with a healthy son, but it could so easily have been otherwise.

Stoicism by John Sellars

It also draws on the idea that the Stoics took up from Heraclitus that everything is in a continual process of change. The stoics try to overcome the conflict by using the argument of this world being the best of possible world made by God when we see holistically. Learn how your comment data is processed. There is only faith or belief in such superstitions. Other interesting strands of thought are found in their idea of lekta. How would you introduce yourself and your work to our readers?

But if one knew the theory of Stoic virtue perfectly well at a theoretical level, and virtue is constituted by knowledge, then wouldn’t they naturally lead a perfectly virtuous and ethical life? Because of its aims, the Stoicism Today project is squarely set within the Fourth Stoa.

I rest content in my understanding of Stoicism and how it fits with modern science. Chrysippus is reported to have written some books 7. Instead there are just people who read Stoic texts, take what they find agreeable or useful, and in some cases chose to self-identify as Stoics.