To pay e-Tax, select the relevant challan i.e. ITNS , ITNS , ITNS or ITNS , ITNS , ITNS , ITNS , Form 26QC, Form 26QB, Demand. Challan No./ ITNS is required to be furnished at the time of of payment of Income Tax. A step-by-step guide on how to fill Challan A Step by step guide by H&R Block on how to pay income tax online using challan Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Challan – Income Tax Online Payment using Challan – ITNS

Salaried individuals generally do not worry about timely payment of Advance Income tax because their employers deduct taxes on their behalf and submit to the government on time.

However, businessmen and professionals need ihns voluntarily assess their Income tax liability and pay Income Tax online in the form of Advance Tax. Government has made e-filing mandatory for all the taxpayers who fall in any of the below mentioned categories:.

Generally, salaried people do not need to worry about paying taxes as their employers deduct taxes from their salary in the form of TDS.

However, people with professional or business income need to pay their tax themselves in the form of Advance Tax. A person whether salaried or not also needs to pay Income Tax himself if a demand is raised from the tax department due to the insufficient payment of tax. Advance Tax Payment Rules ]. These days, almost all the major banks have online payment facility. However, if your bank does not have an online payment facility or is not an authorised bank for itnss then you ltns another option to pay tax online.

  1756 EN2TR PDF

You can use the bank account of any other person for this job if that account belongs to any authorised bank having an online facility.

Challan 280 – How to Pay Your Income Tax Online with Challan 280

However, the challan you generate to make such payment must indicate your PAN clearly. In case of non-availability of the challan status, kindly contact your bank. If you encountered any error on e-tax website, you should contact TIN call centre at or write an email to TIN.

Write the subject of the email as Online Payment of Direct Tax. The problem may be encountered because of the following:. If iyns error occurs due to issue with Internet Explorer browser.

To solve this problem, the temporary internet files should be deleted. You can do so by following the given steps:. Saving taxes and filing income tax return accurately becomes very easy when you have professional help. This is where we come into the picture. You can either use our intuitive tax filing platform to easily file your irns return or let our tax experts file it for you.

Tax Filing in India Get your U. Knowledge Center Income Tax Guides Guides that help you file your taxes and help understand everything about tax calculations U.

Tax Filing Guides Useful and informative US tax content to help you be aware of everything you need to know. Online Income Tax Payment using Challan Email Me This Guide. By following the steps given below, you can easily pay your income tax online: This challan is used for payment of Income tax and Corporation tax. Enter your PAN and itn details as asked in the form like your personal details, Assessment Yeartype of payment, the name of the bank through which payment will be made etc.


Give your confirmation after filling the form to be redirected to the net-banking website of your bank.

Challan | Excel – Fillable PDF | Finotax

Is it mandatory to ins tax payment online? Government has made e-filing mandatory for all the taxpayers who fall in any of the below mentioned categories: These provisions are applicable to the ktns persons: Who will pay Income Tax manually? What shall I do if I lost my counterfoil? What are the advantages of paying income tax online? Funds are transfer immediately after making payment so you avoid paying a penalty even if you pay tax at the last moment.

All the information including your personal information you filled in the challan remains completely secure.

Pay Tax Online​​

Checking the status of your tax payment becomes easy as you can easily check it online at the Tax Information Network website. Transaction id of the e-payment transaction will be available to you in your bank statement.

You can check online if your money has actually reached the I-T Department. For this, you have to go to Tax Information Network Website: What should I do if my bank does not have an online payment facility or is not an authorized bank for e-tax? If I encountered any error on e-tax app while making e-tax payment what should I do?

The problem may be encountered because of the following: You can do so by following the given steps: Related Guides December 28, Visit Our Tax Forum. Please check your email for guide in PDF format.