Questions: Has iText implemented it’s own XSL-FO parser? How easy it is to implement these scenarios in iTextSharp? In both the cases. An article describes how to create PDF document programmatically using XSLFO and FOP; Author: Shyam S; Updated: 26 Jun ; Section. Composition: Template Designer & integrated server. XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG,. XPath, XForms, SCXML Output formats. PDF, PDF/A, PCL.

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Figure 6 shows the main components of a an FO page: The following code show how you add watermark, permission and owner password onto your PDF file. A name to allow for grouping radio buttons into a collection. Generating PDF reports using nfop. More information is available here.

Generate PDFs with XStream and XSL-FO

Listing 5 shows the template for the CompanyAddress element. I am itextshxrp looking into iTextSharp now for this ability, and it seems possible, but there is not much out there. If you guys can talk more. Another key feature of the XStream library is its support for processing of deep object graphs, such as a catalog of CD objects housing tracks that contain track information. The prefix “x” for element “x: Your next step is to create the header, xsl-fp consists of the company logo and company address.

RenderX software composes the XSL FO document to an internal XML representation of the page which is normally not exposed to the end user but has always been available through programming. One particular customer requested a final implementation on Windows with. August 11, at My vote of 5 sanjeevchaubey 1-Nov While the primary target for both of these applications is to generate PDF documents, these two were entirely different Java libraries.


xsl-do Sep 3, However, none of them could solve the problem eventually. Whenever XStream comes to a class contained in a class, it looks for annotations to determine how to serialize the class. During the process, RenderX can record information about each of these fields — names, exact locations, pages, and other properties.

Check out itetxsharp http: The technology component that creates the PDF view should be insulated from the underlying Java classes.

The XStreamAsAttribute annotation indicates that the field should be serialized as an attribute rather than an element. Lay the groundwork for the solution with an introduction to each technology and, then, integrate these technologies in a real-world example.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jasperreports is NOT very capable for this type of output I was constrained to use this Jasper by our architects.

The preceding code is based on the FOP 0. Also iText supports bi-drectional languages such as Arabic pretty well. Contains all items ordered, including an item ID, the item name, and the quantity ordered. The sample application created to demonstrate this capability has two classes. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

c# – iTextSharp or XSL-FO to create a PDF dynamically with fillable forms? – Stack Overflow

For more information about this application, contact:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Listing 4 shows the template for the PurchaseOrder element. Bit Miracle offers free licenses for Docotic. Below is my short comparison on when to use which, Apache FOP If you want to have a fine grained control over the presentation and the layout of the PDF. One can easily see the page structure in an Itdxtsharp format that is simple to understand.


The solution is comprised of the implementations of the above interfaces and a Itextshrap class.

Post as a guest Name. How about other contents you would like to add to your PDF file, such as the date you published the file onto your website?

Generate PDFs with XStream and XSL-FO

This XML contains name and a list of friends with contact numbers. All these processes happen in the transform; function, we don’t need to worry about it!!! You guys have any thoughts on that. History Initial version on 24 June The separation of concerns allows you to isolate the view from the business objects, thus you can change the view PDF document without having to modify the Java code. The results were very high-speed production of totally custom form documents from source XML content and XSL instructions.

All radios with the same group and on the same page are grouped into a set of radios. The following table shows the various attributes supported for the sample application. I’ve got confirmation that FO. There are also other solutions, but not that much.

Annotations are only available in Java software development kit JDK version 1.