Product Identification ===================== Product ID:ISOPREP (R), MSDS Date/29/ FSC NIIN MSDS Number: BTSHT. ISOPREP ISSUE DATE TRADE NAME. ISOPREP . Under Section , submittal of MSDS or a list of product names to the local. Easy to Use MSDS Database. Over MSDS , MK MOD 0 RF SEDUCTION, (SUPDAT) explosive ients bullseye propell .. ISOPREP ,

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TDS – MSDS :: MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

As a result, prior preparation of the surface will generally yield better corrosion resistance results after treatment with the process of this invention. Mercapto-substituted silanes, such as gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane, may not be soluble in water alone to the extent necessary to practice this invention effectively.

Metal sheet with enhanced corrosion resistance having a silane treated aluminate coating. Water Rinse 1 room temp. We have since purchased a similar product from Oakite, that we we able to add directly to our old DW bath. Thus, there remains a need for a simple, low cost, effective technique for inhibiting corrosion of metals, particularly for aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Are any of these Chemetall [a finishing. Acetic acid can be used to make any needed adjustments to pH.


Keohan et al, Annu. I did some searching for you. Steel sheet with enhanced corrosion resistance having a silane treated silicate coating.

Method of treating metals using amino silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture. In this regard, a storage stable concentrate of mercapto-substituted silane can be prepared by dissolving the silane in a solvent, such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, without water. The treatment composition is applied directly to the metal surface, preferably without any intervening treatment other than cleaning, deoxidizing or etching, by spray, flood or other means of direct contact.


The treatment solution is applied to the metal surfaces by immersion, spraying, flooding or other similar means of contact. Composition and method for treatment of conversion coated metal surfaces with an aqueous isoprp of 3-aminopropyltriethoxy silane and titanium chelate.

A method according to claim 1 wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Appropriate solvents for this purpose include N-methylpyrrolidone, butyrolactone, diethylene glycol butyl ether, hexylene glycol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether and alcohols.

A method according to claim 1 wherein the mercapto-substituted silane is a multifunctional mercapto-substituted silane having the following chemical structure: These aluminum cleaners are typically relatively weakly basic or acidic in comparison to the etchants. The inventors have found that salt spray corrosion resistance in excess of 1, hours msda T6 aluminum alloy and in excess of hours on T3 aluminum alloy can be achieved with the process of this invention.

In addition, when polymer coatings such as paints, adhesives or sealants are applied to the metal, corrosion of the underlying metal may cause a loss of adhesion between the polymer coating and the base metal. Wherein R 1R 2 and R 3 are independently selected from the group comprising of alkoxy groups, alkyl groups and hydrogen, and sioprep n is an integer from 0 to A msdd according to claim 6 wherein the metal is subjected to a process selected from the group consisting of cleaning, deoxidizing, etching and combination of the foregoing, prior to contacting the metal with the treatment solution.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys frequently require corrosion protection and improvements in adhesion between the base aluminum or aluminum alloys and subsequent polymer coatings. Thus, the inventors believe that the issoprep on the silane provides significant and unexpected improvements in corrosion protection and adhesion msdz in relation isoprel non-mercapto-substituted silanes. Once the mercapto-substituted silane is applied to the metal surface the treated metal should be baked in order to dry and cure the coating.


Sjon Westre – Minden, Nevada. I’m stretching my memory on the DWbut believe thats a hexavalent chromate conversion coating we used many years ago From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Specifications for testing the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibition mdds adhesion promotion of various treatments have been established. Any help would be greatly appreciated David A. Corrosion resistance is measured as the maximum number of hours the part can endure before corrosion becomes apparent in a specified manner on its surface.

A method according to claim 1 wherein the solvent is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.

Method of treating metals using ureido silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture. As a result of this potential instability, it may be useful to prepare a concentrated solution of the mercapto-substituted silane without water that is storage stable and is then added to water to prepare the treatment solution. The concentration of mercapto-substituted silane in the treatment solution ixoprep affect the corrosion protection achieved, with better corrosion protection achieved at higher concentrations.

It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. The surface treatment method kinds and aluminum die casting aluminum die-casting, the housing, the mobile terminal.

The silane treatment solution of this invention can become unstable over time. Wherein R 1R 2 and R 3 are independently selected from the group consisting of alkoxy groups e.