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If you need to obtain a partial result, the third form takes the number of records to skip the starting point and the maximum number to return, as the skipResults and maxResults parameters. Its role is to map the columns of a database query including a stored procedure to the properties of an object. An important thing to remember here is that an object can be anything from a single String instance to an ArrayList of object.

This reference type will reduce the likelihood of running out of memory in case the results are not currently in use and the memory is needed for other objects.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

The disadvantage is that if the memory used by these results is needed, then it will not be released to make room for other objects possibly more important objects. The desired result is often a query by example, where a query can be built to find objects that are similar to the example object.

For the most part the similarities end there. Each database then has their own singleton you can call from your application:. Be judicious with polymorphic methods. For a single Product, this issue may seem trivial. Inline parameter maps are handy for small jobs, but when ibatiz are a lot of type descriptors and null value replacements in a complex statement, an industrial-strength, external parameterMap can be easer.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Using dynamic statements is as simple as inserting some conditional tags around the dynamic parts of your Questipns.

20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers

The default location differs by the type of project, as shown in Table Sometimes the values we use in an XML configuration file occur in more than one element. The framework will prepare the SQL ibatks or stored procedure, set any runtime values using your parameter, execute the procedure or statement, and return the result.


You have freedom to write your own queries and easy to maintain. These methods are specifically meant questiohs update statements a.

iBATIS Overview

If you have control over the relational schema, you might be able to name the columns so they also work as property names. The SqlMapper object provides access to the rest of the framework. One of the other things I find is, if am looking at an questjons that does not work very well with an ORM, aside from these ibatix of using stored procedures, already using SQL, complex joins.

The JPetStore example app found at www. Use iBatis if You want to create your own SQL’s and are willing to maintain them your environment is driven by questikns data model you have to work existing and complex schema’s Use Hibernate if your environment is driven by object model and wants generates SQL automatically The message is, One size does not fit all the java persistence and the important to know there are other solutions besides the traditional ORMs, and iibatis would be iBatis.

In other words ,iBATIS strives to ease the development of data-driven applications by abstracting the low-level details involved in database communication loading a database driver, obtaining and managing connections, managing transaction semantics, etc.

Please see the discussion above for more information about JAR files and dependencies The following table summarizes the old files and the new ones. For a complete list of aliases, see Section 3. This is the maximum number of threads that can enter SqlMapClient. When intfrview framework has too many dependencies, it makes it difficult to integrate into an application and with other frameworks.

What is different between Hibernate and iBatis?

The Data Map definition file is where the interesting stuff happens. There are four projects in the solution, and all should succeed.

Questilns these queries can be accesed as Java objects and can be called by passing parameters. Where as iBatis is easy niterview develop and easy to call procedures and functions, no need to struggle for mapping and other things. Depending on the situation, there could be as many as 16 different SQL queries generated from the above dynamic statement.

Although it can be set to any of these, some types are not supported e.


Both the solutions work well, given their specific domain. Map or IDictionary Type Parameters 3. NET distribution see Section questons. Persistence and Transactions In most enterprise applications, all the interactions must run inside a transaction boundary, and we must deal with different systems, APIs, and designs. In this case, the key is a property you specify, and the value is the row from the result set.

Special types, such as blobs, are not supported, and vendor-specific types are also not supported. What is different between Hibernate and iBatis? This step is where the magic happens.

Inside the process engine code, the internal structures are defined to represent each activity that is in our process definitions. The row handler is an instance of a class that implements the RowHandler interface. However, there is an alternate syntax that allows multiple columns to be passed to the related mapped statement.

This reference type will guarantee that the results stay in memory until the cache is explicitly flushed ibxtis. But it is very easy to handle in Ibatis. It is important that you become familiar queestions these config files. We recommend reviewing the Tutorial for your platform before reading this Guide. You do not have complete control over the database implementation, or want to continue to access a legacy database as it is being refactored.

In the case of the LRU cache, the size determines the number of entries to store in the cache.

The constructor of SimpleDataSource requires a Properties parameter that takes a number of configuration properties. It is a persistence layer framework that instead embraces SQL by making it easier to work with and easier to integrate into modern object-oriented software.

The key to each entry is indicated by the keyProperty parameter. We have experiences whereby the database and even the SQL itself have outlived the application source code, and even multiple versions of the source code. Global transactions, also known as distributed transactions, will allow you to update multiple databases or other JTA compliant resources in the same unit of work i.