J Reprod Med. Sep;47(9) Vulvar hidradenitis suppurativa. Immunohistochemical evaluation of apocrine and eccrine involvement. Heller DS (1). Case Report. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: The Third Cause of Vulva Carcinoma. Ineke Janse1*, Gilles Diercks1,2, Jan Doff2, Marian Mourits3 and. Vulvar Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Is the Mass. Malignant? Siew-Fei Ngu, MBBS;1 Mandy M. Y. Chu, MBBS;1 Philip P. C. Ip, MBChB;2. Hextan Y. S. Ngan, MD1.

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In two cases, glands were totally destroyed in the areas of inflammation.

The patient did not require postoperative adjuvant therapy and remains without evidence of disease. Discussion Our case highlights a rare consequence of long-standing poorly controlled hidradenitis suppurativa: Please review our privacy policy.

An abscess was suspected in the context of a HS whereupon a general surgeon hidradeniyis an incision and drainage. Treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa with biologic medications. This regimen resulted in significant improvement in healing of the surgical wound. S stained only the secretory clear cells of the eccrine glands. The findings were noted to be compatible with chronic hidradenitis. Most commonly affected areas of the body are those bearing apocrine-glands, such as the axilla, inguinal area, and anogenital regions.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In females, it usually targets the gluteal and pudendal areas and is characterized by painful nodules, abscesses, fistulas, sinus tracts, comedones and scarring, hidradenitiw may lead to severe functional and psychological impairment Alikhan et al.

Women do not have vulfar much of this as men, however they do have vilvar and it is androgen that affects HS. Click here for patient related inquiries.


The sentinel lymph nodes were free of disease. Figure 2 Two cm diameter hidardenitis tumor on an erythematous, enlarged, diffuse infiltrated labium majus on a background of HS Hurley stage III with scarring and sinus tract formation.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: The Third Cause of Vulva Carcinoma

Case Report Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Hidradenitix follow-up and repeated skin biopsies should be performed in those with suspected malignancy. Talk about your options with your doctor. GCDFP is a reliable marker for both apocrine differentiation and the dark cells of eccrine glands.

Accessed December 31st, Open in a separate window. The clinician should look out for a malignant transformation in the presence of severe, chronic HS, and have a low threshold for biopsy. S is a reliable marker for the clear cells of eccrine glands. A physical examination uncovered a 2 cm diameter verrucous tumor on an erythematous, enlarged, diffuse infiltrated labium majus on a background of HS Hurley stage III with scarring and sinus tract formation Figure 1.

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Some patients with milder disease can be helped by antibiotic lotion containing clindamycin. A retrospective review of the histology of resections for vulvar HS was performed, and a battery of immunohistochemical stains was performed.

In early stages, approaches to treatment include non-pharmacologic methods such as avoidance of skin trauma, hygiene, smoking cessation and weight management. Staging, therapy and follow-up should be performed by gynecologic oncologists. Histology of hidradenitis suppurativa. Furthermore, a high index of suspicion and early tissue diagnosis should be performed in those with suspicion of malignancy.

HS is a lifelong condition. Evidence of follicular obstruction was present in 11 of 13 cases.


Because HS is not a common skin problem, you may need to see a skin specialist to make the diagnosis. CD15 also was reliable for hifradenitis differentiation. This ultimately led to better wound healing despite concomitant superimposed infection. Squamous cell carcinoma arising in hidradenitis suppurativa.

Frequently there is a delay in diagnosis of SCC and definitive surgical management.

HS often runs in families. Home About Us Advertise Amazon. Support Center Support Center. CA and HMB were not reliable markers for apocrine or eccrine gland differentiation.

This means that you may have to use some sort of medication for life. J Clin Obstet Gynecol Infertil. The Third Cause of Vulva Carcinoma. In this obese patient undergoing vulvar reconstruction with superimposed hidradenitis suppurativa, the postoperative course was further complicated by surgical site infection requiring multiple debridement procedures and prolonged courses of IV antibiotics Vancomycin, Piperacillin, Tazobactam, Ceftrizone, Flagyl with twice uidradenitis dressing changes with Dakins solution Image 3.

It may be associated with severe acne and another condition called pilonidal sinus. Introduction Hidradenitis suppurativa HS vulva a chronic and recurrent inflammatory follicular occlusive disease involving the follicular portion of folliculopilosebaceous units FPSUs of the skin Jemec and Hansen, Reconstruction of perineum was performed using perforator flap followed by two vascularized fasciocutaneous flap closures of thigh donor site.