For hexagram 37 to change to hexagram 42 it would be line 3 of hexagram 37 that changes, so hexagram 37 line 3 is what you would read. 37 — The Family — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-SEVEN –. FAMILY. Other titles: Family Life, Clan, Home, Linkage, Dwelling People, The Psyche, “May. El hexagrama 37 es llamado 家人 (chian jen), “El Clan”.

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Dissatisfaction soon vanishes, and things start to go well, if kindness remains an element of authority. The entire structure you presented is incredibly helpful! Focus on the ways you work well with others and your sense of connection and intimacy will deepen. The will has not yet changed.

37: Extended Family

This may be the husband spoken of as also a king, or the real king whose merit is revealed first in his family. How to interpret “Family Strengthens Love”. Or a greater good than what binds it together and makes hxagrama one? It made a lot of sense what you wrote. Log in Log in requires javascript Username or email: A house symbolizes the whole psyche, so a household is all of the entities which make it up — thoughts, feelings, appetites, passions, etc. Reversing individuality’s designating indeed.

Seek nothing by force. Apologize if you can. Perseverance brings good fortune. Smith — Confucius If the ideal city is like a family, then the hexagdama also holds for an individual — here the comparison goes directly from city to psyche: A note on iFate’s I Ching translation: Log in to search the I Ching Community, view your profile or private messages or check the latest updates.

The concept rendered as “sincerity” in English is extremely important in Chinese thought, with connotations which transcend our ordinary definition of the word. It is through developing your own character that you influence others and create order.


This is a good time to start a new project with a special someone. For instance, when parents or leaders choose love as the center of family life, the whole world is ready to respond with goodwill. Now is a time to quietly confine yourself to the duties at hand. Hexagdama first line, dynamic, shows its subject establishing restrictive regulations in his household.

She should be unassuming in regard to all beyond her sphere, always being firm and correct. Affluence Dwelling, the great significant. A proper balance must be struck between indulgence and severity.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #37 –

What is meant by enlightenment resulting from hexagraka is that in which there is no distinction between the Way of Heaven as being great and the nature of man as being small.

Assagioli — Psychosynthesis Line-1 Legge: Learn to listen and receive help from others, and be willing to assume an appropriate role in any group you belong with. What may seem like a difficult situation from your past is really a bridge to deeper love and connection. A good team player is supremely valuable to everyone. When tempers flare up in the family, too great a severity brings remorse. No wise parent can teach a child self-discipline by adopting the child’s point of view: The husband is the analogue of heaven or the Self, and the wife is the analogue of earth or the ego.

Chang Tsai — Enlightenment Resulting from Sincerity.

Restrain such actions that are not part of the business hexagarma hand. All this means to forgo striving and self-assertion, and to allow ourself to be led, while persevering in gentleness and devotion to our path. Rather than be controlled by hexsgrama such as love, yearning, or awe, he can control them. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers.


Does it mean a potential stable and defined relationship? We can dominate and control everything from which we disidentify ourselves. Even occasions that might give rise to arguments will pass without remorse. I hadn’t thought of staying at his place because I just don’t know the boy that well. Please type these characters required. This may cause problems in the beginning, but it is the only way to create a stable situation that can produce heexagrama results.

Look-up any I Ching. The second sentence of the Confucian commentary, more closely rendered, would be: The Secret of the Golden Flower A. The line can sometimes mean that you have everything you need to succeed within you: When it comes to relationships, trust is what matters most.

Relax, don’t hexayrama — “Someone up there likes you.

An unwillingness on the part of those in authority to tolerate bad habits brings good fortune. When women and children are silly, there will be regret in the end. The idea here is that one must maintain consistency and order in the situation at hand, and not allow any deviation from that order. I would hit the thank you button, but my browser hexarama isn’t showing it.