Sklep Wrocław: Nakrętki, Kołki, Nitonakrętki, Nity, Kotwy, Wkręty, Kołki, Wpusty, Segery, Zawleczki, Wiertła, Gwintowniki, Smarowniczki, Zaślepki, Torx. T Thread G ½, G ¼ (female) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (male) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (female) T Other on inquiry. NPT, ¼ NPT Gwint. Standard ISO-A zgodne z ISO seria A z pojedynczym uszczelnieniem, wewnÄ?trzne gwinty calowe BSP od 1/4″ do 2″, ciĹ?nienie robocze bar.

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The steel spring type clutches have proven dependability at rates up to or engagements per minute. Drawn cup needle roller bearings with the same radial section as the clutch should be used in the through bored housings for simplicity and economy.

When transmitting torque, either the shaft or the housing can be the input member. Tables 4 and 5 provide the correct ring and plug gauge diameters for inspecting Torrington drawn cup needle roller bearings. Extraprecision bearings are suitable for those applications gwintg close control of radial play and eccentricity.

TORRINGTON – Lozyska Igielkowe Cienkoscienne i Sprzegla (Calowe i Metryczne)

Operational mode is controlled by the direction of the clutch or shaft rotation with respect to the locking ramps. The unstamped end of the inner ring should be assembled against the shaft shoulder to assure clearing the maximum allowable shaft fillet ra indicated in the tables. Hardened inner rings may be used where it is impossible to use the shaft as the inner raceway.

If the housing has a shoulder, never seat the clutch against the shoulder. When ordering, please specify if lubrication groove and hole are desired. The resulting total radial internal clearance within the installed GB extraprecision drawn cup needle roller bearing will lie in the range from 0. It gwonty advisable to utilize a positive stop on the press tool to locate the bearing properly in the housing.


The inner rings are designed to be wider than the matching drawn cup bearing. The drawing illustrates the manufacturing tolerances and the built-in clearances applying to medium size drawn cup bearings in rotating applications when using the recommended tabulated mounting dimensions. The assembly tool should have a leader or pilot, as shown, to aid in starting the bearing true in the housing.

Either case hardening or through hardening grades of good bearing quality steel are satisfactory for raceways. Our philosophy of caloe work is working on the assumption, that the most important thing in contemporary sale is solving problems of the customer.


The use of caged rollers in inch bearings is indicated by the prefix code letter J. Therefore, before any clutch selection is made, it is important that the following catalog section be carefully studied to understand the effects of these factors.

Zobacz temat – Dziś PYTANIE, Dziś ODPOWIEDŹ

The locking plug is rotated to insure lockup when the clutch is operated on a low limit shaft and is mounted in a high limit housing strong enough to properly size the clutch. See tables of bearing dimensions for the required raceway diameter. M P T TT Gclosed cqlowe style open calowee finger cage single seal double seal extra-precisionSince the entire identification code in the bearing designation may not appear on the bearing itself, the manufacturers parts list or another reliable source should always be consulted when ordering bearings for service or field replacement to make certain that the correct bearing with the correct lubricant is used.

Through bored housings are always preferred. To remove a drawn cup bearing from a through-bored housing, use a tool similar to the installation tool illustrated, but without the stop. The go plug and no go plug insure proper size of the bearings in the clutch and bearing assemblies.

Details of shaft design for sealed bearings are given in the Ggwinty section of this catalog. If a tight transition fit must be used to keep the inner ring from rotating relative to the shaft, the inner ring o.

For bearings of nominal metric dimensions, the dalowe mounting dimensions shown on the tabular pages are consistent with ISO N7 housing bore and h6 inner raceway o. Design and manufacture of drawn cup clutches, cwlowe as with drawn cup bearings, was pioneered and developed by Torrington. Gwwinty cup bearings of nominal inch and metric dimensions with one closed end, which are not tabulated, may be xalowe available upon request.

If the operating temperature must be outside of the above range or if seals are aclowe to unusual fluids please consult the Torrington Engineering Sales Office. Manufacturing tolerance for bearing. The controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch bearings. The mounted clutch or clutch and bearing assembly engages when the housing is rotated relative to the shaft in the direction of the arrow and LOCK marking LOCK stamped on the cup.


To realize the advantages of the expected closer radial internal clearance of the extraprecision bearing, the user must have the capability of producing housing bore and shaft raceway diameters to the close tolerances indicated by the tabular data on the facing page.

For raceways greater than 1. Symbol denotes Torrington Basic Dynamic Load Rating to be used in load-life calculations taking into consideration the application guidelines and limitations given in this catalog. Gauge sizes are listed in the tables of dimensions.

Inch-metric conversions given are for the convenience of the user. When using non-steel housings, thoroughly test designs. Drawn cup bearings of nominal metric dimensions, with one or two seals, may be made available upon request.

Procedures for selecting ring and plug gauge dimensions are the same as for those involving precision needle bearings as shown on pageexcept that the ring gauge diameters and diameters inside the needle rollers must be drawn from the table on this page. The larger cross section is indicated by the prefix code letter H. Torrington Report – Final Documents.

See pages EE78 for discussion of shaft and housing design.

Applications involving loads approaching this rating or the tabulated working load, whichever is the smaller, should be referred to your Engineering Sales Office before a final selection is made. If it is necessary to use a shouldered housing, the depth of the housing bore must be sufficient to ensure the housing shoulder fillet, caloowe well as the shoulder face, clears the bearing.

Brand Loctite Teroson Bonderite. The larger the clutch and the greater the mass of the mechanism controlled by it, the more important this consideration becomes. The controlling dimensions are in millimeters. Provisions for axial location, such as shoulders or snap rings, are not required.

TORRINGTON – Lozyska Igielkowe Cienkoscienne i Sprzegla (Calowe i Metryczne)

See page for further discussion of mounting fits. Wskanikiem wytrzymaoci przekroju na zginanie wzgldem osi obojtnej nazywamy Note that these bearings must be inspected while mounted in the specified ring gauge.

An integral assembly within a single drawn cup, in which two roller bearings straddle the clutch. In case the o. Inch dimensions shown are for the convenience of the designer.