GOST 19903 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering Minimum dimensional tolerances of steel depending upon product mix equal 1/2 or 2/3 EN (GOST ). Deviations from flatness for flat products. Fabricated as per GOST The dimensions shall comply with GOST The chemical composition shall be in accordance with GOST

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Nickel alloys Nickel metal Rare Goxt alloys. Lantanhides Holmium metal ingot Dysprosium metal ingot Europium metal ingot Ytterbium metal ingot Lanthanum metal ingot Lutetium metal Neodymium metal ingot Praseodymium metal ingot Samarium metal ingot Terbium metal ingot Thulium metal ingot Cerium metal ingot Erbium metal ingot.

Bronze Bronze tin foundry Bronze tin pressure treated Bronze without tin foundry Bronze without tin pressure treated.

Hot rolled steel of 3SP 1.8, 10, 20, according to GOST 19903-74, 16523-97

Titanium gost VT20 Tube, sheet plate. Stainless and vost steel Powders of non-ferrous metals Powders of non-ferrous metals Vanadium powder Tungsten powder Cobalt powder Molybdenum powder Nickel powder Tantalum powder.

Leaf hot-rolled zinced steel. InconelAlloy Wire, rod. NiCr20Ti pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip. Testing of metals Chemical analysis of metals Mechanical testing of metals Methods of testing metals other Non-destructive testing of metals Testing of metals in General. Filter mesh lace woven Kanilirovannaya wire corrugated Wire mesh single Wire plaster.


Hot-rolled steel sheet

Tantalum tube, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil. Titanium grade 38 Rod barwire.

Precision alloy The magnetically soft precision alloy The magnetically hard precision alloy Precision alloy with specified CTE Precision alloy for bimetall Precision alloy for elastic elements Precision alloy with higt electric resistance The alloy is non-magnetic Precision alloy other.


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Steels and alloys for welding Steel for welding Alloy for welding. CuBe2NiTi rod, wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Our bost will save your time.

Hot-rolled sheet steel 09Г2С, 10HSND, GOST , – MetTransTerminal, TOO |

Products Fire extinguishing equipment spare parts 21 Hydro, steam, and moisture insulating materials 16 Fire extinguishing equipment 20 Goat valve 13 Offsets and adapting pipes 10 Steel pipes 9 Barbed steel wire 6 Flat rolled products 6 Rolled steel 11 Fence netting 5 Roofing materials 14 Special pipes 4 Bost insulation materials 5 Seamless tubes 5 Construction dry mixtures 2 Well hatches 2 Cementing materials 2 Drilling equipment 2 Walling and vost materials 2 Siding and components 2 More.

CuSi3Mn1 tube, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. Powder construction material Powder material based on iron Powder material based on copper Powder material based on aluminum Powder material based on molybdenum Powder material based on titanium Powder material based on silicon carbide. Aluminium, aluminium alloy Aluminium primary Aluminium technical Aluminium for desoxydation Aluminum foundry alloy Aluminum alloys Aluminium antifriction alloy Gosf aluminum alloy Aluminum sintered alloy.

Mesh fabric Woven wire mesh stainless Woven mesh of copper, bronze, brass Nichrome, Nickel mesh Woven titanium mesh Woven mesh tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum The filter elements Conveyor mesh. Sheets happen different types corrugated, galvanized, expanded, etc. Constantan alloy Constantan wire, bar, rod Constantan strip, sheet. Leaf hot-rolled Gost The leaf glst made by means of cold or hot rolling on special machines.

Tool steel Carbon 19093 steel Alloy tool steel Tool steel roller Tool steel die High speed tool steel. Titanium grade 17 Rod barwire. Products made of cast iron and steel Steel pipes and special-purpose pipes Steel profiles Spring steel Steel with special magnetic properties Tool steel Production of iron and steel other Steel for pressure purposes Steel bars and wire rods Iron and steel forgings Non-alloy steel Production of iron and steel in General Heat-treated steels High quality steel Iron and steel castings Steel flat products and semi-finished products Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Steel wire, wire ropes and sectional chain.


Titanium grade 6, Ti5Al2.

Contact information CIS Europe. Alloy 47ND Sheet, strip, foil. Rhenium strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod.

CuCd1 wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Gold and gold alloys Gold alloy Gold. The leaf has the form of a rectangle and is made on specialized machines. Titanium gost VT16 Tube, sheet plate. Steels and alloys for castings The non-alloy casting steel Steel for castings with special properties Steel casting alloy Alloy for castings with special properties. Call back in 30 seconds. Services Parts washing up and cleaning 3 Elimination of defects in metals 1 Surfaces treatment and protection 1 Painting Services 2.

Production of non-ferrous metals Products cadmium and cobalt Production of lead, zinc and tin Products of copper Production of titanium Production of magnesium Products from aluminium Products of Nickel and chromium Production of nonferrous metals other. Expansion joints, valves Compensator Metal hose Mesh. Thanks to new technologies of processing of a leaf on different productions, it is used everywhere. Hafnium rod, wire, pipe, bar Hafnium sheet, strip foil.

Chromel wire NiCr10 Chromel sheet, strip. IncoloyAlloy Wire, rod bar The sheet platestrip foil Flange, valve, fitting.

Copper Tin Sheet, strip foil. Stainless sheet Stainless hot rolled plate Skin-pass stainless cold-rolled sheet Perforated stainless sheet.