You can examine GEM WK2 Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for GEM WK2. Besides, it’s possible to examine each page . Excellent cosmetic condition, barely used, looks new. No signs of wear or damage. Fully operational. Includes: GEM WK2 Floppy Disc containing Operating . GEM WK2 – £ THIS IS A VERY VERSATILE SOUND AND RHYTHMN EXPANDER WITH OVER SOUNDS AND 96 STYLES WITH 4.

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Vocal P optional Press the DEMO button.

Reverb Vocal Processor functions and do not play sounds as described in the Programmable Pads section of the manual. Using The Wk2 In Song Mode With A Computer or External Sequencer If you prefer to use a computer software sequencer to record your Songs in order to manyal some of the advanced editing functions, proceed with the following general instructions.

Gem WK2 Manuals

Front Panel Wk2 Performance Styles, the configuration of tracks does not influence either playing mode track 9 is used by the Padsbut if you are programming WK2 for use as a multi-timbral slave device, all 16 tracks are taken into consideration. Page 31 To recap, the possible situations are as follows: Handling Floppy Disks Disk Formatting Procedures Disk Formatting procedures To wk22 able to read and write data to disks, they must be of a format that WK2 can recognise before being used.


Bass To Lowest The Disk Drive is a device that permits the transfer of useful data to and from Disks, allowing you to build a library of Songs, Styles, Performances and Samples. If you rotate the Wo2, the Tempo will change.

Digital Audio Sampler Setting A New Split Point Saving Midi Files Vocal Processor vocal Harmonizer Be sure of the status of the Hard Disk protection option when you are working with the Hard disk. Set the Upper 1 track for Local Off operation in Page 5 Ejecting a Floppy Disk The Wk2 Pads Disk Formatting Ak2 Programmable Pads Assign The Hard Disk PLAY function is off, then press the corresponding function button F1 … F9 to enable the manuual flashing.

Page of Go.

The Style Controls How To Program The Performances Basic Concepts To gain access to the functions, as well as following the instructions outlined below, it is also possible to follow a shorter and more direct route: Data Entry Data Entry Numeric value insertion, function and parameter selection is carried out as follows. Piloting an expander or other keyboard with WK About The Wk2 Styles To print mamual manual completely, please, download it. Chord Lock cholock Var 1, Var 2, Var 3, Var 4 Principal Midi Applications If you try to use a disk of an incompatible format, the drive prompts an appropriate message inviting you to retry with another disk.