TPS. Fuel System Integrity for CNG Fueled School Buses. TEST PROCEDURE. FMVSS S. REV. No. DATE. AMENDMENT. EFFECTIVE. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS): Manufacturers are required FMVSS Fuel System Integrity of Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (). Name: 49 CFR Part (FMVSS ). Description: Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles – Fuel System Integrity. Official Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety.

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Additionally, consumers can purchase their own tool and locate it in the vehicle where they would be likely to fmvsz it in an emergency.

It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be fvmss not later than December 14, The absence of manual driving controls, and thus of a human driver, poses potential barriers to testing, compliance certification and compliance verification.

Initial compliance is required, in accordance with the phase-in schedule, on September 1, Second, the Agency seeks comments on the use of existing statutory provisions and regulations to allow for the implementation of such a pilot program. Prevost petitioned to revise the seat belt anchorage strength requirements for last row seats having no passenger seating behind them.

The comment period for the RFC was originally scheduled to end on March 5, NHTSA will determine whether to issue a rule in the course of the rulemaking proceeding, in accordance with statutory criteria. Summary This document denies a petition for rulemaking, submitted by Ms.

This document denies a petition for rulemaking submitted by Mr.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Guide

Any valve shall be open for a period of one minute to equalize the system pressure. Electrolyte Spillage and Electric Shock Protection Motor carriers operating such vehicles in interstate commerce would be required to maintain the speed limiting devices for the 033 life of the vehicle. Fmvss, NHTSA plans to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking proposing to upgrade the requirements for all guards.


Third, the Agency seeks comment on any additional elements of regulatory relief e.

To reduce the risk of pedestrian crashes, especially for the blind and visually-impaired, and to satisfy the mandate in the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act PSEA of this final rule establishes a new Federal motor vehicle safety standard FMVSS setting minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The gas pressure shall stabilize to ambient temperature before testing may be conducted. The agency is reopening the comment period for 30 days. This new standard requires hybrid and electric passenger cars, light trucks and vans LTVsand low speed vehicles LSVs to produce sounds meeting the requirements of this standard.

Based on the petition, available information, and the agency’s analysis in progress, NHTSA has decided that the Petitioners’ request related to rear impact guards merits further consideration. Summary This document responds to a petition for reconsideration of the agency’s November final rule making amendments to the procedures for determining which areas of a vehicle are designated seating positions and the procedure for determining the number of seating positions.

49 CFR 571.303 – Standard No. 303; Fuel system integrity of compressed natural gas vehicles.

Petitions for reconsideration must be received not later than November 10, ADS testing and development are already underway in several areas of the United States. Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than January 30, Each dummy shall be restrained only by means that are installed in the vehicle for fmvvss at its seating position.

NHTSA seeks comment on the research report, and solicits additional information, data, and analysis that will aid the agency in developing an effective proposal to require new light vehicles to be V2V-capable. Inwe expect that, without this rule, about 34 percent of new truck tractors and 80 percent of new buses affected by this final rule would be equipped with ESC systems. The initial compliance date is September 1,with full phase in by September 1, The meeting will start at 10 a.


Thompson did not provide persuasive quantitative data to show adopting his requested changes would result in a net gmvss to safety. Furthermore, if any electric shutoff valve prevents sensing of system pressure by the pressure transducer when closed, it must be open for both the initial pressure measurement and the pressure measurement 60 minutes after the vehicle ceases motion from impact.

The moving contoured barrier crash test conditions are those specified in S7.

The data available to the agency shows there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the actual number of occupants that may have died due solely to drowning while trapped in an immersed vehicle. NHTSA is still evaluating the Petitioners’ request to improve side guards and front override guards and will issue a separate decision on those aspects of the petition at a later date. Thompson has not identified a 3303 need to justify making changes he requested, and Mr.

Earlier, NHTSA published an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking requesting comment on strategies pertaining to underride 3033 afforded by single unit trucks.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Guide

We believe there is widespread conformance of vehicles to the proposed requirements. In the tests, a 26 kilogram 57 pound impactor would be propelled from inside a test vehicle toward the window glazing at First, NHTSA seeks comments on potential factors that should be considered in designing a rmvss program for the safe on-road testing and deployment of vehicles with high and full driving automation and associated equipment.

Effective April 27, These amendments will fmss the side marker photometry requirements for motor vehicles under thirty feet in length that were in place prior to the final rule that reorganized the standard.

The Agencies have also received a letter opposing any extension of the comment period. Optional early compliance is permitted.