Exsurge Domine: Johann Eck: helped compose the papal bull Exsurge Domine (June ), in which Pope Leo X condemned 41 of Luther’s theses and . The bull threatening Luther with excommunication, Exsurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), was published on June 15, It represented the culmination of several . Exsurge Domine. A bull issued in June by Pope Leo X, threatening the excommunication of Luther. Source for information on Exsurge Domine: The.

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We have even offered him safe conduct and the money necessary for the journey urging him to come without fear or any misgivings, which perfect charity should cast out, and to talk not secretly but openly and face to face after the example of our Savior and the Apostle Paul.

Luther’s commentary on proposition 18 provides a representative example of its general tone: If the pope with a great part of the Church thought so and so, he would not err; still it is not a sin or heresy to think the contrary, especially in a matter not necessary for salvation, until one alternative is condemned and another approved by a general Council.

Although this work was not penned as a direct response to the bull, it nevertheless reaffirmed Luther’s commitment to certain themes censured therein, including the primacy of ecumenical councils over papal decrees. Wise in their own eyes, according to the ancient practice of heretics, they interpret these same Scriptures otherwise than the Holy Spirit demands, inspired only by their own sense of ambition, and for the sake of popular acclaim, as the Apostle declares.

No attempt was made to provide specific responses to Luther’s propositions based upon Scripture or Catholic tradition or any clarification of what degree of theological censure should be associated with each proposition listed. The positive views of the Reformer are not stated, or distorted. In virtue of our pastoral office committed to us by the divine favor we can under no circumstances tolerate or overlook any longer the pernicious poison of the above errors without disgrace to the Christian religion and injury to orthodox faith.

Exsurge Domine marks a watershed event in Christian history. For example, proposition 33 censured by this bull states “It is contrary to the will of the Spirit that heretics be burned.

Pope Leo X Threatens Luther – Exsurge Domine

A proposition that causes scandal or offense when it is advanced within a particular context “may not necessarily be so noxious under different circumstances. Furthermore, this Martin is to exsurrge perpetually such errors and views. Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.

No one of sound mind is ignorant how destructive, pernicious, scandalous, and seductive to pious and simple minds these various errors are, how opposed they are to all charity and reverence for the holy Roman Church who is the mother of all the faithful esxurge teacher of the faith; how destructive they exsurve of the vigor of ecclesiastical discipline, namely obedience.

They have bitter zeal, contention in their hearts, and boast and lie against the truth. It was written in response to the teachings of Martin Luther which opposed the views of the Church. Fifth Lateran Council A. It seems to have been decided that the Church in common Council established that the laity should communicate under both species; the Bohemians who communicate under both species are not heretics, but schismatics.


Great is the error of those who approach essurge sacrament of the Eucharist relying on this, that they have confessed, that they are not conscious of any mortal sin, that they have sent their prayers on ahead and made preparations; all these eat and drink judgment to themselves. We restrain all in the virtue of holy obedience and under the penalty of an automatic major excommunication….

We beseech you also, Paul, to arise. A bonfire was lit and volumes of canon lawpapal constitutions, and works of scholastic theology were burned. Indulgences are of no avail to those who truly gain them, for the remission of the penalty due to actual sin in the sight of divine justice. Ultimately the committee negotiated a compromise. For six kinds of men indulgences are neither necessary nor useful; namely, for the dead and those about to die, the infirm, those legitimately hindered, and those who have not committed crimes, and those who have committed crimes, but not public ones, and those who devote themselves to better things.

Now Augustine maintained that her authority had to be accepted so completely that he stated he would not have believed the Gospel unless the authority of the Catholic Church had vouched for it.

Martini Luther Augustiniani Vittenbergensis in Latin.

Exsurge Domine |

It was you that enlightened and illuminated the Church by your doctrine and by a martyrdom like Peter’s. We have even offered him safe conduct and the money necessary for the journey urging him to come without fear or any misgivings, which perfect charity should cast out, and to talk not secretly but openly and face to face after the example of our Savior and the Apostle Paul.

The theologians supported an immediate condemnation of Luther. We grieve the more that this happened there because we and our predecessors have always held this nation in the bosom of our affection.

We have found that these errors or theses are not Catholic, as mentioned above, and are not to be taught, as such; but rather are against the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church, and against the true interpretation of the sacred Scriptures received from the Church. Protestant author Philip Schaff notes that “The bull of excommunication is the papal counter-manifesto to Luther’s Theses, and condemns in him the whole cause of the Protestant Reformation.

However, contemporary scholars of the Reformation widely agree that this bull itself is a “strange document and an evasive assessment of Luther’s theological concerns. Failure to comply with these canons, according to the testimony of Cyprian, will be the fuel and cause of all heresy and schism. For we can scarcely express, from distress and grief of mind, what has reached our ears for some time by the report of reliable men and general rumor; alas, we have even seen with our eyes and read the many diverse errors.


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It is certain that it is not in the power of the Church or the pope to decide upon the articles of faith, and much less concerning the laws for morals or for good works. The wild boar from the forest seeks to destroy it and every wild beast feeds upon it.

Even so, Eck did not afford the committee sufficient time to better grasp the core issues at stake in Luther’s teachings.

It censured forty one propositions extracted from Luther’s Ninety-five Theses and subsequent writings, and threatened him with excommunication unless he recanted within a sixty-day period commencing upon the publication of the bull in Saxony and its neighboring regions.

By burning these works, Luther signaled his decisive break from Catholicism’s traditions and institutions. To one on the point of death imperfect charity necessarily brings with it great fear, which fomine itself alone is enough to produce the punishment of purgatory, and impedes entrance into the kingdom.

Purgatory cannot be proved from Sacred Scripture which is in the dommine. As far as Exsugge himself is concerned, O good God, what have we overlooked or not done?

Failure to comply with these canons, according to the testimony of Cyprian, dmoine be the fuel and cause of all heresy and schism. In vain does he implore the help of a council, since he openly admits that he does not believe in a council.

Rebuking them, in violation of your teaching, instead of imploring them, he is not ashamed to assail them, to tear at them, and when he despairs of his cause, to stoop to insults. Some members argued that Luther’s popular support in Germany made it too politically risky to issue a bull at that time.

Pope Leo X 15 June Condemning the Errors of Martin Luther

It is our hope, so far as in us lies, that he will experience a change of heart exsurgr taking the road of mildness we have proposed, return, and turn away from his errors. Let all this holy Church of God, I say, arise, and with the blessed apostles intercede with almighty God to purge the errors of His sheep, to banish all heresies from the lands of the faithful, and be pleased to maintain the peace and unity of His holy Church.

Some of these errors we have decided to include in the present document; their substance is as follows: We enjoin, however, on Martin that in the meantime he cease from all preaching or the office of preacher. Hence in exzurge primitive Exdurge only manifest mortal sins were confessed. Second Council of Nicaea — A.

Leo X then proceeded to issue an authoritative condemnation of these forty-one propositions in domind following words:. Ecclesiastical prelates and secular princes would not act badly if they destroyed all of the money bags of beggary.