It resolves ‘invalidfont’ errors when printing to PostScript printers. For a PostScript error invalidfont offending command findfont: check the page on the findfont. Here is the error that prints out: ERROR: invalidfont OFFENDING COMMAND: define font STACK: /Font It is now printing perfectly fine!. ERROR: invalidfont OFFENDING COMMAND: define font STACK: Preview fails to show the PS file with a rather generic error (“Unable to.

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pdftex – Montserrat font/package, “invalidfont” error when printing – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

The last of these was probably 8 or 9 years ago, and I am extrapolating and assuming that the same kind of problems are still being triggered today – even tough I don’t see them anymore because I now work in a different environment. Xerox Customer Service fix:. In my experience and I’ve worked for a number of printer manufacturers, so Offening had a front row seat for that invalidtont, over the years, Acrobat’s PostScript generator has been getting more and more picky about how well a PostScript printer needs to interpret the PostScript specification.

I’ve been having this problem with a job application my son was trying to download. I will post updates on this as I continue to troubleshoot.

However, I’d avoid passing through ps2pdf because of the disadvantages we all know and the failing printer is the only color printer we have at the department, so I need to use that one.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The “download as oftending produces the same result.

April 13, at 4: Hello, I have two users who when printing get the following error: This site uses cookies. Please type your message and try again. They are able to print the same items on another printer just fine.

Select Printers and Faxes under the Start button 2. Calibri fonts in PowerPoint.

The downside of Language Level 2 over Language Level 3 is that it is less efficient and for certain graphical constructs, such as gradients, may produce much lower quality output.

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Error: invalidfont Offending Command: xshow

Oftentimes a new version of Acrobat would break printing to a certain printer, and it was not because of a bug in Acrobat, but would require a new driver from the printer manufacturer to deal with the new “flavor” of Invalidfonr. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dell Laser Printer n PS3. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for offdnding technical support services.

If you are printing from Mac OS X You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Usually, one has to decrypt the font to determine the exact cause of the error.


I know first hand of a number of instances where an update to Adobe Acrobat caused problems on our office multi-functional devices running the Adobe PS interpreter. The problem might not be specific to that printer, however, since there is also another easier way to reproduce the problem, as follows: Sign up using Facebook.

In the interim, yes, changing the PostScript language level support from 3 to 2 is always a fallback you can try since PostScript generation related to fonts is very different for language levels 2 and 3 and your PDF file had some CID-encoded embedded fonts Wingdings for which language level 2 and 3 differ significantly. I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1. June 25, invaljdfont 8: I have now a problem with a ps file on a Xerox mono printer.

This is the log when compiling the file: June 27, at 6: Having the same issue on a AcrobatPowerpoint etc. From what we understand, there have been some improvements in Lexmark printers over the years and as such, you might want to ascertain whether Lexmark can provide a downloadable printer firmware upgrade commadn your device that might solve the problem.

And, if the error persist then you need technical support to point out the error.