View and Download ENSONIQ DP/4 musician’s manual online. DP/4 Music Pedal pdf manual download. Hello,. Welcome to , Inc. your online resource for technical documents and service information. This PDF package may contain information, . I bought a DP/4 but need a manual. There’s a Yahoo DP4 Group (dp4: Ensoniq DP4) with all the Manuals and more for DP4/+ as pdfs.

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To perform the following tests you will need: If the word “Off” is flashing, RAM preset data can be changed. Figure 13 – To remove the front panel assembly, remove these three screws on both sides of unit. To see channel 2, press B. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

We recommend the use of a scribe, screwdriver or similar object when discormecting cables. Disconnect the green transformer wire from the top lug of the switch. We feel that this is the most time and cost effective method of repair, both for you and your customers.

Load the customer’s presets that were saved in step 1 see page 4. Removing the lid; lift the back edge of the lid to a 45 degree angle to the unit and slide it toward the back of the unit and then up.

Watch out for them, and please don’t pull on the wires! This was fixed in O. Replace the defective part with the same type. Parallel Effects Processor Description: Existing presets which were set in the range of 6 to 10msec did not and will not now sound coaect. This may be a result of improper handling of cables, especially the pin and pin ribbon cables between the keypad board and the main board.


Attach the green transformer wire to the top lug of the switch. See Figures 3 and 4 for more information and AC power connections. The internal presets are automatically replaced by presets in the ROM during reinitialization.

The display will look something like this: There is a different transformer for each line voltage the line voltage is listed on the top of the transformer: The display will show the following message for a brief time, which depends on the amount of information being transmitted.

For more information on saving data, see p. Sometimes the unit in manuall can wake up in a state of mild confusion and this message might appear. The display will show the following message for a brief time, which depends on “the amount of information being transmitted.

Full text of “Ensoniq: ensoniq dp4 service manual “

Connect the pin and pin cables to the main board. If this test still fails, then it indicates a Main Board problem. Lever det brugte batteri tilbage til leverand0ren. It is possible that chronic unexpected event messages could result from scrambled memory. The display shows “Alert! Move the lid down into place.

ENSONIQ DP/4 Musician’s Manual

Be sure to save the customer’s presets before reinitializing ejsoniq p. Slide board toward the front panel to clear jacks from their holes in the rear panel.

If for some reason three conductor tip, ring, sleeve cables are used, noise will be introduced into the system.


Follow the flow chart below! Remove the four 4 machine screws and one star washer that secure the transformer secondary board to the base. The battery level is only checked when the unit is turned on.

Once this switch has been set to the “Off” position, you can save manuall. A confirmation message is displayed when the dump reception is complete to indicate what type of dump has rnsoniq received and where the new data has been stored.

Disconnect L2 from the transformer secondary board. TRS cables also should have braided wire surrounding the other three wires to shield against interference.

Explosionsfara vid felaktig batteribyte. If you don’t read any other part of this manual, read this section. Disconnect the three 3 wires from the line filter. Press on the base right where the silver slip is. The System Exclusive ED number system parameter 50 is fnsoniq in every message, so it must be set correctly on the transmitting and receiving units if dumps are to be recognized.

Other Media Files : Ensoniq DP4+

Insert the replacement transformer secondary board. This limited range now applies only to Config presets as originally intended.

The nuts will drop inside the unit, be sure to retrieve them. Also please stay online while printing this document to make sure you get mabual the pages. If the word “Off is flashing, RAM preset data can be changed.