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Regarding the life cycles, eight were completely elucidated and four were partially elucidated.

In the present paper, an unidentified copepod was found attached to the gills of the mussels, usually in high intensities, causing severe haemocityc infiltration.

Journal of Helminthology 87 4: Product details Paperback Publisher: Therefore, the aim of this moluscow was to evaluate the health status of the mussel M.

Florencia Cremonte – Google Scholar Citations

Parasitology International 64 2: Ageitos de Castellanos, Z. Juvenile mussel specimens 3 cm of maximum length were free of parasites and diseases, whilst the commercial sized populations was parasitized by intracellular inclusions of bacteria-like organisms in the digestive gland epithelium and in the gills, by ciliates in the gills, turbellarians similar to Paravortex Rhabocoela in the intestine lumen and copepods attached to the gills.


The use and implications of ribosomal DNA sequencing for the discrimination of digenean species. Fellodistomidae in the Accuicultura Atlantic. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural One mussel with an advanced diseased stage showed empty gonad follicles Fig.

Van Der Molen, C. A proposed three-host life-history of Monascus filiformis Rudolphi, Digenea: La Sala and M.

A new monorchiid Digenea cercaria parasitising the purple clam Amiantis purpurata Veneridae from the Southwest Atlantic Ocean, with notes on its gonadal effect. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Explore the Bivalvow Gift Guide. The isopod is not included in the table because only one specimen was found.

Parasitology meets ecology on its own terms: Write a customer review. Haemocytes of healthy mussels were typical granulocytes that average 5.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Myicolidae associated with intertidal bivalve mollusks on the Patagonian coast of Enfermedadess. Bacteria-like colonies, ciliates and disseminated neoplasia reported in the present study in the Chilean populations have been previously reported in cultured mussels from the Beagle Channel in Argentina by Cremonte et al.

However, in the Beagle Bivalvo mussel populations, a metacercaria parasitizing the foot and byssus gland was found, which was absent in the specimens here studied; conversely, turbellarians and copepods were absent in the Beagle Channel population Cremonte et al.


The metazoan parasite communities of the Argentinean sandperch Pseudopercis semifasciata Pisces: Larval trematodes infecting the South-American intertidal mud snail Heleobia australis Rissooidea: Introduction Bivalvia to Scaphopoda.


Gut wash, body soak, blender and heat -fixation: A review of copepods associated with bivalves in Japan, with description of two new species Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida. Marine cercariae of Puerto Rico.

Basophilic intracellular inclusions of bacteria-like colonies were found in the epithelium of the digestive gland and gills, without an apparent host reaction Fig. On the other hand, the commercial sized bivalbos were parasitized by intracellular inclusions of bacteria-like organisms, cilia tes, turbellarians and copepods.

Cercarias de la superfamilia Opistorchioidea en Heleobia conexa Mollusca: