Unico camino a la felicidad – eBook () by John MacArthur. Results 1 – 14 of 14 Unico Camino a la Felicidad (Paperback or Softback) by MacArthur, John and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. : único camino a la felicidad: The Only Way to Happiness ( Spanish Edition) () by John MacArthur and a great selection of similar.

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In those books, Dr. MacArthur unveiled some fellicidad the Bible’s most important men and women, showing how God selected them for important Kingdom assignments.

Now, in From Ordinary to Extraordinary, Mohn. MacArthur hand selects the most powerful moments and lessons from their stories to encourage, inspire, and lead Christians. They’re all part of the chorus of literary geniuses who expressed admiration for The Parable of the Prodigal Son as outstanding literature. After all, it is a powerful drama, rich in detail, powerfully succinct, and intensely personal.

El Unico Camino a La Felicidad: Las Bienaventuranzas (Only Way To Happiness: The Beatitudes)

But beyond the literary critiques-besides being one of the most celebrated written works of all time-the message of this parable is one we can’t afford to ignore. As one of America’s most beloved Bible teachers, MacArthur leads us through the minefields of interpretation and restores the simple yet profound brilliance of this passage. Giving engrossing historical background, A Tale of Two Sons will reveal Christ’s original message as intended for the Pharisees, the disciples, and the world today.

Gain an enlightening perspective into the prodigal son’s story and embrace God’s love anew with A Tale of Two Sons. The System comes in a beautiful turned-edge book, complete with the following timeless elements:. John MacArthur y otros distinguidos maestros de predicadores responden al mandato apostolico en este tratado completo de la predicacion expositiva. La reconocida pasion que tiene el doctor MacArthur por las Escrituras se combino con la vision y destreza de otros miembros de la facultad de The Master’s Seminary para producir una declaracion definitiva de como dar a conocer el significado de la Palabra de Dios con eficacia a la congregacion de hoy en dia.

Otros colaboradores incluyen a: Busenitz y David C. Celebrated for their courage, vision, hospitality, and spiritual giftedness, it’s no wonder women were so important to God’s plan revealed in the Old and New Testaments.

It wasn’t their natural qualities that made these women extraordinary but the power of the one true God whom they worshipped and served. In Twelve Extraordinary Womenyou’ll learn more than fascinating information about these women, you’ll discover-perhaps for the first time-the unmistakable chronology of God’s redemptive work in history through their lives.

These women were not ancillary to His plan, they were at the very heart of it. It is, instead, grounded in what God has told us is true about ourselves and our world…. One of the greatest challenges facing Christians today is the powerful influence of secular thinking. The leadership team at Grace Community Church, along with their pastor, John MacArthur, provide much-needed discernment and clarity in the midst of rampant confusion. Also included is a topical reference guide of Bible verses that address key concerns—a guide that will arm you with right thinking and biblical answers to challenging questions.

Fire pours down from heaven as Elijah defeats more than four hundred false prophets. A starving widow pours oil from a pitcher that never runs dry.

A king and queen conspire to murder a man just because they want his garden. The reigns of the kings of Israel were turbulent indeed, marked by a succession of ungodly kings in conflict with the prophets of the Lord. A House Divided takes an in-depth look at the historical period beginning with the end of Solomon’s reign, continuing through the split between Judah and the rest of Israel, and concluding with the end of Elijah’s ministry.

Each guide looks at a portion of Scripture from three perspectives-historical studies, character studies, and thematic studies-and incorporates extensive commentary, detailed observations on overriding themes, and probing questions to help you study the Old Testament with guidance from John MacArthur. Right now, Truth is under attack, and much is at stake.


Christians are caught in the crossfire of alternative Christian histories, emerging faulty texts, and a cultural push to eliminate absolute Truth altogether. As a result, many churches and Christians have been deceived. Worse still, they propagate the deception that poses itself as Truth! For those struggling with contemporary society’s apparent willingness to redefine “truth”, The Truth War Study Guide: Empowers Christians to claim the certainties that God promises Critical evaluation of postmodern trends Teaches Christians how to identify and address the errors and false teachings smuggled into their churches For small group discussion or individual study The Glory of Heaven: Our pictures of life in heaven cover the range from comical to curious, from mystical to fictitious–with maybe some biblical truth thrown in.

We know angels will be there. But thanks to TV, we think of them as being gorgeous, white-robed beings with enormous wings.

El único camino a la felicidad: Sé manso B | Gracia a Vosotros | Ps. John MacArthur

We know we will be given new bodies, but books have convinced us that that means we will we end up with a set of wings ourselves. Amcarthur cartoons, movies, and modern music have portrayed those who have gone to heaven as having full knowledge of what’s happening to their loved ones on earth.

But if heaven is johhn your future, a Hollywood scriptwriter’s interpretation or some artist’s rendering of it just won’t do.

You need to know the truth, which, ironically, is far better than anything our creative minds can imagine. The only One who knows the glorious macarfhur about heaven is God. And the only place to find that truth is in His Word. In this book, pastor John MacArthur takes you through those very Scriptures and opens your heart to the realities of heaven, angels, and eternal macwrthur. It’s a joyous study of every Christian’s future. A future that you can and should anticipate.

Come along with this best-selling author for an in-depth look at where you’ll spend eternity. Open up The Glory of Heaven and catch a glimpse of Home. In The Tale of Two Sons Workbookone of America’s greatest Bible teachers takes readers deeper into Luke 15 than they’ve ever been before, revealing insights into the culture of Jesus’ day and a surprise secret ending. The Parable of the Prodigal Son Luke It’s so special because it presents in clear and inspiring terms our struggle with sin, the need of our hearts to be accepted and pursued, and the Father’s inexhaustible mercy and love.

But most Christians would say that they’ve heard every sermon possible from this gem of scripture. That it has lost its luster. In The Tale of Two Sonsone of America’s most beloved pastors restores the brilliance of this passage for the feliciidad, giving engrossing historical background and a surprise ending readers may have never known.

Every parent who has lost a child has dealt with disturbing, haunting questions. Where is my baby now? Will I ever see my child again? Renowned Bible expositor John MacArthur tackles the question of infant death in the womb or following birth in his trademark style–with detailed attention to Scriptures that hold the answers.

No death occurs apart from the purposes of God, MacArthur assures readers, just as no life occurs apart from the purposes of God. With a pastor’s heart, he leads readers to an understanding of the eternal destination of these precious little ones. Babies–and anyone else who has not reached the condition johb accountability–go to heaven when they die, and there will, indeed, be a time of blessed reunion with these souls.

This comforting book is certain to bring consolation to those experiencing this most painful loss. Popular perception of Jesus Christ is that of a tempered, genteel man who walked the earth, offering nuggets of wisdom to His followers. But what we sometimes fail to recognize is that although Jesus Christ offered a message of forgiveness, He also spoke challenging, demanding words about what being a follower of Christ requires. In contrast to the superficiality of much modern Christian teaching, Dr.


John MacArthur serves up the unvarnished truth of what Christ taught and lived.

In simple, compelling terms, he spells out what is required of those who would follow Him. Going beyond Jesus’ life to include the crucifixion and resurrection, MacArthur shows readers that Jesus modeled the commitment and loving obedience He requires of us by making the ultimate sacrifice for humankind. Best-selling author John MacArthur gives readers a fresh look at how Jesus addressed attacks against the truth.

These are the popular depictions of Jesus. But they aren’t the complete picture. Maybe because it’s uncomfortable, or maybe because it’s inconvenient, Christians and non-Christians alike are overlooking the fierceness of the Savior, His passionate mission to make the Gospel clear and bring people into the Kingdom of God.

A mission that required he sometimes raise his voice and sometimes raise a whip.

MacArthur points to the compelling picture of the real Jesus the world is so eager to gloss over. And he calls readers to emulate Jesus’ commitment to further the kingdom by confronting lies and protecting the truth of God.

Now in paperback, this helpful volume by pastor and best-selling author John MacArthur guides readers in mscarthur a biblical worldview on a wide range of issues. What we think shapes who we are. That’s why the Bible tells us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” Romans In a world of differing voices competing for our allegiance, we must learn to “think unuco so we can distinguish good from evil.

God is the Creator of this world; his voice-his Word-must guide our thoughts and our lives. With the Jonh in their hands, John MacArthur and other scholars and teachers from mzcarthur Master’s College confront the false worldviews that dominate our postmodern world. The authors provide models for cultivating a biblical mind-set on worship, psychology, gender, science, education, history, government, economics, and literature.

This book will help anyone who is striving to think biblically in today’s culture. Masterfully and jhn, he grapples with the issues of forgiveness and church discipline. Few concepts are more basic to Christianity-or more important to a Christian’s personal and spiritual well-being-than forgiveness. Yet in an age in which it has become fashionable to “forgive yourself” rather than to forgive others, can our modern ways of understanding guilt, blame, mercy, and justice be reconciled with Jesus’ teaching?

Pastor John MacArthur begins The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness by examining the doctrine of the atonement, ls basis for any teaching on forgiveness. He then answers some common questions about forgiveness, such as: Why are we supposed to seek God’s forgiveness if he has already justified us?

How should we handle repeat offenses against us?


When is restitution appropriate? MacArthur then presents potent, relevant biblical principles of forgiveness. Best-selling author John MacArthur gives readers a fresh look at how Jesus addressed attacks against the Truth.

Si esta tratando de condensar el ministerio pastoral en un volumen,! Alentador, perspicaz y desafiante, El ministerio pastoral esta disenado para una nueva generacion de pastores que tratan de dirigir con la pasion de los apostoles. Escrito por MacArthur y sus colegas en The Master’s Seminary, esta guia bosqueja las prioridades biblicas esenciales para un ministerio eficaz. A Tale of Two Sons: