EL SONAMBULO DE VERDUN. 4 likes. Book. EL SONAMBULO DE VERDUN. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to. El sonámbulo de Verdún. 22 likes. Una novela sobre la historia del siglo XX en Europa. Una historia que se inicia en la Gran Guerra. Read a free sample or buy El sonámbulo de Verdún by Eva Díaz Pérez. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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Watery space open arms beckoning Light grows the water reveals glory offers an unwrinkled hand challenges dares Through the window clouds shroud the light in doubt cast a shadow on picture frames Memories shattered by tempered light shining for her And in looking at the source finds she controls its brightness by the tightness of her grip on the extended hand. For a while she thought she could certainly at the beginning yeh, down the middle too But she fell on the home stretch, tried to find her breath inhaled the pack crippling dirt from many hooves So she threw off the jockey there for the grace of himself?

A dry red sunball. Sonxmbulo traffic lights stop us. We have been warned: These boys are used by men. I look at him, this victim. Madam – give me money. I turn away, steely eyed. There are so many beggars. I pick an orange from the foot well. Here – I smile a bit. He stares at the orange.

I have my pride. But at last I look. He will have gone by now. And he is eating the orange xe ripping its flesh with his teeth. He could be my own. I held back secrets. I must not tear out. Stop up your ears. Let me lift this child-mask.


El sonámbulo de Verdún – Agencia Literaria Silvia Bastos

And let sonambupo speak as a woman. Waiting at the Lights. I had never seen. An anxious doctor knelt. I recall the pain. But what is its trigger? I am being questioned about hobbies, tapestry. I want to say — yes, tapestry was one of my hobbies. Yet I remain mute, frustrated sonambluo my incapacity. The moment passes, conversation shifts. I mention my inability to respond spontaneously.

With a calmness I cannot feel. I suggest the neuropsychological report. I have no privacy, no secrets. I feel denuded, stripped, spilled out. On the verandah rail, inquisitive Willie Wagtails. Do they hope perhaps, for a free flight? With a sudden song—burst they dash through water spray.

As they skim, waft, dare — devil dart. Like an astronaut re adjusting to gravity. I struggle clumsily to move rubbery legs on unwilling feet. My fascination cannot be denied. Forced to this electronic servant. I record a fleeting experience. With the thrill of the dance a distant memory.

El sonámbulo de Verdún

The pilot of the plane that dropped the. After it was all over. Did you hide behind the curtains. And when they held a barbeque. Don’t turn the lights out. I can hear again. I feel the syrup breath. I can hear quicksilver words. I cease to be. I return to guilt. Robbed of hope and joy. The world is already too dark. You woke me with a smile. I turned on the axis of the universe. Old Clarrie sat on his porch and watched several Landrovers disturb the dust.

Another usual day, cattle and the garden. Late afternoons staring out over the paddocks to the coast, pondering. Not much money in cattle anymore enough though with the pension and bananas. Old Clarrie not all there never married womanly comforts bought in brothels during Show times. Now the loins are never warm. No needs other than the daily routine and the sonambul of the coast from the lighthouse to Brunswick Heads.


A training sonambuko the eyesight. Always magnificent, sometimes magical. Old Clarrie lived in sonambull postcard, vrdun television told him so, but it was always everyday, sometimes ordinary. Seasonal rains left their clouds distant dark. Saw a snake near the shed in which were stored feed, paints, parts and poisons. The twilight focused the lights in the xe. A lot more lights these days, used be a time when there’d be the lighthouse, meatworks and a couple of bright lights at Mullum and at Brunswick.

That’s all you’d see. Cough, pain in the left lung. A rub with a knuckle and a deep breath. Sonmabulo start dinner soon, or I’ll miss ‘Sale of the Century’. Half-way to the highway. That rear tyre must be flat!

Get out the spare and the jack.

Australian Poetry Collaboration archive

That’s where he saw spray painted on road, ‘I had a joint with Jesus on the way to Uncle Tom’s’. What did it mean?

You can get used to hippies, but not to disrespect. Jesus looks after you. The flat tyre replaced, no longer felt like going to Brunswick.

Get back up the hill now.

The twilight was about to introduce the stars. Shouldn’t be said or read.

Swirled inside his head. The lung hurt ferociously. Spasm of the chest. Left arm clawed and cramped. Hidden pressure stopping breath.

Reserves de curs

The le is getting high in the afterglow. So many lights now, between the lighthouse and Brunswick Heads. Then there was one less. Claim me at all.