SUBJECT NAME: VLSI DESIGN. SUBJECT CODE: EC UNIT I CMOS TECHNOLOGY. PART –A (2 MARKS). 1. What are four generations of Integration. EC / EC64 VLSI Design 2 Marks With Answers ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication Engineering. Sixth Semester. 2 MARK QUESTION AND ANSWERS. ECVLSI DESIGN is CMOS technology? Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)in which.

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What are the properties of dynamic logic?

EC – VLSI Design 2Marks with Answer and 16Marks Question

What is the full custom ASIC design? These faults most frequently occur due to thin- oxide shorts or metal-to-metal shorts.

This indicates the amount of time after the clock edge, the data input D must be held stable in order for Flip Flop to latch the correct value. Give some circuit maladies to overcome the defects? Give the basic inverter circuit. Log In Vsi Up. Short-Circuit and Open-Circuit Faults Define propagation delay and contamination delay? What is desiggn as percentage-fault coverage? The threshold voltage VT is not a constant with respect to the voltage difference between the substrate and the source of MOS transistor.

An always block executes in a loop vlsk repeats during the simulation. If it is false zero or ambiguous xthe false- statement is executed.

Write short note on the performance of ripple carry adder. Because of finite delay of the gates used to realize the Boolean functions, different signals cannot reach the inputs of a gate simultaneously this leads to spurious transition at the output before it settles down to its final value, the spurious transitions leads to charging and discharging of the outputs causing glitch power dissipation.


Routing is done using the spaces Routing is done using the area of transist unused. The current between drain and source terminals is constant and independent of the applied voltage over the terminals.

The standard cell areas also called flexible blocks in a CHIC are built of rows of standard cells. These tests are usually used early in the design cycle to verify the functionality of the circuit.

Give the different types of ASIC. It provides signals that control the test data registers, and the instruction register. That makes latch based design more efficient. No Latch-up Due to absence of bulks transistor structures are denser than bulk silicon.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Circuit realization is very simple Consumes less power Compact layout giving smaller chip area 4. Give the different symbols for transmission gate.


This Voltage effectively pinches off the channel near the drain. A single layout is used repetitively for every bit in the data word. Mars event control 2. The boundary scan register is a special case of a data register.

matks What are different generations of integration circuits? Logic synthesisSystem partitioning c. The device that is normally cut-off with answerz gate bias. These primitives are instantiated like modules except that they are predefined in verilog and do not need a module definition. Fault grading consists of two steps. The simplest witth is the Braun multiplier. The port has four or five single bit connections, as follows: A matrix of programmable interconnect surrounds the basic logic cells.


All the partial products are computed in parallel, and then collected through a cascade of Carry Save Adders. Setup time is a requirement that the data has to be stable before the clock edge and hold time is a requirement that the data has to be stable after the clock edge.

Define Setup time and Hold time. The effective length of the conductive channel is actually modulated by the applied voltage VDS, increasing VDS causes the depletion region at the drain junction to grow, reducing the length of the effective channel. Cut off region 2.

A latch stores when the clock A flip flop stores when the clock 2. Ingot trimming and grinding 3.

The width of the MOS transistor can be increased to reduce delay this is known as gate sizing, which will be discussed later in more details.