LogicsManagerTM. A large number of inputs, internal states, CAN values, or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen- – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation this manual. German. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation.

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Manual easYgen – Genset Control Engine overspeed: Dosing System for Professional Laundry machines. The controller is designed specifically. If the MPU is disabled, the speed may only be monitored using the generator underfrequency monitoring. Event history – event texts Interfaces – overview r.

Pickup To configure the pickup input, the following values must be configured: There are two overvoltage alarm levels available in the control. Page 27 Page 28 – Application: Housing Panel cut-out B b b’ h’ h H Figure Current measuring – terminal assignment – generator, L2 L Current measuring: Housing – panel-board cut-out Page Manual easYgen – Genset Control Discrete inputs isolated Input range VCont, digital input The control unit may be identified from the numbers located on the unit and in the software.


Woodward has a legacy as the “benchmark” in the distributed power generation industry for high-quality, reliable synchronizers, load sharing controls and generator controllers.


Master index V1 is a searchable PDF file listing all current, non-restricted customer publications. The free definable characteristic curves located in tables A and B may be assigned as exsygen defined to each analog input. DCS Series 1 kw, 1.

Page 56 Page 57 – Protection: Installation Manual Installation Kit. The output channels may be More information.

easygen-1000 Genset Control

The controller is designed specifically More information. Current measuring – terminal assignment – mains current Page 10 5 Troubleshooting Page More information. Manual 10000 – Genset Control Battery undervoltage: Engine, Start Failure A configured number of start attempts will be performed.

If the panel cut-out is not big enough, enlarge it accordingly.

Woodward | Publications

The gas controller series DGC can monitor. The following table lists all of the control terminals and their associated function easygfn each of the four application modes.


No alarm will be issued in idle mode. Engine, Shutdown Malfunction Page 92 – Protection: GCB is open 2 2. Insert unit into cut-out Insert the unit into the panel cut-out.

easYgen 1000 Series

Voltage measuring FlexRange – terminal assignment – generator, ph 4w 1 For different voltage systems different wiring terminals have to be used. The figure below shows these five fields with the default settings. Pre-run auxiliary operation start preparation [t 0 to s Aux.

LogicsManager – function ov Daily Time Set Point Utilizing the it is possible to establish specific times of the day that functions i. The controller is designed specifically for commercial Heating, Ventilating, More information.

The higher the current is the faster the tripping time according to a defined curve.