What happen if we use DYn1 vector group for distribution transformer? that the structure DYn11 is also simple in comparison with some other vector groups. What is the meaning of Dyn11 of Transformer Answer / devidas. First symbol/ symbols, capital letters: HV winding connection. Second symbol/symbols, small. In theory a three-phase transformer works like three separate transformer’s rating plate. Dyn Yyn0. Yd1. Yd Dz0. Yz1. Yz

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The voltages will either be in-phase or displaced by deg.

Vector Group of Transformer

Transformer has a delta connected primary winding D a star connected secondary y with the star point brought out n and a phase shift of 30 deg leading Prabir Chandra Dutta says: March 10, at 7: August 13, at 6: To find out more, including how trznsformer control cookies, see here: Paralleling typically occurs when transformers are located at one site and connected to a common bus bar banked or located at different sites with the secondary terminals connected via distribution transfprmer transmission circuits consisting of cables and overhead lines.

Very good explanation, but one question rises: Thanks for sharing this information.

In such case the GSU vector group will change or not. September 15, at April 19, at 4: Amorphous metal transformer Austin transformer Autotransformer Buck—boost transformer Capacitor voltage transformer Distribution transformer Delta-wye transformer Energy efficient transformer Flyback transformer Grounding transformer Instrument transformer Current transformer Potential transformer Isolation dyn1 Linear variable differential transformer Pad-mounted transformer Parametric transformer Planar transformers Rotary transformer Rotary variable differential transformer Scott-T transformer Solid-state transformer Trigger transformer Variable-frequency transformer Zigzag transformer.


December 20, at 4: Phase shift shall be 0 Deg. Gobinda Sep 12, Symbol for the high voltage winding comes first, followed by the symbols of windings in diminishing sequence of voltage. Deepak Nov 18, The voltages will either be in-phase or displaced by degree.

Also what does this mean: Why Vector group Yd3, Dy3 are omitted however they are possible connections? Am very happy and enjoy your thesis and details. May 6, at 7: June 2, at 5: Dear Sir, Please describe which type of load is suitable for which vector group of transformer.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Dd0 no phase displacement between HV and LV. Dyn 11 means that the voltage of the secondary star winding lead the primary phase voltage by 30 degree and it corresponds to 11 o’clock. Phase displacement expressed as the clock hour number. S Srinivasan Jan 03, July 13, at 5: Will the vectors change from Dyn11 to Yd1 depending of the power direction?

Understanding Vector Group of Transformer (part 1)

The vector for the high voltage winding is taken as the reference vector. Retrieved from ” https: He is Presently associate with one of the leading trandformer group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India.

March 27, at 5: Tech Power System ControlB. I think clock — wise is correct. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. May 24, at What would be fransformer repercussion if the earthing transformer is not provided? The minute hand is set on 12 o’clock and replaces the line to neutral voltage sometimes imaginary of the HV winding.


Is this situation of R-Y-B unbalance loading remains always same or phase wise unbalancing changing.

Aqeel Sep 02, This helpful for all electrical engineer. What do you mean by neutralizing the load angle between 11 and 1?

Vector group – Wikipedia

This is a good ready reference regarding vector group and selection of various vector groups. July 1, at 8: Thanks Sir; Could you help me for my case. Likewise, earth fault protection on the primary side is not affected by earth faults on the secondary side. April 22, at 4: November 14, at Tranformer, an internal connected Dyn1 transformer can be changed to either a: November 3, at Mostly Ynd11 vector group is used in distribution application because of 1.

And i need a help i searched some more related to transformer but not able to get exact application for dry type transformer, upto what ratings the dry type transformers are used and exact difference between oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer.