View and Download Spektrum DX5e user manual online. 5-Channel Full Range DSM GHz Radio System. DX5e Remote Control pdf manual download. Horizon Hobby, Inc. This manual contains instructions for safety, operation and maintenance. . Section 8: Your Spektrum DX5e Radio System. Get Spektrum SPMR DX5e Manual. Get all Spektrum manuals!.

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For up-to-date product literature, visit http: The France RF setting should only be turned on when operating your transmitter mmanual France outdoors. Please see page 12 for more details. When taking flight log data readings, the Frames and Hold Data are important and should be used a reference while Fades are insignificant due to the nature of frequency hopping. Your DX5e transmits on the 2. Hold the trainer switch and pull and hold the Elevator trim button backward.

Spektrum SPMR DX5e : Manual

Turn on the transmitter. A series of descending tones should be heard. Therefore, the center pin on all Spektrum chargers is negative, not positive. Each time a trimmer is moved the servo output will change one step. If the trimmer is held, the output will scroll in that direction until the trimmer is dx5f or the output reaches its end.


The DX5e transmitter can be used as a master but the slave transmitter must have dx5s same programming i.

Power the receiver by plugging in a receiver battery in any port on the receiver. Note that the LED on the receiver should be flashing, indicating that the receiver is in bind mode and ready to be bound to the transmitter.

Binding is the process of teaching the receiver the specific code of the transmitter so it will only connect to that specific transmitter. Move the throttle stick and switches on the transmitter to the desired ,anual smartsafe positions, usually low throttle.

The DX5e incorporates a range testing mode which reduces the output power of the transmitter, allowing a range check.

Rubik Hub | Owner’s manual for spektrum dx5e manual “” – Rubik Hub

With the model restrained on the ground, stand 30 paces approx. Hold the trainer switch and push and hold the Aileron trim button to the right.

A series of ascending tones should be heard. With a Smart Bind receiver, the transmitter must be turned on approximately 5 seconds before the receiver. Federal Aviation Administration Background Modelers generally are concerned with safety and exercise good judgment when flying model aircraft.


However, in the interest of safer skies, we encourage operators of radio controlled and free flight models to comply with the following standards: Exercise vigilance in locating full-scale aircraft get help if possible so as not to create a collision hazard. Horizon reserves the right to inspect any and all equipment involved in a warranty claim.

In addition you will be billed for return freight. All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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Leaders in Spread Spectrum T echnology. Page 10 EN DE 3. Page 15 Federal Aviation Administration Background Modelers generally are concerned with safety and exercise good judgment when flying model aircraft. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing. Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Your manual failed to upload