The outfit’s new Durabook S15C is its latest in a long line of field-tested machines , with this guy using a magnesium alloy case that’s 20 times. Award winning Durabook Rugged Laptop – High Def inch Outdoor Viewable Display. Military Spec Rugged Computer that is durable, reliable and powerful. ASI Computers is the manufacturing branch of ASI Solutions.

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The Durabook S15C has a bright x pixel wide-format display that remains usable outdoors without much reflection and glare. It is a properly sized and flush-mounted affair with two large and very responsive mouse buttons in front of it. Benchmarks, of course, are notoriously difficult to compare over different processor types, and results often greatly vary from benchmark to benchmark.

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: GammaTech DuraBook S15C

Go figure on that one. From the Panasonic Toughbooks to the Getac series of laptops, most rugged notebooks seem to offer a lot of protection but not much to look at. Yet even after running the benchmarks twice more, the results did not improve.

Both the main and the auxiliary antenna were connected. GammaTech Durabook S15C highlights: Those duurabook can range from mild use in a field office to specific like use in a vehicle to truly extreme.

GammaTech introduces new Durabook S15C rugged notebook

All the conveniences and features of a consumer notebook are there: It would be unfair to compare the Durabook’s battery capacity with that of some of the leading rugged notebooks that come with very high capacity batteries designed to last a full shift. It’s a bit like deciding if you need a hardened military vehicle for a job, or if perhaps a standard SUV will do.


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While it’s not immediately obvious by the fairly modest ruggedness claims, the Durabook is an exceptionally well constructed machine. It offers portability and features seldom found in notebooks that are designed for rugged environments.

Semi-rugged and durable notebooks, on the other hand, are not designed to be away from electrical outlets for extended periods of time, and they generally have smaller batteries. As is, GammaTech really only claims resistance to drops, shock, and spills, and describes the design limits in some detail.


This means the Durabook has a very frugal backlight! GammaTech’s exclusive optical-disk-tray lock prevents unintentional tray s15cc due to drop and vibration.

Availability As with the complete line of Gammatech notebook and tablet computers, the S15C notebook computer is available through authorized resellers nationwide and at http: Product availability information provided on our website is accurate up to one day and in most cases is sufficient to determine actual product availability.

It has hardly more duurabook, in fact, than the battery in my little Acer Aspire One netbook that I occasionally use around the office and on trips.

The lower left corner of the picture you can see six notification lights.

When you close the lid, two small latches snap into place, securing the LCD case in place when in closed position. On the sealing front, GammaTech concentrated on spill resistance. The Durabook S15C comes with a brilliant Scroll Back to Top menu. Mum’s the word on pricing, but considering that you’ll need to dial ’em up to place an order, we highly doubt all that ruggedness will come cheap.


Overview Specifications The S15C rugged notebook comes equipped with the computing power and performance needed by the most demanding user and is designed with rugged features to protect the system from damage in the toughest working environments. Despite its low starting price, the Durabook is a every good performer. The look perfectly captures this Durabook’s purpose of being about halfway between a standard full-function consumer notebook and a fully rugged and heavily fortified one.

And if you wonder how the Windows power management durablok affects performance, we measured an overall Passmark score of So how did GammaTech address this issue in the S15C? Double protection smart furabook circuitry prevents damage caused by current or voltage surges and overheating.

GammaTech introduces new Durabook S15C rugged notebook – News

Flexible HDD cable design absorbs shock from drops. The disk sits in a separate shock-mounted caddy. Phone for fastest response.

The Durabook S15C rugged notebook computer offers everything you need in today”s mobile environment. You’re in control Pick a loan that fits your budget.

If additional ruggedness and performance are an issue, SSDs bring substantial benefits. The optional higher capacity battery is recommended.