The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. The most useful section is the Unit Testing API, which lists all the procedures. Follow these instructions as closely a possible in order get a good insight into how DejaGnu works, else you might run into a lot of subtle problems. You have. DejaGnu uses the GNU autoconf to configure itself. For more info on using autoconf, read the GNU autoconf manual. To configure, execute the configure.

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When GNU autotools generate site.

FAIL Indicates that a test has failed. These are effectively concatenated, so they are run one after the other after running all the configurations. Strictly speaking the suffix.

Finally it will check for end-of-file or timeout. Using DejaGnu standalone 5. Local config file This is always named site. The FSF is a charity with a worldwide mission to advance software freedom — learn about our history and work. In general any pattern starting with ‘-‘ should be protected using -gl to future proof against new flags.

Indicates that a test has failed as expected.

runtest(1) – Linux man page

Triggered by calling the xpass procedure. Commonly used when tests timeout. The important thing to remember is that this means the configuration files are only read once, not once for each test. For example, if a standard says “The sun shall shine”, a corresponding assertion might be “The sun is shining. This is a convenient place for quickly testing changes. Within that directory are the following sub-directories:. Equivalent to matching either eof or timeout.


This might be the name of a tool for example or1ksimbut it might equally be an indicator of a type of test for example unit.

See the Legal Notice for details. The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. Once matching is complete, the matched output and any preceding output is discarded from the internal buffers.

Computing results Final result is 42 Test complete. Triggered by calling the unsupported procedure. Indicates that a test is not supported. Colloquially it is used to refer to the language used by that program, which is an extension of Djagnu.

runtest(1): DejaGnu test driver program – Linux man page

Write any test programs and compile them. Triggered by calling the untested procedure. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are dejganu on all copies. Beyond this, DejaGnu offers several advantages for testing:. They are introduced with the flag -re.

Dejagnu – Free Software Directory

It is common to append additional directories to this search path in one of the earlier configuration directories typically the global config file to provide additional board specific information. Though brief, this example is a complete test. Otherwise it will run only the test specified.


Comprehensive documentation may be found in the book Exploring Expect by Don Libes [2]. For example, to look in the config sub-directory of manial main test directory for board specific settings, the following would be suitable in the global configuration file.

The expect language 2. The paper is included in PostScript form in the manua, distribution as are several other papers about expect.

So we must check for successful completion first. A typical test framework directory structure 2. Triggered by calling the fail procedure. Thus for the tool or1ksimthe tests might appear in directories named or1ksim. It then executes the corresponding body. Writing a dsjagnu is a matter of spawning the test program, then using the expect to match the output and report failure as appropriate.

By default, runtest prints only the names of the tests it runs, output from any tests that have unexpected results, and a summary showing how many tests passed and how many failed. Global config mnaual This is intended as a file to allow a group testing the same product to share common settings.

The code is identical, except we must note from within the procedure that verbose is a global variable.