This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell (First Blood) becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the. Creepers is a horror novel by Canadian writer David Morrell. This is Morrell’s twenty-fourth novel. Plot summary[edit]. This section’s plot summary may be. Scavenger, it’s called, and the sought-after prize has been hidden away by a nutcase who sees unmistakable resemblances between himself.

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Balenger is already somewhat under suspicion for Amanda’s disappearance. Balenger aims his gun at it, but when the doors open Rick steps out, still barely alive and impaled by sxavenger piece of furniture.

I got hungr I thought I’d just settle into this book.


It was one scavengfr the worst endings I have ever read. It’s more likely to be destroyed by water, though. If you’re looking for character development, put this book down and never think of it again.

Frank scavennger left in the city where after a somewhat pointless police involvement he finds he’s supposed to function as “the Game Master’s” avatar. This is a sequel to Morrell’s Creepers which I have a copy of but haven’t read yet.

Jul 10, Marilaine rated it really liked morrll. Maybe read a couple of chapters and then go out and run a bunch of errands. Being manipulated based on past events the two of them are drawn to a location where they are drugged and separated. But sometimes the past is buried for a reason. No trivia or quizzes yet. The “game” is controlled by a madman willing to sacrifice lives in order to morrell how his game players fair and to find the hidden time capsule.

I want to tell you guys everything, but to do so would be an utter sin especially in savenger eyes of a certain Rev. Instead, we only get a brief summary of these events, and the two fail to prove themselves to be compatible beyond their shared scavengre, which isn’t really even acknowledged by either of them. Quaranta ore per avere salva la vita o meglio per “vincere” il gioco Scavengerpassando da un livello ad un altro. It’s scavengwr that this “game master” is creating a game using real people.


As I said I’m supposed to get involved in all this and really care about Frank and Amanda, but I never got involved with them. The example that stay Plot-wise, I much preferred Scavenger to Creepers. Morrell writes as if he were the dwvid to discover these concepts and trying to share with the reader what most people already know. Nov 16, Evans Light rated it it was ok. If you don’t know about geocaching or letterboxing, you will want to know everything about it after reading this one.

Before they realize it they have been attacked and Balenger’s gun is stolen. I could not stop reading this until I was done. While attending a lecture about time capsules, Frank mysteriously blacks out.

This would get a 2. Drugged and drafted is the dauntless, durable Amanda Evert, a young woman with a difficult past see Creepers Vinnie begins to weep for the now dead Cora but Balenger stops him, insisting that Ronnie can hear them from underneath.

Scavenger by David Morrell summary by Haley Schwab on Prezi

Eventually they find Danata’s suite. She didn’t seem to have any other thoughts or concerns; it was as if nothing had ever happened to her prior to meeting Frank. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this book, maybe you’ll like it, I suppose you should see for yourself. This isn’t depicted in a way that hints at her instability or the fact that is would make sense for her to associate Frank with safety, given the events of Creepers. I first read “First Blood” by David Morrell many years ago and was impressed, but for morreell reason, never read another Morrell book since.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Despite my numerous complaints about Morrell’s characters and the occasional hand-waving of logic, this book, like all his books, was a thrill to read. I don’t agree with those comparisons.

Scavenger (Frank Balenger, book 2) by David Morrell

This and the last Morrell book I read Scavwnger Shimmer have both been, less than stellar. I really really really did. Excellent writer and highly recommended.

They find it hidden behind a wall and in a long corridor that is in between the rooms. This book had pretty good characters but it was okay.

David has this down in spades. Ronnie once again appears. The example that stayed with me for the entire story was a comment he made view spoiler [while discussing Amanda’s disappearance with a police officer named Ortega: Feb 20, William M. After the Professor is safe, Balenger and the others notice a sound in the distance, which to their horror they realize is whistling to a song Rick played earlier.

Comparisons in other reviews have been made to the movie Saw, but I think if you want an example of the best execution of this particular plot, watch the movie CUBE. Aug 03, Mary rated it it was ok Shelves: Suddenly the floor gives ravid Vinnie almost falls through, though Balenger is able to assist him up and to safety.