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As such, take the time to evaluate the trends in your customer satisfaction levels to obtain invaluable customer input to drive your business decisions.

The Account Manager then discusses the customer’s survey results and asks three key questions: Unlocking The Value of Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys In today’s business environment companies cannot afford to lose a single profitable customer.

The off-shoring issue is more complex. And, they do this without an understanding of what they could achieve for “new revenue” from their existing customer-base. We would be happy to share additional information on this topic.

This requires senior management to continuously evaluate where and how resources are invested. It is up to companies to focus on reaching every customer and developing a relationship.

The benefits of implementing and following a process such as this include: But there was nothing new for the customers and retaining the customers was very important in terms of staying in the Fortune list.

The use of more customer-centric technologies will confer competitive advantage on those who deploy them wisely, and will leave the laggards further and further behind. It was Hilton’s way of “just doing a little customer appreciation for my frequent stays. By so doing you have taken the necessary steps to fulfill a customer’s unmet needs and respond to their concerns that may have been previously unknown to your firm.


Finally, each team must come prepared to a cross-functional review meeting, to discuss the survey results reflective of their area and comment on actions that have been, or will be, taken. Online ordering is practically two clicks. The whole clearing system is a subset of this system. Not exactly a “wow” experience, you might say, but the fact that the business handled it well nearly floored this customer.

Empowering the entire contact center staff. This is a program that you would perform, in its entirety, for only your highest-profile accounts. Because they make a connection with customers that transcends the basic functional value they offer. There are 6 steps you can take to Implement Account Strategies, driven by customer satisfaction survey results.

As Rance of customer-experience specialist Round says, “Customer Experience Management attempts to define how all the customer management capabilities within an organization, such as the brand, marketing, business rules, processes, decision-making authority, training, employee engagement customer data and metrics, etc.

If this is your approach to performing surveys, then the first step to setting up a HOTLINE process is ensuring you are “connected at the hip” with your survey partner.

Ardexus MODE: Lotus Notes CRM

She knows that the center has handled this kind of campaign before and that more experienced agents are on shift, so she instructs supervisors to alter some assignments to put the more Handle times drop, and as a result, the number of calls handled rises.


Reaping the full benefits of our survey program didn’t happen overnight. You need to view your network and services from your customers’ perspective to gain a true understanding of availability, performance, quality and usage. And finally a challenge Anyone in government reading this? In CRMGuru’s survey, only cgm percent of respondents agreed that companies “currently provide an excellent customer experience. Your customer’s level of satisfaction will increase and you will have increased the measure of loyalty they have with your firm.

And really, it’s not a moment too soon.

The customer has a different point of view. This provides opportunities for your executives to hear “unfiltered” feedback from your customer-base.

NOTES ON ALL CRM TOPICS | Management Paradise

Individual users have different handsets, use different services, connect from different locations, and connect over different paths through the network. Reporting should occur on at least a monthly basis.

Having defined CRM, here are some generalizations Any CRM initiative is and has the potential of providing strategic advantages to the organization, if handled right. The remaining steps outline how you can do this, by leveraging your customer’s survey results. When you get a free weekend, you head for the open road on your Harley.