Used But Good Condition. Crabtree Loadstar Range MCB. Early Style Series 2 Approx – Crabtree Loadstar MCB 20 Amp Single Pole Breaker Type B 20A . Product Description. Crabtree Loadstar 6HS16C C Type 16A Single Pole Mcb. 6HS16C is a 16A out going MCB for Crabtree Loadstar commerial/industrial. Product Description. Crabtree Loadstar 6HS16B B Type 16A Single Pole Mcb. 6HS16B is a 16A out going MCB for Crabtree Loadstar commerial/industrial.

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Again thank you all for your help. Yes odd I know! I now need to replace a suspect mcb Looking at the photographs of the cu can you tell me if I need to undo the bottom screw of every mcb in that sector to take off the copper neutral bus bar before I can take out the suspect mcb by pulling down the back release ring on the mcb etc. Placed a light attachment to one of the sockets and all was well for some 5 or so hours.

Symptoms are this Peter p There is a dedicated mcb for the garden The circuit was installed from new some 5 years ago.

Crabtree 6HS16C Loadstar 16A MCB Single Pole C Type 10kA

Loavstar you had any little furry visitors having a chew at the cable? I am glad you corrected me on that issue! Agree it won’t is highly unlikely! Hi spinlondon thanks cable fully enclosed. Switched off mcb for garden and switch on rcd all ok until mcb switched back on again!

RCDs will also trip if too much current returns via crabtee Neutral, something associated with shared neutrals. I will now get an expert in and see what can be found. The mcb will not move Clip pulled down but no movement on this mcb or on other individual mcb if trying individually to remove even with bus bar screw released.


Crabtree Loadstar 6HS16C C Type 16A Single Pole Mcb – Your Electrics | Electrical Supplies

Log in or Sign up. Usually caused by some or all the current leaking to Earth due to a short on either the live or Neutral conductors. May I thank you all for you contributions to my query.

Yes I think I was barking up the wrong tree with my mcb hard fault! I am still intrigued as to why it is knocking off the RCB as absolutely nothing has touched the cable and the run from the cu to the the adjoining shed is all indoors. The circuit in question needs meggering, doesn’t sound like an mcb problem to me. Yes my fault re polarity of bus bar!! The circuit is just one twin and earth going directly from mcb to a twin 13a socket which has now been disconnected! Does not see daylight!

The screw is already loose. The cable runs are enclosed in plastic trunking so it should not be affected by vermin!!!! Alun Tom and unphased like this.

Else, yes, just drop the busbar, lift out the mcb, drop new one in and refit busbar. I was not thinking when writing thread sorry but thanks for highlighting it!! Rcd still tripped immediately whenever mcb was switched on. The ends of the supply wire temporarily terminated by a choc box connector At present still tripping in that state but yesterday when reconnected to the socket worked for approximately 6 hours without tripping anything then mid evening You should find water problems in at least one of them.

And don’t forget that just switching off the MCB does not fully isolate the circuit. Its not, JP, they have special shrouded busbars and a single tab lock-in system unique to the Starbreaker. Now only the 2.


Crabtree Loadstar consumer unit. Changing mcb | Screwfix Community Forum

Unusual for an MCB to fail, are you sure its not overloaded. For the MCB to be the cause, there would have to be a path for the lost current to take. No, create an account now. Yes I have thought of it but loadsatr that as a cause!! This is after I toggled mcb switch a dozen times! BazzaApr loasstar, If it does not trip, the fault is with the wiring.

Crabtree Loadstar consumer unit. There is no issue re moisture as this is all in the dry As mcb Has anyone loadstaar this typ3 of thing before?

Yes, my password is: OP have you tried to remove the breaker?

Disconnected both sockets from junction box. Switch the circuit off, and inspect all the termination points at the different accessory positions.

Crabtree Loadstar MCB TP 40a B Type 10ka 6HT40B (389)

Alun TomApr 25, It probably crabhree if you take the bus bar out but when you put it back make sure none of the clamps miss the prong and just tighten up on themselves.

Share This Page Tweet. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It should be possible to lift it off the busbar without undoing all of the mcbs to drop it.

Your name or email address: TBH I think you are better getting someone in for this. Do you ceabtree have an account? Alun Tom likes this. Looks more like a Starbreaker db to me. Not likely to be mcb at fault.