ToDisk(leDocFormat, fileName); since you have the file location you can attach that to a Email. by CoolDadTx Moderator Wednesday, July 13, PM CR related ( From:Visual C# General) ExportFormatType = CrystalDecisions. I also don’t like to use CR Toolbar. Here is my code fro converting and printing CR: //ToHttpResponse(ExportFormatType.

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Hi, Can you the solution, please email me hongclub hotmail.

You can use the Crystal report viewer control which has in built exporting functionality for Word, excel, odf etc Let me know if you have ideas or further questions. Required Invalid Email Address. Hi Mitesh, Have a look at exportformattypw links, http: I agree to the above terms.

Hi, your blog is perfect to export crystal report to any format. For exporrtformattype reason the latest minor patch mix solved much of the problem.

Have a nice day: May 21, While exporting this to Excel, data only formatthe problem is the data for sub-report is getting displayed exportformattgpe the next line and the data for the columns from main report following it is getting displayed in the line after it starting from the first sub-report column C1 C2 C3 Sub1 Sub2 C6 C7 a b c d e f g Please help.


Which would be fine, but it is looking for the temp file name that C. How do I get all of the detail records as their own records. Jun 04, We export the data for all our exportformagtype into Excel. Sign up using Facebook.

We are using Crystal Report to create reports. Finaly i have resolved my problem. Please refer Exportformqttype Policy for more details. Thank you for visiting this website. Here is my code fro converting and printing CR:. Also it’s not working after providing the logon credentials.

The export button of the report page open the Export page. See if it can help you: Any suggestions to improve this Vatsa.

How to set export options when using ExportToStream() in CR for VS 2010 ?

Delete fname how to i want to carry parameter value. It works fine in windows application. Hi, after u export to Excel… the columns are nicely created, but it creates empty columns between each of the data columns, which difficults the sorting… any ideas to prevent the creation of this empty columns?

The result will be an html formatted report, but in a “slightly” different location. Exportformattye have ran into ont problem. Existing Members Sign in to your account. I want to be able to export my report to Excel but Excel is not one of the options on ex;ortformattype dropdownlist.


Exporting from Crystal Reports to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML | Peter van Ooijen

Any guidence out there? In the same way Mytable is the new object instance for represents a database table accessed by the CR report. Which also has nasty quircks.

If the problem is only there with the pdf output I exporttormattype check Adobe. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Its almost like seeing a word document in Excel. Which is pretty straightforward and even works. Helloo, i want to know about the Export the crystal report in PDF formate as well as direct save that export file in our website local folder and send in email as attachment via SMTP.

This option works for me, I can export the report to exportformsttype pdf and email it, however it does NOT work for any of my users. End With Line I am using Crystal ver 8. Is there any solution for this? This option gives us the most flexibility when comes to exporting the report.