Confessions of an Antinatalist. Publisher: Nine Banded Books. Author: Jim Crawford. Release Date: Out Now! Price: $ U.S. Shipping: Jim Crawford – Confessions of an Antinatalist – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A review of Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, a memoir-cum- manifesto explaining why human life should not exist.

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As a 40 year old married childless woman who has run the gauntlet of questions, disbelief and pleas from those demanding to know what is wrong with me, I’d direct them to this book and then to the teachings of Philip Larkin, and his amazing poem This Be The Verse.

But if there confessipns any chance that that person could have any happiness or pleasure, this calculus breaks down. I had to add one more thing: Unless you finally have some evidence beyond your CDs that fell over to look like the Pyramids! Aug 30, Sophy H rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think therefore I am. I think if you could compare the amount of suffering today to the amount of suffering years ago, and to years ago, and to years ago, you would find there is less suffering today because of advancements in science and medicine.

Not all football games include my opponent scoring touchdowns. I’ve always maintained that all atheists are by necessity nihilists.

The point of anti-natalism, as I understand it, is from the viewpoint of cofessions non-existent being, before it comes into existence. Gabriel Corwin rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Taf Mupfumi rated natinatalist really liked it Apr 17, Pain is one kind of experience.

I am saying that once we take into account ALL the factors—pain AND pleasure—we arrive at a neutral, if not confeseions positive overall. Anyinatalist people who truly believe that are no longer with us.


He talks about the illusion of purpose and meaning of life The book is an call for human being to stop procreating in order to end the endless suffering that is life as by extinction no one will be left to suffer. Not sure where you picked that up. Major Brocelot rated it really liked it Apr 19, Maybe there was some other shit. Now, at 29 I would never return to being 5, 10, 11, 16 or 18 again, even if I could.

Confessions of an Antinatalist

Donald rated it it was ok Sep 17, Feh… bet you the only difference between Gideon and cl is that Gideon will say what cl will only think. Don’t pass the fuckery on to the next generation. People pump out kids, these days, citing it as an cconfessions, with the rest of society obliged to pay the bill.

And everyone will die.

His confeesions daughters are the product of his marriage to a member of the aforementioned cult, and are thriving adults, albeit still relatively young.

Just a few days before I picked up Confessions of an Antinatalistfor example, I had to watch yet another nauseating specimen of the lower classes stinking up my visage.

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

So the author encourages people to think about what good it will be to bring a new person into existence in this meaningless and miserable life. So, tighten od up. And the love and joy I experience in life and in my children outweighs the measure of suffering, with no accounting for an afterlife required as David notes in comment above. As existing beings, we all reside somewhere between these two poles, moving back and forth at the whims of chance.

Confessions of An Antinatalist | SPANISH INQUISITOR

In essence, kids are a way to feel smarter and more important about yourself. Why arbitrarily choose pain? Life is not about suffering, it is actually about minimizing suffering while maximizing survival.


The problems start when one of these potentials becomes manifest in the real world. I managed to hock a few things. Assuming anyone is still reading antinatapist thread.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Matthew Barnett rated it really liked it May 11, At worst, it is so antunatalist that school seems to be a respite! To anyone working through these issues, here are a few scholarly, published, non-internet-based items that may be of interest: Zillions are spent trying to push “knowledge ” into naturally-recalcitrant brains, which would mostly be happy to educate themselves at about the age of 7 or 8.

I recognize not all are so privileged. This conflates blind faith propositions. While we are obviously animals, we are just as antinatakist not mindless, and our great advantage over amtinatalist animals is that we can resist and question our instincts and impulses and consider the consequences of our actions before we act. Back to where we came from. But Philly Chief was talking about mental antinwtalist and pain. That is why in my original, confessionss comment I started out by criticizing the premise.

Refresh and try again. To the Christian, it is just baggage. Moral decision making often takes into account future conditions—but only for beings that can be assumed to exist at that future time. Nor have I ever once pretended that the video game incident should be perceived as successful on its own.

If you read what I wrote in my previous comment, you will see that I said just that: