COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT Front Cover · Isaca. ISACA, Sep 30, – Technology & Engineering. COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT [Isaca] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The process assessment model. What is the new COBIT assessment process? The COBIT process programme is described in COBIT® Process Assessment. Model (PAM): Using COBIT®

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ISACA’s COBIT® Assessment Programme

Performance of the process is adjusted to meet plans. Note that this is paam level where the detailed and specific process requirements from the Process Reference Model are used.

Why it is being carried out? Ensure that the staff members understand what is being undertaken and their role in the process. Are you doing the right thing in the right way? As a result of full achievement of this attribute, the process achieves its defined outcomes. An outcome is an artefact, a significant change assessmnt state or the meeting of specified constraints.

Detail how the assessment will meet all the requirements in the standard. Knowledge, skills and experience: Moodel the Results Overview During this phase, the results of the assessment are analysed and presented in a report.

Determine the necessary resources and schedule for the assessment. How and what can be changed? Production of an object A significant change of state; Meeting of specified constraints, e. Developed Documented together with An assessment schedule Identify the project scope Secure the necessary resources to perform the assessment Determine the method of collating, reviewing, validating and documenting the information required for the assessment Co-ordinate assessment activities with the organisational unit being assessed The Assessment Planning phase includes such things as: Work products are appropriately identified, documented and controlled.


The assignment of a rating for a given Process Attribute needs to be supported by objective, validated evidence. The assessment results will also be shared with ,odel parties e.

Are responsibilities and authorities for performing the process defined, assigned and communicated? Prepare the assessment report. The Assessor then needs to assess whether there is sufficient evidence that PA1. I can help you to imagine new products, services and experiences. Product details Perfect Paperback: Prepare and approve assessor records.

She is also very good at motivating people as her enthusiasm is infectious. Summarise the findings of the assessment, highlighting the process profiles, key results, observed strengths and weaknesses, identified risk factors, and potential improvement actions if within the scope of the assessment. Are you continuing to do assessmsnt right thing?

How can you realise and demonstrate benefits? Sarah is a very passionate and research-orientated user experience designer.

Product & Design Thinking

What is the relative risk if the gap in assessed capability at each maturity level is Substantial, Significant or Slight, e.


Collect evidence of process performance for each process within the coobit.

Explain the assessment purpose, scope, constraints, and model. Define how the assessment data will be collected, recorded, stored, analysed and presented with reference to the assessment tool.

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Get to Know Us. Gather the moodel information For each assessor, records to prove the participation in the assessment are produced. Work products are reviewed in accordance with planned arrangements and adjusted as necessary to meet requirements. Planning the Assessment An assessment plan describing all activities performed in conducting the assessment is: DS1-BP5 Monitor and report end-to-end service level performance.

Verify and document that the assessment was performed according to requirements. Determine the assessment activities. In some cases, the evidence of process performance may be used as evidence of process capability.

Are you doing the right thing? Collect evidence of process capability for each process within the scope. Requirements for documentation and control of the work products are defined.