The de Divinatione appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for. An English translation. The complete work is onsite. Part of a large site on ancient Rome and classical Antiquity. Guillaumont (F.) Le De divinatione de Cicerón et les théories antiques de . Cicerone, Della divinazione (Milan, ); G. Freyburger and J. Scheid. (edd., trans.

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De Divinatione (Element Classics)

Moreover, that this poem is not the work of frenzy is quite evident from the quality of its composition for it exhibits artistic care rather than emotional excitementand is especially evident from the fact that it is written in what is termed ‘acrostics,’ wherein the initial letters of each verse taken in order convey a meaning; as, for example, in some of Ennius’s verses, the initial letters form the words, Quintus Ennius Fecitthat is, ‘Quintus Ennius wrote it.

Tullio Cocerone, De divinatione, Liber secundus, introduzione a cura di V. For the first volume treats of indifference to death, the second of enduring pain, divinatikne third of the alleviation of sorrow, the fourth of other spiritual disturbances; and the fifth embraces a topic which sheds the brightest light on the entire field of philosophy since it teaches that virtue is sufficient of itself for the attainment of happiness.

At any rate Epicurus is consistent, but the Stoics are not; for his god, who has no concern for himself or for anybody else, cannot impart divination to men. Yet your Stoics assert that no one can be a diviner unless he is a ‘wise man. My contention is that there is no divination.

Political De Imperio Cn.

Nor would he be able to give men so many advices by thunderbolts as to what they should or should not do. And if God sends the true, whence come the false? For their success Jove thunders on the right. On what law of nature do such prophecies depend?

Parametro titolo vuoto o mancante aiuto. Most people actually call it the highest good. Cicero’s memory again deceives him, the reference being to Ulysses. To be sure he proceeds to give the reason for his opinion in succeeding lines, but there is no need to repeat them.


Hence it seems to me that it is not in the power even of God himself to know what event is going to happen accidentally and by chance. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But the thing that delights me most is the fact that you illustrated your argument with many incidents taken from Roman sources — incidents, too, of a distinguished and noble type. Angelo added it Dec 30, There are cicernoe discussion topics on this book yet.

Divinafione cum Stoici omnia fere illa defenderent, quod et Zeno in suis commentariis quasi semina quaedam sparsisset et ea Cleanthes paulo uberiora fecisset, accessit acerrumo vir ingenio, Chrysippus, qui totam de divinatione duobus libris explicavit sententiam uno praeterea de oraclis, uno de somniis; quem cicerpne unum librum Babylonius Diogenes edidit, eius auditor, duo Antipater, quinque noster Posidonius.

And behold another runner! But if true visions are divine while the false and meaningless ones are from nature, what sort of caprice decided that God made the one and nature made the other, rather than that God made them all, which your school denies, or that nature ficerone them all?

On that hypothesis what the diviner predicts is bound to happen. This sort of divining, however, has now been discarded by general usage.

De Divinatione – Wikipedia

Furthermore, my dear Cratippus — for my controversy is with you — if that argument of yours is sound, don’t you see that it is equally available clcerone behalf of the means of divination practised by soothsayers, augurs, Chaldeans and by interpreters of lightnings, portents, and lots?

Passing by men of earlier day, let us take Marcus Crassus. But divination is not of use in every case, as my reasoning has shown; nor can any field or cicrrone matter be found over which it may exercise control. Because of the perfectly regular movements of the moon the astronomers calculate when it will be opposite the sun and in the earth’s shadow — which is ‘the cone of night’ — and when, necessarily, it will become invisible.


Or what relationship between my miserable money-getting, on the one hand, and heaven, earth, and the laws of nature on the other?

Such a work comes from a writer who is not frenzied, who is painstaking, not crazy.

But what opportunity was there for long-continued observation in the case where Natta’s statue and the brazen tablets of laws were struck by lightning? It also includes a fragment of Cicero’s poem on his own consulship. Apollo, sacred guard of earth’s true core, Whence first came frenzied, wild diinatione words. He separated from Pompey — an occasion of sorrow! Which is more consonant with philosophy: Moreover, in periods of fear and of danger stories of portents are divinnatione only more readily believed, but they are invented with greater impunity.

We thought that Caesar’s troops had more reckless courage because they were fighting against their country and greater strength because of their long military training. Un augure che impugna il lituo mentre trae un auspicium ex tripudiis osservando il beccare dei polli. The prophecies made by the soothsayers from these events were fulfilled to the letter. And yet there never was another Homer.

But, because of the fact that, while they eat, some food must necessarily fall from their mouths and strike upon the ground terram pavire— this at first was called terripaviumand later, terripudium ; now it is called tripudium — therefore, when a crumb of food falls from a chicken’s mouth a tripudium solistimum is announced to the celebrant.

Did your ‘Aius the Speaker,’ before anybody knew who he was, both speak and talk and from that fact receive his name? And is it true that these fowls dicerone not accustomed to crow except when they are victorious?