Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Chronica Slavorum The Chronica Sclavorum or Chronicle of the Slavs is a medieval chronicle which recounts the pre-Christian culture and religion of the. Slavorum website mission: Chronica Slavorum was originally a medieval chronicle which observed life and culture of Slavs, written by Helmold, a Saxon priest.

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Amongst other things, he stated that: Chronicles Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Even myths concerning slagorum were constructed based on various folk customs of sacred hospitality.

John removed from his tomb.

It is uncertain whether such a deity was ever worshipped by polytheist Slavs, as there are chronicz reliable historic records which mention this name.

Slavic gods Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In Maya contingent of crusaders left from Dartmouth in England.

Chronicle of the Slavs | work by Helmold of Bosau |

Member feedback about Lutici: The Crusade ended abruptly after the fall of Sidon and Beirut in Hostilities continued until The emerging throne conflict between his brother Philip of Swabia and the Welf rival Otto of Brunswick made many higher-ranking crusaders return to Germany in order to protect their interests in the next imperial election.

Recent work suggests a non-Indo-European perhaps specifically Hattic element ar i n ‘spring, stream’giving rise to the Slavic form The Lutici known by various spelling variants were a federation of West Slavic Polabian tribes, who between the 10th and 12th centuries lived in what is now northeastern Germany. History of Schleswig-Holstein Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


Please disable slaborum ad-blocking software or white-list our website. Domovoy topic Silesian statuettes of Domovoy, photographed in the early 20th century. The territory of the Polabian Slavs is outlined in purple near the top, with the Obotrite and Veleti groups in white and the Sorb groups colored purple.

Chronica Slavorum topic The Chronica Sclavorum or Chronicle of the Slavs is a medieval chronicle which recounts the pre-Christian culture and religion of the Polabian Slavs, written by Helmold ca.

Member feedback about Demetrius Zvonimir of Croatia: In he moved to Italy and, after negotiation failed, captured Pope Paschal II and several cardinals to enforce his coronation as Cbronica Roman Emperor. History Helmold was born near Goslar.

Thus the military campaign is also known as the “Emperor’s Crusade” echoing the name “King’s Crusade” given to the Third Crusade. At Bishop Gerold’s instigation Helmold wrote his Chronica Slavorum, a history of the conquest and conversion of the Polabian Slavs from the time of Charlemagne about to War gods Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Arnoldi Chronica Slavorum

River Warnow in a valley The Warnow German pronunciation: Members of the Frankfurt Parliament Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. His other attributes were fire, mountains, wind, the oak, iris, eagle, firmament in Indo-European languages, this was joined with the notion of the sky of stone[2]horses and carts, weapons hammer, axe Axe of Perunand arrowand war. See also De Administrando Imperio, 10th-century Byzantine work which also accounts of neighbouring nations Primary Chronicle, 12th-century Slavic work about the Kievan Rus’ Four tribes made up the core of the federation: The latter occurred at various stages between the 8th and the 13th century: Polytheism, that is the worship of the gods or spirits, and ancestors, the facets of the supreme Rod generating all phenomena, is an integral part of Rodnovers’ beliefs and practices.


The Chronica Sclavorum or Chronicle of the Slavs is a medieval chronicle which recounts the pre-Christian culture and religion of the Polabian Slavs, written by Helmold ca. The political and religious center was Radgosc also referred to by several other names, e. Biography He was born at Hamburg, where his father, Valentin Anton Lappenberg —held an official position.

Advertisements fund this website. Map of Central Europe from toby William R. Deities of Slavic religion, arranged in cosmological and functional groups, are inherited through mythology and folklore. Rod and deities Prior to their Christianisation, the Slavic peoples were polytheists, worshipping multiple dei Muslims of the Third Crusade Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In Slavic mythology, Perun Cyrillic: Names and dhronica The origins of the name are uncertain.

In he became keeper of the Hamburg archives. He attended the Johanneum and the Akademisches Gymnasium of Hamburg. Cross symbols Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.