BG. Официален вестник на Европейския съюз. C /1 venatorio provinciale, dopo la valutazione di incidenza, senza suo rinnovo La Comisión fijó un calendario con medidas concretas para el Estado español. tra la Sardegna e la Liguria e che inevitabilmente interessano la Corsica, può la . Document CE:FULL nella regione centro meridionale della Sardegna, sopravvive una razza antica di cavalli, denominata. È inutile avvertire che questa specie non esista attualmente in Sardegna. Caccia: approvato il calendario venatorio Sarà poi data continuità al monitoraggio, avviato nel , della starna e della coturnice e prenderanno il via.

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The Commission has received formal notifications for Chalara fraxinea from a number of Member States since all of which have been communicated to the Member States.

The same question applies to the possibility of an entirely new, alternative solution — an ACTA 2. Moreover, many detention measures are motivated by national, ethnic or social discrimination, with no regard to the fact that all people are equal in their fundamental human rights. Therefore, the simple fact that a regulatory measure has an impact would not, on its own, give rise to compensation.

At the same time, the Turkish authorities have been constantly rejecting allegations of any link with AQ and other extremist groups in Syria. The analysis of the latest current account data published by Eurostat shows a dramatic reduction in net spending on imports of oil, gas and other natural resources see the corresponding line on the graph submitted with this question in Greece. In respect of this principle, no initiative on supporting Greek doctors who provide assistance free of charge has been taken by the Commission.

To this aim, the Commission will soon publish a Green paper on long term finance of the real economy, with particular attention to SMEs. Su longitud total es de m, divididos en tres tramos de acceso de 33 m de.

The latter is mainly constituted by thermo-metamorphosed meta-ophiolites and meta-sedimentary successions previously correlated by Barberi et al. This government measure could give care insurers a financial advantage, thus distorting competition.

Can the Commission provide a breakdown of the origins of these travelling members by Member State? These included the existence of a high number of slaves, clearly higher than in the other provinces, and where they came from, which entailed strong biological continuity.

Therefore, the Commission is not able to take a view on this issue. This is an important moment for a country that had always lived divisions among different political parties and had always been dominated by foreign rulers. This study offers an updated synthesis of the main political, religious and cultural issues in 8th and 9th century Italy. The Commission has not yet received any evidence demonstrating that achieving the lower maximum levels for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH is impossible for traditional and regional smoked meat and smoked meat products.


In addition to its institutional role, the Commission cooperates with ILO to carry out specific projects towards migrant domestic workers and their family in Europe. Ratification of the Minamata Convention on mercury use and emissions.

Sulla base di questo criterio si possono distinguere quattro raggruppamenti:. Given this situation, can the Commission specify what agreements are currently in place between the European Union and Lebanon concerning hunting and the protection of migratory birds and what those agreements stipulate, and calendrio give details of the measures it intends to take should any of these agreements not be complied with?

These programmes shall be drawn up in close collaboration with the respective organisations and address their specific needs. Gli stessi Stati membri si sono opposti anche a un secondo bilancio rettificativo, sempre relativo alin cui si chiede di finanziare gli 8 miliardi di euro mancanti per pagare le fatture dei programmi dei fondi di coesione, e i 90 miliardi necessari per il programma Erasmus di scambio degli studenti degli Stati membri.

However, the regulation does not adequately address the issue of donor consent, especially for those who have died in custody or have been executed. Since the end of the s Indian producers have been outsourcing an increasing number of film productions to Western countries, and this trend represents an important opportunity for the hosting territories.

Meaning of “coturnice” in the Italian dictionary

In all, people are currently being investigated, including drugs wholesalers, livestock farmers, animal traders, pharmacists, veterinarians and others. Confirm the news reported by the Italian press on the alleged opposition by the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom to using the natural disaster emergency fund?

This paper is a first attempt to analyze the migration patterns of the most abundant species Circus aeruginosus, Pernis apivorus and Accipiter nisus, trying to define their timing and peak passage period.

Non ritiene la Commissione opportuno avviare la procedura di risoluzione delle controversie prevista dall’accordo internazionale sulle norme relative a metodi di cattura non crudeli? Una nota banca italiana, ad esempio, ha ricevuto complessivamente, nelle due tranche di operazioni LTRO, 29 miliardi di euro — 14 miliardi nella prima tranche e 15 nella seconda — in pronti contro termine a tre anni.

The CGPCS has been instrumental in the fight against Sardgena based piracy, it is therefore important that the lessons and experiences of the Contact Group are properly documented and conserved for future reference, i. Zij werkt op dit vlak nauw samen met de EA.


Regrettably, the main political parties failed to agree on conditions conducive to inclusive elections. Could the Commission provide information about which railway line sections and railway facilities train stations are planned for construction or modernisation under the TEN-T programme in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province?

Tale regolamento delinea i requisiti tecnici e i metodi di prova per l’approvazione dei sistemi AEBS da installarsi nei veicoli in questione. The main reference point is located in classic general histories from the XVIth century Giacomo Bosio. It is not correct to say that companies which produce foodstuffs using traditional wood-smoking will have to cease doing so.

Olanda, Finlandia, Germania, Svezia e Gran Bretagna si oppongono alla proposta di bilancio rettificativo per il presentata dalla Commissione europea e riguardante l’esborso di milioni di euro per il terremoto in Emilia Romagna da parte del fondo d’emergenza sulle catastrofi naturali.

Cadmium telluride photovoltaic panels at a site of Community importance SCI: It had been drawn up following much input from WWF Italia, which had challenged the previous plans as they did not comply with Community legislation on the protection of migratory birds.

Buras Calendario Venatorio Sardegna – calendrier

The Commissioner venatorko not aware of any official invitations having been addressed to veatorio colleagues. To date, five Member States confirm that they already fully comply with group housing of sows.

Consequently, it cannot be made available on the market or used as a biocidal product. If not, why not? Several Member States are making important financial contributions and contributions in kind to support the plan and have offered to accept the destruction of waste materials on their territory. Many of them will be forced to scale down or even close their businesses. The bacteria that cause mozzarella cheese to turn blue were harvested partly in collaboration with the Istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale delle Venezie Venice-Region Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute.

Development of regional environmental protection agencies in Italy; Lo stato di evoluzione delle agenzie regioanli per l’ambiente in Italia. Implementation of road toll schemes and the principle of non-discrimination.

Simplifying tourist-visa issuing procedures — making the most of Europe’s assets.