DATA: An 8” NB Schedule 80 pipe (see Fig. 1A) connects two equipment at nodes 10 and. 30 with an offset of 4′ (i.e., equal to distance between nodes 20 and. Input File: PDS Neutral File .n). Output File: CAEPIPE Model File .mod). PD2CAEPIPE™, the Plant Design-to-CAEPIPE Interface, is a stand-alone program for. CPTOPSTM User’s Manual. MANUALS/CPTOPS/man1/doc1. Issue December, CAEPIPE-to-PIPESTRESS. CPTOPSTM. User’s Manual. Server Version 7.

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A guide can be connected to another node in the piping system by entering thenode mannual in the “Connected to Node” field. The real advantage capipe this hotkey F2 is for users who have a small monitor and work with maximized windows for input, list,graphics and results. It is NOT a measure of the depth of the pipes centerline. The Load cases menu is shown below: The Font command here sets the font for printing only, andthe one under the Options menu sets the font to use for Graphics display only as explainedon p.

When you click on the Properties button, you are shown the table below where you entertemperature dependent properties.


The Force dialog is shown. Client machine then pops up the same in a dialog box as shown in figure below. A cwepipe can be applied only if there is a corresponding stiffness in that direction,i.

Finally, you go into Load cases and check the box next to Response Caspipe. If it is not input, shear deflection is not included.

Thesedifferent stresses are computed as per formulas given towards the end of Appendix A. The amount of cut short or long should be positive.


Calculate Hot LoadHot load is the load which balances the piping system under sustained loads. The Elastic element dialog is shown.

Basic Pipe Stress Analysis Tutorial Visit our website — www | Fangfang Zhu –

This is applied to the Settlement load case. Gasket DiameterThe gasket diameter is used in calculating equivalent flange pressure in the flange report. Tab to the DX column. Dialogs for selecting a beam section from the AISC library are shown below: You can also open the same dialogs by clicking on the header row in the Layoutwindow or right clicking in the Type or Caspipe column on an empty row.

Sometimes, calculations might get tricky and time-consuming. In a big model, multiple edits sometimes bring about confusing node numbering. This completes the reducing bendinput. Notice the rotated offsets now they are in caepipr -X direction.

But 50 is not defined on the header. Live Project Models 7. For those codeswhich do not have a provision for settlement like B Clickon All or None button to select all or deselect all the items with one click.

Cold modulus is always used for the thermal load case.

Please be sure to verify theproperties that are shown in the fields after you select a section from the library. Once you have picked your choices, you can now begin installing or use the Back button toreturn to previous screens to change your choices. Negative gap used in Limit Stops Flange ReportThe flange report is shown in the results.

Ks can vary depending on the compaction of the soil from 0. From the Results dialog, pickSoil Restraints. The equivalent flange pressure is compared with the allowable pressure. Double click on the bend in the type column of the Layout window to edit it. The Poissons ratio Nu is the ratio of thestrain in the axial direction resulting from the stress in the hoop direction.


If you want to delete till the end of the model, either type in a big number for “To ” suchas or type in the number of rows shown in the title bar in parentheses. The valve additional weight is shown in the negative direction becauseof the rotation.

Forsome codes that have too many columns, this command helps by reducing the number ofcolumns displayed. Select or deselect items andclick on OK or Apply to see the effect immediately while keeping the dialog open. To split curved portions of bends including jacketed bendsspecify intermediate nodes atdesired angles in the bend dialog.

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The zoomed image is shown next. Creates a unique connection node with the available free number 1 to and writes the displacement details in the vectors 1 through 9 corresponding to CAEPIPE temperature T1 through T9. When you selectthis command, the mouse pointer turns into a cross hair.

FactorThe multiplying scale factor for the spectrum is input here.

This opens the Flange dialog. A 20 line in the XZ plane, 10 feet longMethod 1: This shows the hinge dialog.