PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. Electrical Characteristics Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. CB Datasheet, CB PDF, CB Data sheet, CB manual, CB pdf, CB, Weitron Technology, BCB, PNP General Purpose Transistor. CB Datasheet, CB PDF. Datasheet CB data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. CB parts ON Semiconductor, BCB · Amplifier Transistors.

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I dug out an old POLO chassis from a couple of years back that I became frustrated with because I was unable to get it going. Then came my remote board mishap, ocp mode, now this. A Poem of Love Q. This is not what I had before I shorted it. But the screen is slightly squished and all tranistor. Do you know what else I can do to narrow down the issue? Electrical Socket Relay Sockets Semiconductor: I assume you have checked all the obvious diodes and transisitors in the deflection circuit like TTT for example.

BC558B Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

The white screen points to a problem on the neckboard. An update of sorts I know I made the guide for the Wells-Gardner neckboards, but it was a concept trnasistor originated from my Polo projects years ago.

Find all posts by security Before venturing in television, he was a cartoonist for which newspaper in Chandigarh? I can bring an O-scope home from work tomorrow if that is necessary.

I’ll get started c55b8 again as soon as I play a game of chess with my son. I guess what I’m asking is how to test if it’s bad?


I think I found the test points you were referring to. Also measure voltage at pin 9 of the flyback. Measure if you have 25V at the yellow points and check the resistors in the white box. I also desoldered pins 1 and 3 of the flyback, then connected a bulb to r, and the bulb lit brightly.

Are there any other parts or circuits I should be worried about? A who scored century B who gone out hiteicket C run out D who is out without score Q. Subbarao D Kapil Sibbal Q. C and C may be worth replacing too. A increase in per capita income B decrease in per capita income C increase in investment D decrease in savings Q. I can’t think of any other neckboard problems you can encounter.

AMP pot on the remote let you shrink or expand the picture to some extent or it makes no change at all?

2N PNP Transistor – NTE

Do you know are any of these close in spec and can be used in place of BC? With L in the circuit and the bulb connected, the bulb doesn’t burn and I get the ticking sound.

I don’t have an O-scope, so I can’t verify these waveforms. I replaced the hot, and briefly got it to come on again but it turned off and went tramsistor into shutdown. On a side note, I think I’ve figured out my other issue I’ve been having with it and that’s too much red. Then I powered through the short with the aid of a lightbulb to carry the load, and then I stupidly put the remote control board on the back of a picture frame to keep it off the carpet At first, I was able to adjust the horizontal but now after the resistor went it’s back to squished trabsistor and still white with raster lines.


Attached is a picture of what resistors I keep putting in I think Mouser has it. Ok check out this video of my issue MPG’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

April 28, Ok, so I made sure to bridge the hairline cracks on the traces going to and coming from the remote board. I will post up what i find if it helps-got a feeling the flyback is the problem on trwnsistor polo 1 and one of the high voltage caps is causing the HOT to blow on the polo 2. With the bulb connected and shining constantly I am measuring V DC. I just wanted to post these results. With a bad T1 the amp will definitely not work but I don’t think it would cause R to blow, especially now that it’s disconnected from the neckboard.

I’m also going to replace c I’ll check it in a couple of hours when I get home.

I installed a cap on a K backwards once. Terms of Sale Terms of Use. I am going to go test the other PS test points. Which of the following concepts define this type of marketing? Hantarex Polo 25″ UV? On the very left of the screen there is a small white-ish color bar that goes from the top of the screen down BDX 53A may tramsistor hard to find.