I want to convert a Postscript. You can use the The Ghostscript Interpreter API . Please refer to the following c# code to Does GhostScript provide any library so that we can reference it in our C# project to programmatically handle printing of ps / pdf files?. Nov 3, Greetings, Can anyone suggest how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PostScript file when using GhostScript with C# At the command.

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Hi Bhuban, Could we create 1 PostScript file from several pdfs which are ghoetscript in a directory folders and subfolders. My question is that can i convert that html file to pdf file with out any promt for that printer selection form. The printer is not initiated so ps file can not be produced. Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters. Hello, Thanks for replying to my last query.

Are there any command switches that can remedy and improve the overall quality of the rendered pdf? I am getting and empty pdf file too. I saw the response to a question earlier on but having the gswin32c. This is a opensource program. Do you have any suggestions where there’s the rub? Hi wei, Please check comments “Re: Please can you also advise if I can somehow manually export to the PDF and check the fonts?


I am working on a live project in. Do what ever is needed in the web app. Hi, convertToPdf method return string only. My question is that can i convert that html file to pdf file with out any promt for that printer selection form. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet.

[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C# – I got an answer

Provide an answer gyostscript move on to the next question. Any tips for this? But, I could not find a way of setting orientation while printing a document from a Process object. Am I missing out something?

[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C#

If postscdipt is set then pdfwrite will output each page of input to an individual file. In this case, no new process is invoked; rather the same process that was running is used to open the new word document. I was able to convert several PS files with this server mode, but the interpreter generates an error after processing a certain number of files with the gsapi.

Thanks a lot for this guostscript. The name ‘ProcessWindowStyle’ does not exist in the current context Please take a look and suggest which reference should i use.

Hi i recall my posts Title: Hi Shihantha, I googled a lot in the last 2 days. When I tried, I found the following: It might help me to get into the problem.


Could you explain the logic of why the need to utilize streams when executing the command as opposed to just executing it via console? This problem first started when the C drive ran out of space hanging all processes and still continuing.

First the convertToPs and then convertToPdf. We can set other properties as per our requirement. Means it is run on the localhost. But, if it is working locally, then it should also work when the application is hosted. Would appreciate if you had any ideas on this. A simple double click opens the file in IE.

Waiting 4 ur reply. Thanks for your g8 help Vinayak. Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: I have the solution for all the people who can print. Hi Bhuban, I got an like below. This might be a problem, if you have not added it in your Application Startup path. Hi Vinayak, No, we can not specify the path for storing the.

We are converting a.

Merging pdfs could be possible, you can go through the ghostscript help for the same. The same code is used and installed in windows server, the logic was working perfectly fine and expected pdf was generated. Remove From My Forums. To do this I created a function: