Actively maintained and updated for the latest Spigot and Minecraft versions at all You need to give the player de to use the /gm command. These commands are all from the Bukkit Essentials plugin; I’m not sure that bukkit has any commands without having a plugin installed (if there. Essentials offers over commands useful on just about every Essentials is one of the most popular Bukkit plugins ever made, and runs on.

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For those who are looking for a list of the permissions for the Essentials plugin for Bukkit, here you go: Retrieved from ” http: This page has been suggested for inclusion in the Official Documentation This page has been marked for inclusion in the Bukkiit Offical Documentation section, Docs.

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Tests if the block at the location is name: While the project is not dead yet, and I still hope for a possible resurrection, I wish the best of luck to the new ‘Essentials’ projects. While Sponge is still looking to be the best contender for the next iteration of Minecraft server hosting, I’ve been thus far unable to put together a team with the commitment and time to rewrite Essentials for Sponge.

If force is false, the enchantment only applies if it can go on the item and does not conflict with any existing enchantments. Reloads whitelist from file. But it did not work on my server: The permissions that were included here but not in the other list were the exact permissions I needed badly!


Group Manager/Commands

Essentials AntiBuild – We have pulled the build protection component from Essentials Protect to a stand alone component. Signup to get started! You can deliberate about its inclusion on its Talk page. But here is a list already. Essentials is one of the most popular Bukkit server plugins, for use on Minecraft servers. Essentials is the de-facto standard set up for Minecraft servers.

This website uses cookies to display custom content and advertising. Major performance increases in EssentialsChat, new event code for EssentialsSpawn. Vanilla PvP Griefing Fun!


Seeing as how I needed help with this, I decided to post a completed list for the community to use so that no one needs to labor over this like I did. The old permission syntax of bukkit.

When stopped, creates a profiler results file in the folder “debug”. So far essentails warp, ban, help, and home have been merged. If ‘l’ is appended to the amount, it gives levels instead of points.

CraftBukkit Commands – Official BukkitWiki

This helped a lot, I needed to copy and paste all the permissions somewhere and remove the ones I didn’t want, and this is the only one I could find bukkkt it wouldn’t also copy a description or something like that. This won’t be for some time, as Sponge has got a lot of work to catch up on, to get back to the same coverage as Bukkit, but ultimately, due to native mod support, I think we will be much better off than we were on the Bukkit platform.


CraftBukkit provides built-in permissions cmomands can be used in a permissions manager. Permissions for the new commands.

Essentials Commands – NMPH’s Minecraft

Spreads players randomly throughout a region of blocks, spreadDistance blocks apart. Worth now supports sell syntax: Used primarily in command blocks as their success outputs to a comparator.

Lots of bugfixes Coming soon: Essentials offers over commands useful on just about every Minecraft server, from kits to mob spawning. These will certainly be usefull additions. Coloured signs, Player time, Piston supoprt. Want to help bukkkit Allow unsafe enchantments if enabled in config file Cool Changes: Ban updates, AFK changes.

Enderman protection, godmode wont let you starve, auto updating item. Translations, iConomy fixes, player specific time, kickall, protection permissions, 1.

On success, starts or stops the debug session. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Adds the specified effect to a player for the duration of 30 seconds or as specified by the user. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.